Xtreme Antler – Unique Muscle Formula!

Xtreme Antler – A different muscle growth supplement

For all of you who are bored by regular supplement pills, there is a side way to the problem of growing muscles. Xtreme Antler comes with a brilliant solution to replace the well-known pills. The supplement comes in the form of a spray for best results you could ever achieve. Bodybuilders seek for all possible methods in which they can achieve definition. Sweating and doing all your best at the gym without proper diet and a dietary supplement will get you nowhere. Maybe now you wonder how a spray could help you instead of a pill. Well, first of all, the spray takes effect much quicker than any existing pill. Secondly, you don’t have to have water nearby every time you take your supplement and you don’t have to eat after you took the supplement. If you want to look any more like a boy and look more like a man, this is your solution to gain the most wanted body of the summer and the main attraction for women. Don’t be discouraged by thinking that this supplement has any side-effects that might bring you down.

Xtreme Antler does not only help bodybuilders, but also persons who want to eliminate all the fat and start to develop muscles.

What is Xtreme Antler?

Xtreme Antler is a dietary supplement which boosts muscle growth, cuts out unwanted fat, improves your sex drive, repairs muscle cells faster and supports the memory for a complete well functioning of the organism. Before being on the market, the formula from Xtreme Antler was fastidious tested for several years. Everyone who tries this supplement asks for more and more of it after they are convinced it does only good to them. The secret ingredient from Xtreme Antler is the antler velvet. The results the antler velvet reproduces in each person are different and it depends on from what animal the antler is from, deer, moose or elk. When the antlers are in a pre-calcified stage, the velvet is basically the cartilaginous part of the antler. The ingredient is used in traditional Chinese medicine, and it is produced worldwide by several countries. The top production of deer velvet antler is made in New Zealand, followed by China and Russia. Most of the supplies come from red deer and elk. In Asia, the product it is used as a tea for its benefits. In the west, they use it as powder and it is used for dietary supplements and it is also known by famous athletes for its properties.

Deer antler velvet, also called IGF-1, contains a growth hormone that is responsible for muscles definition, strength in your bones and stamina. Antler velvet had many purposes even in ancient times, it was used by the Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years to treat infertility, weight loss, an increase of libido, joint and muscle repair and hypertension. These may seem like a large area of covering, but people used it separately and it depends on which part of the antler was used. The area of covering the diseases goes from increasing endurance and strength, treating overactive bladder, cold feet, and hands, minimizing the dose of estrogen in women, menopause to being a tonic for children or combined with herbs improves athletic performance.

For a powerful formula, Xtreme Antler uses multiple compounds other than IGF-1. Let’s have a look at some of its ingredients.  

  • Tribulus Terrestris – a plant that loves the dry atmosphere, well known and highly used by bodybuilders, it is also called the “devil’s weed”;The extract has been proven to boost stamina and strength and also, to increase the level of testosterone. In Ayurvedic medicine, the plant acts as a diuretic in kidney, bladder, urinary tract and urogenital related conditions.
  • L-Argininе –  it enhance the blood vessels and blood flow; it stimulates the production of nitric oxide; in order for the blood vessels to work properly, they need oxygen and nutrients delivered by the nitric oxide.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia – reduces the symptoms of andropause by boosting testosterone levels; testosterone is needed in the male organism, without it, men will look and feel like women, without muscles, with fat around hips and on the abs, with less hair and strength.
  • Epimedium – also called “horny goat weed”, it mainly grows in China, popular for treating erectile dysfunctions and improve overall sex life and it reduces pain from bones and joints.
  • Prostaglandins – lipid compound that influences hormones in living beings; they can be found in tissues and are derived from fatty acids; the growth of cells, hormones, secretion and calcium are controlled by them.

All ingredients are stated on the back of the spray bottle and besides the ingredients, Xtreme Antler is rich in iron, zinc, calcium, copper and many other vitamins.

How the supplement works?

One of the advantages of this product is that it comes in the shape of a spray, digesting is not a problem anymore, like in the case of pills. However, another advantage might be the fact that some support the idea that the main compound, antler velvet, cannot be digested by the organism if it comes in a pill.

The ideal type of persons that should use Xtreme Antler are those bodybuilders who already reached the top growth and definition of their muscles and it seems that no way they will grow anymore. Though your efforts might have been powerful and you tried everything to get more muscles, there is always a chance to change everything. Don’t lose hope if you reached an edge where you can’t find an answer to this problem because this is where Xtreme Antler comes in. However, even if the product is designed to help professional bodybuilders, this should not stop you from taking it as a beginner in this art of bodybuilding. As a beginner, besides the little muscles you achieved to grow until this point, you also have some fat left on your body. The formula burns away any unwanted fat without any help from you. You don’t have to change your diet for it.

Everyday stress leads to a brain fatigue that will get you bored and uninterested about all the workouts you have to execute each day. The body and the mind have to work together as one for the perfect functioning of the human body.Unfortunately, in most of the cases, this doesn’t happen and this is where Xtreme Antler intervenes and it brings the mind to its right function by boosting its performance and memory recall. If you have a fit, full of muscles and athletic body it does not mean you won’t get tired quickly due to the lack of nutrients from your body. Xtreme Antler provides those nutrients and boosts stamina for your gym exercises and in your bedroom intimacy. But the increased stamina is not only you need in your bedroom. If the sex drive is missing, all it will go in vain. The formula takes cares of that too, improving performance and sex drive. After a hard day at the gym, your muscles get fatigued and sometimes a bath and an aspirin does not help you completely and next day you will still hurt. This dietary supplement repairs the muscles faster so you will be able to do your workouts daily. No more days passed caused by the sore. The more passes, the harder will become to win the definition you crave.

And one last thing, the formula has antioxidants, which helps fighting damage and free radicals.

Dosage, side effects and recommendations 

The company cares about animals, that’s why they extract the antler velvet in the most humane manner ever, without any harm coming to the deers. The deers are sedated while those who do it tries to keep them at the lowest stress level. The extract from the antler will only work if they deers are not stressed. Before taking Xtreme Antler, consult your physician. He is a professional and he is advised to tell you if you should use or not and why. Only healthy humans can use this supplement and your doctor is aware of your health situation and if you got any possible diseases that might interfere with the product. Also, the product is meant to be used only by persons over the age of 18 years old and absolutely not by children. Pregnant women are not advised to use this supplement. The baby might be harmed. Keep the bottle away from direct sun rays and in a cool, dry place, otherwise, it may degrade. Keep the product away from children and animals reach. If a child or animal, by accident, inhales or drinks from the bottle of Xtreme Antler, consult the doctor or the vet immediately.

Though the product is not evaluated by FDA labs, but approved by the GMP labs, is totally safe 100 % and the  natural ingredients speak for that. The product is side-effect free, but however, if you feel any side-effects after you started using this product consult your doctor as soon as possible to see if the cause it is from Xtreme Antler or it is another. If your doctor says it may be another cause, you can safely continue to use the supplement.

The recommended dosage of Xtreme Antler is to spray five times under your tongue, once in the morning and once before bedtime, each day. Hold your tongue there for 20 minutes. Don’t drink or eat during those 20 minutes or the effect might go away. The absorption begins after 20 seconds, that’s how fast the product works. If you are allergic to one or more of the compounds and you already started taking this supplement and any allergic reaction appeared, stop using the product.

It is not recommended to take Xtreme Antler while taking another dietary supplement.   

The results should appear pretty quickly, some have experienced seen results after 1 week, but in other cases, they appeared after 1 month. Don’t be worried if they won’t appear so fast, your body may take some time to accommodate with the product and its ingredients. A disadvantage will be that the product is not to be found in any local store or market, it can only be bought from their official website.

Most of the companies adopt this method to avoid scams and the duplicates of the product that might appear if it’s so easily found everywhere. Some might replicate the product with bad ingredients and if someone takes the product and gets some life-threatening side-effect from it, then the company can be sued for it.

My thoughts about the product 

I have been using this dietary supplement for 6 months now. Before knowing about it I was struggling to try to found a way to enhance my workouts. I tried changing my daily regime after a nutritionist advised me into it, I tried many other powders and pills that are common to be found in any drug store, but no method I’ve tried helped. No matter how much I was working out and sweating and spending more time at the gym and even at home, my muscles were stubborn and they wouldn’t accept growing more. I felt like all my dreams and hopes fell apart and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Anyway, I tried everything and that’s what made me try Xtreme Antler after I saw the product in a commercial. My doctor was already pissed on how much things I put into my body just to reach the definition level I wanted to. I started taking Xtreme Antler and at the start, I was disappointed because there were no signs of any result. For a moment, I thought about interrupting the whole process, but then I said to myself that maybe I am not patient enough  and I should wait more because anyway I have nothing to use. And my patience was rewarded. After 1 month I noticed some results. My stamina was increased and the sore from exercising was almost non-existent. I thought about it later and maybe I wasn’t observing well my body and I think the results were there from the beginning but I didn’t notice. So, my advice for you all is to stay patient and don’t lose hope. Our bodies are different and they react differently to all kind of factors.