XM Recovery – Xtreme Muscle Recovery

XM Recovery Best Protein Powder

Advertised as a supplement designed to maximize fitness workout results, XM Recovery certainly grabs the attention of any man looking to improve their health, strength or looks, be it by gaining muscle or just losing extra weight. It’s promoted as a wonder product on countless sites and it’s able, apparently, to bring you the desired shape in just one month. Achieving your dream body has never been easier. More amazingly, you are offered a free trial period of two weeks!  Minus the shipping, of course. If it doesn’t work for you alright, you have nothing to lose. Isn’t that great? Well no, no it isn’t.

XM Recovery Benefits

But before diving into that, let’s talk about what this wonderful and the completely natural product can do.  Caffeine and creatine free, XM Recovery is supposed to accelerate cell production and regeneration and provide fast recovery after workouts, altogether promoting muscle growth and increasing you results 100%. It also provides you with extra energy and boosts your sex drive as it enhances your testosterone level. And all these benefits come with absolutely no side effects, which is pretty much what anyone would like to hear. Except women and persons under 18 years old are not allowed to use it. I understand why children wouldn’t be allowed to use it but what is the problem with women wanting to build muscle or lose weight? We’ll never know, it’s not specified anywhere. Some of the ingredients are beta alanine, silica, gelatin, magnesium, alpha keto glutarate, stearate, niacin, taurine, and titanium dioxide. A complete list of the ingredients cannot be found anywhere online, which isn’t surprising at all given that this product is not approved by the FDA. And that is not acceptable when your health is at stake. It’s pretty sad how, if you really want to know details about a product that you might be putting inside your body, you’ll have to spend your money on it first. XM Recovery comes in bottles of 60 capsules that should be enough for an entire month, given that you take two every day, after your workout, as you should if you want those magic results. The product is available only on the company’s site, and only for shipping in the USA. There really isn’t very much information available, especially if you’re looking for reviews. Because people that actually buy this product don’t keep it long enough to form an opinion on it. But more about that later on.

The first thing that strikes you while researching this product are the many websites that present the exact same information in different formats, obviously written by the same non-native English speaking person. A funny fact at first, but it gets upsetting once you realize this is actually their marketing campaign. This and the pop-up ads, of course. As a company, if you really expect people to buy your wonder product, you might not want to insult their intelligence and try putting a little more effort in the presentation, and perhaps letting the product speak for itself after a while. But this is not the case with XM Recovery Extreme Muscle. All the “unbiased reviews” of satisfied clients are fake, and of course written, or most likely copy-pasted, by the same person. Not only that but this product and others of the same kind and produced by the same company try to associate themselves with well known brands like Men’s Health Magazine and famous actors. I’m pretty sure Gerard Butler or Dwayne Johnson don’t really care for shady health products. Still, many people look past that and give it a try because, with the free trial period, they feel like they have nothing to lose. And only after that, they come face to face with the actual scam.

The free trial period of two weeks is not free at all. What this company does is bill the customer two weeks after placing the order, if during this time they don’t contact the company for a return. If you don’t send it back during this time you will pay for it, nothing is free here! As if you could actually test a health product in only two weeks. That is if you even receive the product during this time because in some cases this wonder in a bottle actually arrives at the customer two weeks after they placed the order, so they have no chance of returning it. Well, they might try but the contact information is pretty hard to find and if they do find it, it might not even be correct. But if they’re lucky, they might manage to extend the trial period for another two weeks. And that’s just part of the problem. Because by placing the first order, the one for the free trial, the customer subscribes for receiving a bottle of this product every month. The subscription must be canceled explicitly. Auto-delivery programs are great, but only if you’re well informed about what you’re getting yourself in, and in this case you’re not. If the customer doesn’t manage to cancel the subscription in time, every month a brand new bottle of the magic product will arrive at their door and $100 will be missing from their account. And the first “free” purchase won’t even be noticed if they don’t check their account on a monthly basis.

This is really the trouble with XM Recovery. The customer service, for lack of a better (or actually worse) expression, uses some borderline illegal practices. That would never be the case with a product of quality, offered by a company that respects it’s actual and potential  customers. Looking at the way this company presents itself, you simply cannot have any good expectations from this product. I can’t say if it works or not, but I can say that I’ll never try it and I would never recommend it. Only one of the honest reviews that I managed to dig out talked about some good results, mainly increased energy level, but even this one customer, that alone provided the best review anyone could find, wanted to return the product. Most likely because a little extra energy is something that can be achieved with products that are certified, easily accessible and available for a much better price. So don’t be in a rush when making a purchase, even if it looks like it will cost you little to no money. Do a little research on the product and make sure your hard-earned money will not be wasted.