Weight loss – steps and tips

Weight Loss – Steps and Tips

More and more people are confronted with weight problems and obesity. And many of these people look for miraculous ways of shedding extra kilos in the shortest time possible. Losing weight does not regard only one’s look but most importantly one’s health. The problem with getting a slim body is in the way most people do it. Short-term drastic diets, mysterious, questionable and most probably dangerous pills that promise a magazine cover body are the most common methods people with weight problems resort to. And things can only go worse with such choices.

Extra kilos won’t just affect your health and the way you look but your overall being. The first step in reducing your weight is to set that as your next goal. And stick to the plan. Here are steps and tips we consider that should be followed in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

Set realistic goals

Most people with extra weight decide to lose too much of it in too short a time. Think of how aggressive to your body is to start being a vegan or raw vegan from tomorrow on. Give your body time to adapt to a new healthy lifestyle. Don’t dream of and try to look like some model in a week. Don’t embark upon this journey with unrealistic and highly aggressive goals. Be gentle to your body in order to help it lose the fats and strengthen it. And it is of utmost importance for you to keep in mind that it is better to say a healthy lifestyle and not a diet. The food choices, the exercises and healthy attitudes towards your body to opt for in order to boost health and thus also lose weight (when needed) should become habits, that is, frequent and repeated actions. A limited-time diet will get you short term results whereas a healthy lifestyle long-lasting benefits.

See your doctor

It’s no news that many people start a diet by themselves with no recommendation from their doctor or a diet expert. Very often things go like this: you hear about a miracle pill on TV or some friend of yours tells you about a week diet, possibly based only on fruits or vegetables, and you say to yourself “That’s it! In a week’s time, I will look like that X or Y model”. Here’s the first big mistake. First of all, such diets and violent food reductions are well-known to weaken one’s health. Think about it. Do you really want to refresh your wardrobe with S and XS sized pieces at the cost of your health?

That’s why after setting realistic goals the step to take is seeing your physician or nutrition therapist. You will most probably have to run a few blood tests to see if there’s a medical condition that contributes to your gaining weight and inability to lose it. Based on your test results, the nutrition expert will build a custom food program. Yes, a custom program because of what works for some people might just not work for others. We are different and our bodies might respond differently.

Bid toxins farewell goodbye and fats will also vanish away

Many nutritionists will tell you that a weight loss program or any switch to a healthy lifestyle starts with a detoxification. Building a healthy body requires you to rid of what’s bad first. Throughout time toxins accumulate in your body populating your colon especially, and thus reducing your body’s inability to absorb nutrients. This will lead to cravings for food and sweets and to extra weight. When you flush out your toxins, your bowel movements go regular and your metabolism will be accelerated. This helps in keeping a constant weight. Your nutritionist will decide which detoxification program is best for you. Great is that when you start eating healthily, you will gradually eliminate your toxins. Once again, it’s your doctor the one to decide based on your test results and overall health what changes are to be made in your diet.

Make exercising part of your weekly schedule

Now, losing weight without exercising might just lead to saggy skin. Toning your body, boosting its strength and keeping it fit are also part of a healthy weight loss program. So, your nutrition expert and your personal trainer will be your next best friends. You three will work together in order for you to lose weight in a healthy way and getting beautiful and long-term results. Your gym coach will provide you with exercise prescription and instruction. Make your exercises an enjoyable activity and think of it as your time out. Start slow, be constant, adapt to your coach’s instruction and soon all of these new activities will become habits that will build what we call a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention the change in your overall mood once sports activities are included in your schedule.

Weight loss products – pros and cons

The internet is full of products that promise so much and often deliver so little. Be skeptical about any wonder pill that is said to help you lose weight without any effort on your part. Sitting on your couch, having all the sweets you want yet taking a pill and lose weight is not what we recommend. There are indeed products that improve your digestive system’s health, help you have regular bowel movement and thus accelerate your metabolism. These are just supplements to be used when dealing with constipation and bloated stomach. We recommend you to get your doctor’s green light before taking any supplement no matter how harmless they seem.

 Final thoughts about losing weight healthily

Losing weight when you’ve got too much of it is part of loving your body and caring for your health. Don’t regard the weight loss program as a burden. It might feel like this at times but it’s the respect you pay to your health. Make sure your weight loss program is supervised by experts in the field and consider it your health booster.