Ultra Cleanse – scam or legit?

Ultra Cleanse – Lose Weight And Get Skinny!

In order to reveal and feel your best, you must treat your body to the best. That involves healthy eating, no bad habits such as smoking, drinking or sleep skipping as well as smart skincare choices. Even when all these are part of your lifestyle, health issues might still occur. The causes are various, the most common being related to the high level of toxins in one’s body. When these accumulate, one’s health is affected. So, what we focus on today is the necessity of cleansing one’s body and the products available to help you with that.

What happens when toxins take over

Throughout time, toxins accumulate in one’s body. How do people get them? The sources are various and range from the food we eat to what we drink, the air we inhale and the skincare products we use. Therefore, even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, there are very small, if not 0 chances, not to get toxins in your body. A minimal exposure to them will still occur. Parasites and other such toxins populate one’s colon and that interferes with one’s ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins. This will further on affect one’s health and will lead to constipation, cravings (especially for sweets), low energy and an overall bad mood as well as extra fats. And the more toxins you accumulate, the more affected your health will be. That’s why the first step in supporting and boosting health is detoxifying your body each time it’s needed.

Symptoms of high levels of toxins

When toxins accumulate, they will let you know about it. How? Through the following:


bloated stomach,  

cravings (especially for sweets),

prolonged fatigue and low energy,


weight gain,  

irritability and mood swings.

These symptoms are the most common ones. Some people might deal with other signs of high toxicity, though. However, if you notice such signs, it’s time to see your doctor and start your detox diet.

How to rid of toxins

There are various ways of eliminating toxins. Before trying any supplements or products that aim at cleansing your colon, make sure you see your doctor or nutrition expert about this. They might prescribe you something different that involves no such supplements like a special diet based on juices and vegetarian meals.

Cleansing diets and side effects

It’s no news that detox diets might come with mild side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and changes in your bowel movement. These symptoms are common and normal when you start to detoxify your body. If you feel sick or highly uncomfortable, make sure you see your doctor.

What is Ultra Cleanse?

Ultra Cleanse is a product that combines several natural ingredients meant to improve your digestion and thus help your body flush out toxins. Once that happens on a regular basis, one’s overall health is improved. Fatigue diminishes, energy levels get higher, fats are eliminated.

Ultra Cleans ingredients

As we’ve said before, the efficacy of a product depends on the ingredients used and the way one’s body reacts to them. What works for some people simply doesn’t work for others. The little information available about Ultra Cleanse says that the list of ingredients includes the following:

Psyllium Husk Powder,


Aloe Vera,  

Garcinia Cambogia Extract,  

Chromium Polyniconate,

Gymnema Sylvestre.

How does Ultra Cleanse work?

The ingredients used for Ultra Cleanse are to be found in other cleaning products too. Psyllium Husk Powder works as a bulk-forming laxative since it’s powder fiber. The cleansing diet including this product should also include lots of water in order to prevent constipation. Senna and Aloe Vera are known for being effective natural laxatives. Yet since there are no many details about the product, we don’t know how much of them used. Garcinia Cambogia is also used in other such products and is said to help the body eliminate toxins. Still, recent news says the product might affect the function of the liver. More studies are needed to establish whether this is true or not. Chromium polyniconate is said to control blood sugar levels and appetite just like  Gymnema Sylvestre. The latter has not been tested for long term use on humans, though. Plus, if the ingredient lowers blood levels, diabetes patients should avoid the product.

What do people say about Ultra Cleanse?

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any reviews coming from people who really tested the product. One major minus about it then. The only review we’ve run into presents the product in a highly positive light which makes us think it’s just an affiliate website through which the product is sold. And that’s mainly marketing and advertising.

Final thoughts about Ultra Cleanse

The downside is that there’s little information about this one particular product. No details about the manufacturer, prices, and no official website. All these are to be taken into account before purchasing the product. Since the product comes wrapped in a mystery, we’d recommend you to see a doctor and try some other cleansing product or a personalized cleansing diet. The benefits of such a diet are numerous and include: better functioning of the digestive system, boosted energy and overall mood, better absorption of nutrients, improved concentration and even weight loss.

Sounds quite tempting and going for regular cleansing diets will significantly boost your health. This doesn’t mean going for less inspired options like products that come with little information as Ultra Cleanse. Paying utmost attention to what products you use is a must. If you find vague information or there’s something suspect about one particular product, try something that comes with real positive reviews and that gets your doctor’s green light. You might want to treat yourself to the benefits of a cleansing diet and end up having unpleasant side effects because of a not thorough research on that product prior to its purchase.