Tips for a Safe & Healthy Life

Living in the modern XXI-st century is quite a big challenge.

We live our life on the rush always concerned with our daily living pattern which in most cases is composed of sleep, work, sleep. In between things like taking time for yourself or your family is a big issue. In this Grimm equation, we find that one ferocious killer is always creeping around. It’s called obesity. Obesity is a big concern for doctors all over the world, especially in high developed countries. The United States of America is well known for this problem but the lack of time pushes people to live their life at a high pass that meaning eating fast. Fast food is the most accessible way of filling our cravings and many states that it can be quite tasty as well.

What you Need to Know about Fast Food

Well for starters, the term fast food was first recognized as being autonomous in the 50’s by the time  the fast food industry appeared in the USA. It has begun to root itself so much you can find the term even in dictionaries as early as it appeared as an industry. Fast food means food prepared quickly but we have to mention the big difference between preparing a salad and gulping meals with preheated or precooked ingredients. Normally fast food restaurants are notorious because of the drive in and take away options. The United States of America has the biggest fast food industry in the world and American fast food restaurants are spread all over the world. It’s just recently that obesity and its related diseases have come to the government attention.

What you need to know is that the food served in the fast food restaurants it’s highly processed and prepared on an industrial scale that meaning that they usually have a center point where they prepare everything and then the ingredients are shipped away to restaurants. The menu is standard and includes deep frying and microwaved foods. How disastrous can that be for the health?! Alas, people have begun to reason with this major issue which can not only cause obesity but it’s also criticized for animal cruelty, work exploitation and are blamed for changing peoples more traditional way of eating. But even the fast food industries is guilty of such atrocities no one is to blame but the human itself who indulges  himself into this completely wrong way of eating. Important to note is the fact that obesity is guilty of the following crimes: heart attack, diabetes or even stroke. If you are suffering from chronic obesity you should consult your doctor. He can guide you to consult a specialist and you can, with some patience and with some perseverance, become healthy again. Important to note is the fact that sometimes not the eating habit is to blame for obesity but genes. In this case, as well I urge you to consult a doctor if you haven’t already. Sometimes the extra weight can be caused by side effects of medication, chronic disease, or simply an aging body. It is proven by scientist that as we age we need a little boost to loose extra kilograms. That can appear as a weight loss supplement, be it in the form of powder, pills or tea. But always remember: no matter how old you are, the supplement and diet will do no wonders without regular exercise. There are so many options out there as I am sure one could find the suitable type of exercise.

We had a look at the major issues concerning people who should loose weight not necessary because of aesthetic principles but in order to be healthy. In the following lines, we will have at look how to loose that extra weight but will not go trough chronic obesity because that is another big subject that can be only clinically treated. Hence, my urge to  consult a doctor before it’s too late. Sometimes you might be experiencing a disease that causes your obesity and that can only be found out by tough medical examination. From my personal experience, a healthy lifestyle is one that includes exercise. At least half an hour of regular exercise ( sometimes even a long walk will do as long as you keep that body moving ). In order to function at a high standard do not negligent a good night sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours. Your cognitive functions will perform better and you’ll feel rejuvenated. It is also a fact that stress and lack of sleep can produce malfunctions concerning digestion hence the extra kilograms. But the diet itself wears the crown. You need to become aware of how much impact food has to your body and mind. In order to keep those functions going, you need to feed your body and mind with nutrients and vitamins.

No more easy meals at the fast food. Don’t get the wrong idea that if you will prepare a little something at home it will take more of your precious time. One thing is scientifically proven  to be very efficient. Eat regularly at least 3 times a day. Don’t forget yogurt from your diet. Latest researches show that it’s composition it does not only reach in calcium but also a boost to you metabolism. In a previous article, I have thoroughly researched to find the most important foods and ingredients that our body needs and these are as following: healthy fatty foods are important for your body and your brain too and those healthy fatty foods include fish. Fish contain omega- 3 which is a fatty acid. In some studies, it shows that it can benefit greatly to your overall health even considered to prevent dementia or to treat depression. Including fish in your diet will not make you fat that is a scientifical study result. Another important part of your diet should be considered towards eating carbohydrates. Bread is one of those foods including carbohydrates. This is important for your body as carbohydrates break down into your blood into glucose and that will give you energy all day long. But remember, stay wholegrain . It may cost a little more but it’s healthier than white bread and you’ll be sure  you’ll  add nutritional fibers to your diet. So, for example, a sandwich in the morning containing wholegrain bread and salmon ( known as being high in omega 3 ) is surely healthy and will keep your energy level high all day being  very healthy and easy to put together. If you have a sweet tooth don’t fall into the trap of eating something high in fat, sugar or preservatives. Stay healthy eating fruits!

One of the most beneficial fruit  for the body is the humble blueberries. It is rich in vitamin C, K in manganese and in dietary fibres. There are also studies concerning its beneficial attributes concerning the prevention of Alzheimer disease for  example. If you have the habit of munching, you are allowed to do that but only if the subject we are talking about are nuts and seeds. They come in a variety of forms, shapes a, sizes and tastes. They reach in E vitamin and eating every day some walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds will boost your energy and keep your brain happy.

I am sure everybody heard of the B vitamins

The nature around us was generous enough to give us food including this vitamins but if you want to boost that for some reason you can also supplement your diet with B vitamins in the form of pills for example. The doctors usually prescribe B9 vitamin to pregnant women pre or postnatal in order to keep mom and baby healthy. It is also known, that if you include it on a long term diet it can prevent stroke and regulate blood pressure. 3 most important B vitamins of all 9 are the B6 vitamin, B12 vitamin and of course the folic acid or B9. You can find B6 vitamin in foods like meats, whole-grain products (including cereals), vegetables, nuts, and bananas. Useful to know is that in order to keep fit and healthy try to ignore red meets like a pig. It is high in fat that goes directly to your body and can not be completely processed by your body. B12  vitamin can be found in most animal derived foods, including fish and shellfish, meat (especially liver), eggs, milk, and milk products. However, the binding capacity of egg yolks and egg whites is significantly diminished after heat treatment. I will suggest one easy recipe from where you’ll be sure you’ll have the maximum of B12 and B6 vitamin and that is very simple: take one whole egg, ( without the shell, but keep in mind: if you dry egg shells and make a powder out of it, it contains calcium in a high quantity) one banana and milk. Put it in your blender and make a shake out of it. It takes less than 10 minutes and it’s not only healthy but keeps those energy and focus levels high. It can be used while on diet and it can be considered as one meal  because it’s filling as well. B9 vitamin can be found in food like a wide variety of foods, including vegetables (particularly dark green leafy vegetables), fruits and fruit juices, nuts, beans, peas, dairy products, meat, eggs, seafood, grains, and some beers. Avocado, spinach, liver, yeast, asparagus and Brussels sprouts are among the foods with the highest levels of B9.

We quickly checked the most healthy foods and ingredients so always eat healthy including a lot of vegetable and fruits in your diet. Another delicious and under 10-minute meal could be a salad made of tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, and peppers. Wash and cut to the size of your pleasure and sprinkle everything with a hint of olive oil ( very good for the metabolism ). For that extra energy, you could have a slice of wholegrain bread with it  and this is another quick meal. If interested in other healthy recipes you could check the internet, you will probably find something suitable for you. The renowned Jamie Oliver shows in a variety of tv shows and recipe books how a healthy lifestyle could  look. He’s recipes are simple and quick to make and surely very delicious. And most important low in unhealthy fats and calories. Just have a try and you’ll see that extra kilogram burning.

An important issue when undertaking a diet is to not hunger yourself. If you loose those extra kilograms in a healthy way you will most likely keep them off. In this case slowly is sure. Additionally, you can use a little boost with natural supplements like green tea or green coffee. But with moderation of course. If you consider taking diet supplements like pills or powders, which might contain synthetic ingredients as well, choose wisely. There is a very large market today of diet supplements and many of them are scams with unknown side effects. If you are already on medication you ought to consult your doctor. He can tell  you which diet supplement is best for you. Overall I would suggest that you follow those 3 easy steps mentioned at the beginning and you might not need an easy solution like a diet pill. Those 3 easy steps are healthy and nutritious food, a good night sleep and regular exercise. You will see yourself getting into shape surely. And remember: always stay healthy!