ProMuscle Fit Review

ProMuscle Fit Review: Fuel For Body

With the ever growing interest in body building and health in general, new workout programs and health products that promise to enhance productivity in the gym become available every day. Most products released by alternative medicine companies are not approved by the FDA, so body builders take particular interest in products advertised as being all natural. ProMuscle Fit is one of the new releases in the field, a nitric oxide booster that claims to deliver development of muscles mass in at a much faster rate, fast enough for results to be observable in a few days’ time. And while that is very likely not the case, a quality that sets is apart is its list of ingredients, apparently composed 100% out of amino acids.

What is ProMuscle Fit ?

ProMuscle Fit BottleProMuscle Fit is supposed to promote muscle growth and endurance while preventing muscle breakdown, and at the same time reduce recovery periods. The key to these results seems to be nitric oxide, a gas molecule with an important part in all cellular activities, it’s most praised property being vasodilatation and the resulting improved blood circulation and delivery to the muscles.

Nitric oxide is scientifically proven as able to regulate blood pressure and also improve brain functions, as it is an essential part in the highly important neuronal transmissions that manage every single process in the body. It looks like this molecule’s ability to enlarge blood vessels alone is the reason for the belief that it actually promotes the building of muscle mass. As the vessels enlarge, a higher volume of blood is able to be processed by the muscles, and this should provide a better intake of oxygen and nutrients. As this process has not actually been proved scientifically, opinions amongst body builders are divided, with some claiming nitric oxide as an essential part of their workout program, and others being very disappointed in all supplements in this range. Still, by what is already known about this molecule, an improvement of all body functions is to be expected.

ProMuscle Fit Ingredients

Nitric oxide is naturally produced by the body, mostly out of arginine. This chemical is an essential amino acid and it’s top qualities have been proven to be the promotion of cell division, tissue healing and blood pressure regulation. As the body does not produce by itself all the arginine needed for optimal health, the rest is supplied through food. Two of the ingredients of ProMuscle Fit are essential parts in the metabolism of arginine, while the others are connected to arginine and also glutamine, an essential amino acid that is produced by the body mostly through muscle tissue. And while produced by muscles, glutamine helps in preventing muscle tissue degradation.

Arginine and so nitric oxide quantity are expected to be improved by AAKG and AKIK. AAKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate) is a salt of arginine with an essential part in the metabolism of nitric oxide, while AKIC (arginine-ketoisocaproate) is an amino acid that along having the properties of AAKG it also has an anti-catabolic quality, preventing muscle degradation as an effect of intense training.

The other two ingredients in ProMuscle Fit are GKG and OKG. GKG (glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate) is actually a combination of two amino acids, glutamine, and alpha-ketoglutamate. AKG (alpha-Ketoglutamate) is an element of both glutamine and glutamic acid and it promotes cell growth and healing, especially when it comes to muscle tissue. OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate) is an ionic salt composed of ornithine and AKG, where ornithine is an amino acid with an essential role in the urea cycle and the metabolism of arginine. This amino acid is a building block of glutamine and it has been proven as able to help in healing injuries and even improve the immune system.

So it looks like these components really do lead to a higher production of nitric oxide, while at the same time preventing muscle decay for what it should be long lasting results. Then again, this depends on what effect nitric oxide actually provides for individual body builders as a lot of its qualities are still being studied.ProMuscle Fit Program

ProMuscle Fit Uses & Side Effects

Pro Muscle Fit is presented through its official site and advertisement pages, and while the official site doesn’t provide enough information, it presents the four components of the product and it states that no other chemicals are added. The supplement is marketed as being all natural and including no other chemicals except for the known ingredients, although it’s not destined for women and people under 18 years old. Judging by the ingredients, pure amino acids that should benefit any human body, it should be no problem with it being used by women. This raises questions about what might be hidden in the presentation of ProMuscle Fit, what other ingredients are able to have a negative effect on any other consumers but adult men. The product comes in the form of pills, packed in bottles containing a month’s supply, and it should be ingested 3 times a day.

The recommended dosage should be carefully followed as to prevent side effects, thought what those side effects might be is not stated. More information comes from the advertising sites. One paid review, which otherwise comes with all the information an interested person might need, and complete with fake positive comments, shows a very interesting disclaimer that more or less states that the results depicted might not be experienced by the buyer and the positive reviews are not real. This pretty much renders the review useless for any potential customer that happens to scroll down to the bottom of the page. So besides the fact that the product doesn’t have any actual real reviews, the advertisement is also confusing and we can’t form a clear image of what it can do.

As there are no reviews of ProMuscle Fit yet, from the fake ones it’s easy to gather that this supplement it a new release, so unfortunately I can’t say anything about the results that might be experienced. And given it’s so called free trial, the customers if any would have some serious reasons to complain. The product comes with 12 days free trial period, and if the buyer doesn’t return it during this time they will be charged the actual price of $79. The first order is a sign up for a subscription that, like for so many other supplements turns into auto-delivery, and the quality of customer service when dealing with the consequences brought on by this practice is anyone’s guess at this point.

Since the ingredients presented seem at least beneficial for all over health if not muscle building, it doesn’t look like it would be any danger in trying it. As it’s not approved by the FDA, the potential benefits might be experienced differently in each case while the side effects, although stated there are none, are always a risk. It’s obvious that ProMuscle Fit will in no way make wonders for anyone, but it could bring an improvement, especially if not all the nutrients needed for muscle building and optimal  health in general are well represented in your diet.

Where to Buy ProMuscle Fit ?

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