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Nu Colon Pro Review – Best Colon Cleanser

On your way to a healthier lifestyle and a better body, and with the internet willing to provide you with all the information you need, you might come across many products that promise to bring you closer to your goal. Many of them claim to have the added benefit of providing you with the result you desire with a lot less effort and in a shorter amount of time than you would expect from just diet and exercise.

nu colon cleanse   Taking your body to a level where it‘s fitter and more attractive takes serious commitment and hard work, and becoming this new healthier you always seems to start with the  detoxification of your body. A belief of many people that make body fitness a priority is that the chaotic lifestyle of the western world has turned your body into a storage facility for toxins, and this is what keeps you from having the health and shape you always dreamed of or at least makes your work on achieving it a lot harder than it should be. Searching for solutions in the world of alternative medicine you come across colon cleansers, and Nu Colon Pro might have caught your attention amongst other cleansing products, so let’s see what this product, in particular, is all about.

Nu Colon Pro comes as pills and is advertised as an all natural product, with most fruits and herbs that you can think of as ingredients and no side effects. Lemon, carrot, avocado, rye grain, red grape, black bean, acerola, pear, mango, and tomato are just some of the delicious fruits, cereal and vegetable extracts that go into these pills. A long list of the ingredients is available on the many sites promoting the product, and they seem harmless enough. As most of them have been proven again and again as very beneficial for health, we can assume that side effects really aren’t to be expected. Unless you suffer from allergies, in which case you probably pay attention to any ingredients that go into you food and supplements, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Still, Nu Colon Pro is not approved by the FDA and it’s not recommended for people under 18 years old, so there is some risk involved. This product promotes itself as the answer to many of the health problems you might worry about, from extra weight to sleep apnea, and it states that you should be able to see the results after a month of use. Of course, there is a free trial period that is not free at all in the end, as it’s the case with many health products promoted on the internet.

Nu Colon Pro Benefits and Side Effects

The problem that Nu Colon Pro seems to have the answer for is a lot of toxins in your colon, that comes as a result of highly processed foods that your digestive system cannot handle. Your digestive system becomes  pretty much clogged and this leads to weight gain as the toxins keep your body from absorbing nutrients that would promote a healthier metabolism. Cellulite, constipation, chronic fatigue, and even headaches, moodiness, and a metallic taste also seem to be caused by these toxins. This might ring true, there are problems with what we choose to eat in this day and age, and this indeed affects our bodies. But what the advertising for this product claims gets very, let’s say unusual, from this point on. Apparently these toxins slow your metabolism and digestion to the point where you carry around 12 pounds of undigested food at any given time, and this fact  is mentioned as proven by science. But this might just be normal if you’re a big eater, and science really doesn’t have to bother with that, and somehow I doubt that it actually did. This product also claims that there are up to 30 pounds of toxic waste in your colon. How that would be possible I can’t even imagine, but the facts brought to us by Nu Colon Pro get even crazier than that. It seems like this insanely high amount of toxins stored in your colon attracts parasites, and you are dared to imagine just how gross that is. Nothing about the nature of these parasites is mentioned, so I guess your own imagination as a reader must do all the work. I guess 30 pounds of waste would provide a good home for some disgusting little critters that ingest all your precious nutrients. Of course, this would only be the case if this fact were true, which it’s not. Real parasites are a serious problem that you would notice very easily can and only be dealt with by medical doctors. And a detoxifying product would be no help, in this case, so don’t think of this one as an alternative treatment if you have this problem. But I guess scare tactics really  work in advertising and companies really can’t help making these crazy claims. I must assume it works because this product goes as far as mentioning that it might even prevent cancer.

Another problem I have with Nu Colon Pro is the amazing promise that by using it you achieve the same results you would get from diet and exercise. By now everyone should be aware that nothing could replace healthy eating habits and regular activity, so it’s surprising that this  product would even promote this idea. Though after cancer preventing quality nothing should come as a surprise. And truth be told, if a pill actually manages to change your body or mental state in a week’s time, then something is very wrong, as there is no such thing as a fast result that’s also healthy.

Of course, there’s always some amount of lying in advertising and that’s something we’ve all learned to live with. This product takes it a little too far but, given the competition, companies feel free to use anything they can get away with. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide any results at all, it might not be what you would expect after reading about all the miracles that this product seems to be able to perform, but it might make a change in the long run, as for the real expectations from an alternative medicine product.

Where to Buy Nu Colon Pro?

As it looks like it has no harmful ingredients, I see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try if you feel that this product is something that might be useful in achieving your goal. Nu Colon Pro is only available for order on its official site, with a free trial period that turns into auto-delivery, so you need to pay attention to the fine print. Fruits and fruit extracts can only be good for your body if indeed this is what it’s found inside this product, even if it doesn’t deliver the promised results. And honestly, I don’t think it will, nothing can replace a good diet and regular exercise, even if you use the best supplements available. But it might work as part of a program and this combination of extracts might just be the only thing missing in your health improvement journey.  So if you experiment with cleansers and feel like this kind of product works for you, try it and post your review on colon pro bottom