Novus Serum Review

Have a wonderful skin, full of elasticity and forget about wrinkles with the help of Novus Serum. You will love looking in the mirror again. You know that the appearance of wrinkles is mostly influenced by your skin type and very rarely by genetics. Those with an oily skin type are less prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles in the worst case.

You now may wonder why is that and the answer is simpler than you think. People that have an oily skin may complain about their skin issues and how they need extra care for it, but they also have the advantage of having a more elastic skin that keeps other visible imperfections away. The secret stands in that particular type of skin.

Oily-type of skin is well hydrated and it is pretty understandable why it is the most desired skin type after you are not longer in your youth years. As a teenager and as a young adult all you care about is not to have the appearance of someone that doesn’t wash their face because the oily skin will look like your face is wet and greasy, but later on in life, you will be thankful for it. If you are not blessed with this type of skin, you are less fortunate and you will definitely need extra hydration for your skin.

This is where Novus Serum comes in handy. I’m pretty sure you’ve all tried all sorts of creams and serums that promise a lot, but they don’t actually do something. In this review, I will explain to you why Novus Serum is the best choice for you and why you should buy it as soon as possible.

What is Novus Serum?

Novus Serum is a revolutionary product that will help you get rid of many face problems. Even thought you thought it is made only for older people than you, that is not correct. This serum has the ability to clear your face, removing dark spots and it gives your face an uniform color, so you won’t need to cover it with foundation or powder ever again. Its fine formula has helped thousands around the globe in just a few weeks. The results were visible and sustained by many women who were pleased by using it. They noticed that the product gave them some years they have lost, even after a short time of using it. The manufacturers say that the results of their study were astonishing, 84% of the subjects have experienced a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines, in 95% of them, researchers have found an increase in the collagen production and 73% of them observed a decrease in the appearance of dark circles.

Novus Serum is only made with herbal ingredients, all approved and used in many other products. The product is totally safe and you should not worry about anything before and after using the product. Though the product is not yet FDA approved, it has the approval to be on the market and it is just a matter of time until then. On their official website, there is no list of its ingredients, probably because the producers don’t want their formula to be stolen and all the reasons are understandable in this matter.

You can have all the ingredients by looking at the back label of the bottle of Novus Serum.

Below, I will explain to you everything that Novus Serum does to your face and how can you benefit at maximum from it.

How Novus Serum works?

You may have heard of many ways of repairing your face, which includes surgeries, injections, all sorts of creams and even natural ways to combat wrinkles. While some make surgeries and injections look good, by stating only the benefits of them, like they are unbeatable and there is 100% chance of succeeding, I can tell you that they are hiding many things.

A doctor that calls you in for a consult for a further surgery will never tell you that there is a chance for you to remain with marks on your face or that it will cost you a fortune. One specialist that offers botox injections won’t tell you that they hurt or that they can provoke many side-effects that could leave you with scars for life. Novus Serum can’t do to you any of the above due to its perfected formula. Also, there are thousands of commercials and creams that promises a lot, are expensive and they have all sorts of ways in which they will attract you to them. Most of them are scams and I will let you know how to beware of those who try to scam you.

Some medical cabinets send their employees in malls or on the streets with some brochures and when you pass by, they will hand one to you. They will also ask for your number and name and they will offer you a free face consult at their clinic.

After the consult, they will always there is something wrong and they will recommend you some expensive product that actually does nothing because there’s no actually a problem. So, they basically try to sell you something you don’t need and for your skin it could be much worse.

If you have a normal skin and they say it is oily and you should buy some cream, just don’t. It will cause you skin troubles. The good part about Novus Serum is that fits all skin types, because it does not treat any disease/condition that your skin might have, but it hydrates your skin in order for your wrinkles to disappear.

Let’s talk about its benefits. This product acts better than botox, according to the manufacturer. It acts like a botox injection, without the pain and the extra cost of it. How it does that? You know it is said that a hydrated body is a healthy body. That applies to your skin too. Novus Serum hydrates your face, so it will fill out your fine line and after awhile, the obvious wrinkles too. And it has a major benefit except this too. While some creams give you the desired effect only if you use them, Novus Serum keeps the wrinkles away from good. This protein repairs your face in time, them the wrinkles will no longer appear for a great amount of time, which makes it special from other products that will help you just while you use them. This will make you buy their product over and over again. This is a big advantage for Novus Serum because after the job is done, you don’t have to buy it anymore to keep your face shiny and beautiful.

Another benefit of this serum is that it will significantly reduce all the black spots on your face. Your face skin will have the same colour all over and you will not have to deal with those annoying black spots anymore, not to mention that you will no longer have to spend money on beauty products that will cover your imperfections. There are no imperfections with Novus Serum. Consider it like saving money.

All the money that you spend on makeup or maybe less will go on this serum, which will bring you only benefits.

Novus Serum keeps the dirt away from your face by creating a protective shield that won’t let dust or other external factors damage your face. Going out on a windy weather can cause disasters to your face. All the dirt, dust, and sand will scratch your face and some of the tiny particles will go under your skin by entering your pores. Apply Novus Serum as usually and you can go outside with no worries.

This product will not irritate or dry your skin, so you can wear it daily with no problems. The skin will be smoother, just like you applied a high hydrating cream.

After just a few uses, your skin will become shinier and visibly healthier and after just a complete month of using it, you will look 10 years younger. The result is guaranteed, if the product won’t work for you, you will receive the whole amount of money back, no questions asked.

Recommendations and how to use Novus Serum

The product is not recommended for people under 18 years old. Until you are fully grown, you cannot use this product and you don’t have to. Until the age of 18, you should not encounter any of the problems this serum may reduce and if you encounter some other problem, you should consult a dermatologist in order to see what’s wrong and how certain products that are suitable for your age may help you.

It is recommended to consult your doctor to see if the product won’t harm you in the same way( if you already have some skin issues). After the doctor’s approval, you can start using this product. Also, if you encounter any kind of side-effects or allergies, consult your doctor as soon as possible or stop using the product until you are sure if it comes from it or something else. Before using the product it is recommended to test it on a small area on your hand (and leave it there for 24h, without washing that area) to detect possible allergies and to prevent serious disasters to your face. Though no reports on side-effects or allergies have been reported yet, it is safer to prevent. There is a possibility for you (a small one, though) to be allergic at one or more compounds of the product.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and to maximize the results of Novus Serum. Drink as much as possible (preferably 2 litres per day) to keep your whole body hydrated. Your cells need water as you need air. A hydrated skin will also look gorgeous.

To apply Novus Serum is easy and it can be done by anyone by following 3 simple steps: the first step is to wash your face (with your regular face cleanser product or with warm water) before using the product, then gently dry your face with a cotton towel. The second step is to apply Novus Serum all around your face (be careful around your eyes) and your neck with 2 fingers. The third step is to wait for the cream to enter your skin and to take its effect. You can do this once or twice a day, but do not over exaggerate with the product. A single bottle of Novus Serum should last 1 month.

How to buy Novus Serum

You can buy Novus Serum only from its official website, which may be a disadvantage because you cannot buy it from local stores or markets, but on the other side of the problem, it may be better because this way you know the product it original and it is not some cheap copy.

After you visit and read their website, you must fill out a form which includes your personal data (don’t worry, you will be registered into their database, but they won’t bother you with emails or text messages). After completing the form, you can choose how many bottles of Novus Serum you want to buy and the shipping method which you prefer (express shipping can be quite expensive, so be careful). After this, you can check out with your credit card( check first if your credit card is accepted) and wait for your product to arrive at your doorstep in a few days. After 1 month, your membership to them will still be on and you will be charged every time a bottle of Novus Serum arrives at you (every 30 days). If you don’t want to buy the product anymore, just send them an email and tell them to remove your membership. It should be done quite quickly.

The best part about this product is that the producers offer free trials daily. You can enter their trial program for 30 days and if you liked the product, you will pay for it. If somehow the product doesn’t suit you, you can send the bottle of Novus Serum back to them and they will refund you the whole amount, but you have to pay for the shipping tho. Enjoy your bottle of Novus Serum!