Nitro Focus NO3 Review

Nitro Focus NO3 Review – Maximum Strength Formula

nitro focus no3   In the past years, a new type of fitness supplement has gained popularity and detached itself from the very wide range of alternative health products. It has set itself as one of the go to products for many body building enthusiasts and it comes with a wide selection, with many brand names to choose from: the nitric acid booster. Today we’ll have a look at Nitro Focus NO3, a supplement that seems to incorporate some of the most important elements needed in increasing nitric acid levels.

First things first, what is nitric acid and why do you need it? Nitric acid is a molecule that facilitates communication between all the cells in your body and stimulates vasodilatation. This, in turn, increases blood flow to the muscles, delivering a larger quantity of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. As a result blood pressure is reduced and muscle fiber is repaired, while lactic acid is cleared. This molecule plays such an important role in the proper development and functioning of the human body that it actually brought a Nobel Prize for Medicine to the three scientists that discovered it’s properties. In the human body, nitric acid is synthesized primarily from arginine and oxygen, and though the most natural ways of increasing nitric acid level are exercise and diet, supplements claim to provide your body with more of the essential compounds that make this process possible, as your body can only produce them in certain amounts.

NitroFocus NO3 is a bodybuilding supplement designed to increase the productivity of workout sessions. Advertised in many forms and on different sites, it claims to be an all-natural product and it’s not approved by the FDA. A complete list of the ingredients is not available, but those that we can have a look at are presented as being scientifically proven as very beneficial in bodybuilding. This is not true, as there are no studies showing the effects these substances have when used by body builders or athletes in general in their workout programs, but more general studies show the positive impact these chemicals have on important functions of the human organism. So, in theory, all the benefits that this product claims to bring to your workout program look as real as they can get. Nitro Focus NO3 is supposed to speed your metabolism, promote building leaner muscles, increase fat cells removing rate, raise your energy level and increase sexual performance, altogether boosting your workout results by 500%. Though you can’t really expect for this product to bring you the wanted results five times faster than in would be natural, let’s have a deeper look at the main ingredients and find out what they can actually do.

Nitro Focus NO3 Ingredients

Amongst the main ingredients, we find l-arginine, presented as the most effective body building amino acid available on the market. What this amino acid actually does is contribute to tissue repair, and it’s actually proven as being successful in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. So, naturally, this substance really does help in building muscle mass and repairing the damage brought on by intense workouts. Of course, you can expect for this product to also deliver an improvement in sexual performance.

Another acclaimed ingredient is GKG (L-glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate), the most common amino acid in muscle tissue. GKG is the combination of two other types of amino acids, taurine and AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate). Taurine is a sulfonic acid essential in neurological development that also lowers blood pressure and improves mental performance, while AKG is an amino acid very active in the healing process of different types of wounds and especially muscle tissue. So again, you could expect for these ingredients to actually improve your results in the workout sessions, as promoted.

The third most important ingredient found in Nitrofocus NO3 is AKIC (arginine ketoisocaproate), a keto acid proven as an efficient anti-catabolic, so a big help in reducing muscle damage.

The last ingredients mentioned on the list are OKG (Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate) and AAKG (Arginine alpha-ketoglutarat), also essential elements in the metabolism of nitric oxide.

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How to Use Nitro Focus NO3?

So, judging be the ingredients that go into this product, it might be safe to say that it would be alright for a user to expect an actual improvement in their workout results. Of course, assuming that hidden substances that are actually damaging aren’t added in it. Nitro Focus NO3 claims to be all natural, as the substances included in it are naturally produced and used by the human body. But as the chemical balance of our bodies is easily disturbed, this product shouldn’t be used more often than it’s intended, meaning 2 pills before every workout.

Nitro Focus NO3 Side Effects

One thing I really do like about it’s presentation is that it actually provides potential buyers with a list of precautions. This product is not destined for women and people under 18 years old and it’s not approved by the FDA. You’re not allowed to include this supplement in your fitness program if you suffer from kidney, liver or heart conditions, and you should always consult with a medical doctor before trying it. Nitro Focus NO3 claims to have no side effects but still, the product lets you know that you should not take risks when it comes to your health. And that’s great, you don’t get to see that too often coming from alternative medicine products.

Sure, there are some insane statements out there too, coming from advertisers that claim to be “unbiased reviewers”. Like the claim that this product will boost your testosterone level, that apparently has dropped since you got married. This one is pretty hilarious given that one of the best ways to improve your testosterone level is by having an active sexual life, which is in most cases a given when you’re married. Or the claim that this product could replace hard workouts because exercises leave you tired and drained when it’s a well-known fact that a short time after you start a fitness program you notice an increase in your energy level because well, physical activity is great for your body and mind. Also, it looks like this product was used and recommended by Mr. Obama himself. This is the kind of crazy statement that could potentially turn around anyone interested in buying the product, and it makes me wonder if anyone from this company actually checks what the people that they pay for advertisement do.
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Nitro Focus NO3 comes is bottles of 60 pills that are priced at around $100, and it’s manufactured and shipped only in the USA. It grabs your attention with a free trial period of 10 days, but of course, this trial period is not free at all and turns immediately into an auto-delivery program. By placing the first order you sign up for a subscription that you’ll have to work very hard to get out of. And this seems to be the only thing that attracts bad reviews, most likely because buyers don’t even get to test the product before discovering they’ve been “trapped”. This alone makes people so angry that they don’t even care anymore about what this product might do for them. And it’s understandable, Nitro Focus NO3 seems to have the worst customer service when it comes to trying to stop it from arriving at your door. On top of that, there’s a no return policy, so if you only manage to cancel your subscription after 3 bottles have already arrived, you’ll never get your money back. This shady practice is probably the worst choice for the producer company unless of course the product does absolutely nothing, in which case it’s the only thing that could bring money. It really looks like the producer tries to create the worst name for this brand, to the point where it’s impossible to find an actual review from customers that have tried it for a longer period of time and could give real unbiased reviews.

But it’s always easier to give an opinion when you’re dissatisfied with a product, and when it actually does what you would reasonably expect from you don’t feel the need to say anything. And that might just be the case with this product. If all the ingredients mentioned are actually included in it, it should bring results. Not in the one month’s time that advertisers brag about, but in the long run. This is how natural supplements should work, they’re not supposed to be wonder products. If something like this did exist, by this point we’d all know about it and over the top claims that we see for supplements like Nitro Focus NO3 wouldn’t be needed to grab out attention.

As I can’t find any complaints from body builders that have used this product for a longer time and stated that it’s actually useless, I don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a try and buy Nitro Focus NO3. Have your doctor take a look at it first and if it’s alright with them, incorporate it into your daily routine and have a reasonable expectation about the results. Keep in mind that building anything expecting long lasting results and endurance takes time, especially when it comes to the human body. If you’re new to bodybuilding, choosing a product based on its so-called magic qualities will set you up for disappointment. But don’t necessarily see it as a scam, it will most likely work given enough time.act nownitro focus NO3