Neuroxium Reviews

Brain boosting supplements are the one variety of alternative health products that appeal to the vast majority of people. It doesn’t matter how good our general mental performance is, we often feel like there’s room for improvement simply because we can’t always perform to our best ability. Stress, long hours of work and not enough rest take a toll on our ability to concentrate and motivation, and health supplements start to look like a very good alternative.

Some of them are designed for an instant boost of energy, others promise to improve mental functions in the long run, while some of them claim to provide both effects through one single pill. This is the case for the supplement that we’re going to review next, Neuroxium. This product is addressed to people over 45 and claims to be able to reverse the effects that aging has over the brain. Advertised as a “memory boosting miracle”, this product should stimulate neurons for almost immediate results.

What is Neuroxium?

This supplement is a blend of natural ingredients that seems  to have become available in 2013, but only through its official website. The name of the company is not known, but judging by their contact details it seems like they also sell other supplements, each with its own website. It looks like the company is based in Switzerland but the products are usually shipped from China, so we can assume that the same is the case for Neuroxium, especially because the website mentions that the product is 100% legal in the US and nothing more. Clearly, it’s not manufactured in the country, and some potential customers see this as a disadvantage. But the real issues are the lack of a name for the company and this supplement’s exclusive online availability.

This kind of products generally poses high risks for the consumers, because not only are they not able to take a look at them before making purchases but often times the transaction is a lot more complicated that it would be in stores. In the worst case, the products are completely useless or even dangerous for health, but even when they’re completely legitimate, customers often encounter problems caused by auto-shipping programs that are very difficult to cancel as the companies are not very responsive. And in some cases, the companies can’t be  contacted at all, neither by the customers or the authorities when the products turn out to be dangerous. Any supplement that’s only available online should be carefully researched by potential customers, and this is exactly what we’re going to do next, starting with this particular product’s efficiency.

Does Neuroxium really work?

Most likely yes, to a certain extent. Judging by the ingredient list, it should be able to both raise the level of energy and improve cognitive processes, but it’s effects are probably mild. Neuroxium doesn’t contain very strong ingredients, and it seems like it would work best for those who are not very accustomed to stimulant substances. But given that it’s targeted towards older users, it’s hard to imagine them not being used to at least caffeine, which the product also contains, although not in it’s pure form.

But even if the product seems to have been released in 2013, no customer reviews are yet available. Of course, a high number of affiliate pages have many good things to say about Neuroxium, but we have no feedback from the actual customers, which most do exist. On the bright side, this also means that the product didn’t cause problems that would make customers complain, so we can assume that neither the product or the customer service are a reason for concern. But to make sure, we’ll have to first go through the ingredient list.

What are the ingredients in Neuroxium?

Both the official website and the affiliate pages present a total number of 8 ingredients, but apparently these are not all of them. We don’t know why we’re not presented with the full list, especially given that the ingredients are pretty much the most important factor when making the decision to buy a product. We could easily assume that whatever is left out from the list is dangerous, but the company is probably presenting the ingredients in this manner for advertising purposes, as they’re is not shy of promoting the product using not entirely true facts. Most likely the supplement doesn’t contain any truly dangerous substances and won’t cause damages to the users’ health, but Neuroxium might contain filler substances that customers could have issues with. If it didn’t, the company would have surely stated it, as it would have been a point in its favor. Also, nowhere it’s mentioned that the product is vegetarian, which means that it clearly isn’t. Either the capsule shells are made from gelatin ( an animal by-product), or one of the ingredients is of animal origin, as the others can only possibly be vegetal.
And the one ingredient that we’re talking about is phosphatidylserine, which is also the first on the list.

This chemical can be produced by the human body but it’s taken mostly from food, and it’s part of every cell’s structure as it’s essential for their proper functioning, especially in the case of neurons (brain cells). Phosphatidylserine used to be produced from cow brains, but concerns about its health safety have convinced manufacturers to use soy and cabbage instead. Many diseases can be transmitted by consuming products obtained from cow brain, and the most problematic seem to be mad cow’s disease. Still, it seems that no one has contracted any serious disease by using phosphatidylserine produced from animal sources, so it’s still available in this form. And even if most supplements contain the vegetal variety, we have no way of knowing what the substance included in Neuroxium comes from, and we could assume that it’s the reason why the product is not vegetal. Still, it shouldn’t be a reason to worry as it seems safe enough unless you’re vegetarian and consider it unethical.

But phosphatidylserine might actually be efficient in this supplement, as it’s normally used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders brought on by  old age, and also for improving memory in younger users. It also seems able to treat depression and other mood disorders, and help with ADHD. Some use it to improve athletic performance, but it seems to be efficient mostly in improving cognitive functions. This would be great for this particular supplement, except only the cow brain variety has been proven as effective. This doesn’t mean that vegetal phosphatidylserine doesn’t work, but only that we don’t have enough proof for its qualities at this time. It would surely help if we knew this substance’s origin in the case of Neuroxium, but unfortunately, supplements never give away this detail.

The next ingredient on the list is clearly 100% vegetal, as it’s a tree that has been used for thousands of years in traditional Asian medicine. We’re all familiar with Ginko Biloba, the leaves of which are included in many different types of supplements as it seems able to help in a large range of health issues. It’s known to improve blood flow, especially when it comes to the brain, and it seems able to help in all associated issues. Ginko seems efficient in the treatment of memory and mood disorders, concentration issues, headaches, eye problems, and some even use it as an aid in sexual dysfunctions. It’s also included in cosmetics, and it seems effective in all the issues that it treats, except for a mental decline in older people. It might still work, but the scientific studies haven’t returned definite results just yet. Still, it’s a good addition to this supplement as it doesn’t only improve blood flow, but it seems to contain substances that fight bacteria and might prevent infections. Ginko has a long history of treating an extended number of diseases, so it will surely help at least in preserving general health.

Then we have alpha lipoic acid, a substance that is very similar to a vitamin. It’s found in foods but also manufactured artificially, and it’s used by the body in the process of breaking down carbohydrates and generating energy. It also helps restore the healthy level of vitamins and is able to prevent damage caused to the cells as it’s also an antioxidant. Alpha lipoic acid is mostly used in the treatment of some of the symptoms commonly associated with diabetes (pains caused by damaged nerves), but also for heart disorders, liver disease, eye problems and fatigue, and not lastly memory loss. And even if it might work for all of these issues, at the moment we only have proof for its efficiency in diabetes, where it seems to be able to improve neuron functions.

Next on the ingredient list is St. John’s wort, a flowering plant native to Europe but now easy to find in many temperate areas from all over the world. It has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of many affections, and it seems to contain substances that act against depression. It’s used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, sleep issues and other symptoms commonly associated with mood disorders, but also in other mental affections. Some use it for headaches, nerve pains and other types of painful conditions, and the oil made from the plant is used for bruises, scrapes, and burns. But it seems to be effective only in the treatment of depression, with not enough scientific proof being available for the other conditions. And even if it does improve mood, it doesn’t look like it would help much in improving cognitive functions, unless the problems were caused by the low mood in the first place.

DMAE is also included in Neuroxium, and this substance might actually help mental functions as  it promotes the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. These substances are responsible for carrying information from one cell to another, and an increase in their level should make mental processes more efficient in people that from some reason suffer from a deficiency. DMAE is used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and mood disorders, for boosting intelligence, but also as an aid in increasing physical energy and athletic performance. Unfortunately, it only seems to work for athletic performance, as it’s not yet known how effective it is in the other cases.

Then we have bacopin, an extract from the plant Bacopa monnieri. It’s also known as brahmi and has a long tradition of being used in Indian medicine for the treatment of many health problems, including stomach issues and mental disorders. It’s now being used in the treatment and as a form of prevention for brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s, and also for mental affections as it seems able to decrease anxiety. Bacopin has actually been proven as helpful in maintaining proper cognitive functions, so it’s one of the active ingredients of this particular blend.

The next ingredient is an artificial substance, but it closely resembles a natural compound found in the Vinca minor plant. Vinpocetine might increase blood flow to the brain, so it’s used in the prevention of many brain related issues, including Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders caused by aging. It’s also used in the prevention of ischemic stroke, a condition in which a blood clot stops the blood flow to the brain and causes neurons to die. It seems effective in preventing Alzheimer’s, but it’s other uses need further study.

And lastly, we have green tea, a dried variety of the plant Camellia sinensis. It’s usually consumed as a beverage, but the dried leaves are often included in supplements as the plant has strong antioxidant effects and also contains caffeine. This means that it’s able to protect the body cells from damage, which is why it’s commonly used in the prevention of different types of cancer. But green tea is used in the treatment of many affections, from diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney stones to stomach issues and obesity. But the caffeine also makes it useful for increasing energy and focus, along with stimulating the entire nervous system.

Is Neuroxium safe?

It should be as the known ingredients aren’t particularly risky. Of course, either of them could cause unwanted reactions in sensitive individuals, and the company itself recommends for the Neuroxium users to keep watch for allergic reactions. They also admit that the product might interact with medication, and potential users should always consult a doctor before starting the treatment. Neuroxium ingredients seem able to interact with medication for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, blood pressure, blood clotting and other serious affections, so those who suffer from these conditions need to be particularly careful.

Also, the ingredients included in this supplement could have side effects, from digestive issues, headaches and insomnia to even more dangerous conditions when administered in high doses. This shouldn’t be a problem for this product, as the recommended dosage seems to be only one capsule a day. The website doesn’t actually specify it, but given that one month’s supply contains 30  capsules, the dosage is obvious.

When it comes to pregnant or nursing women and children under 18, the website recommends for them to not use Neuroxium without consulting a doctor, but we would advise them to not use the product at all. Young children and pregnant women could be very sensitive to either one of these substances, and the risk is simply not worth it in their cases, especially because the product is not evaluated by FDA or any other authority.

But the supplement itself is not the only one that deserves attention, as there’s also much to say about the company. It’s very bothersome that they never once mention their name, but at the same time, it seems that they’re not difficult to contact. Customer service is available through both phone and email, as it’s obvious from reviews regarding other products offered by the company. As we’ve mentioned before, no one seems to have anything to say about Neuroxium, but many clients have complained about other products. It seems like the trouble is caused by free trials and auto-shipping programs, as customers are always taken by surprise by the consequences of agreeing to the terms available on the website without actually reading them. Also, it seems like the representatives are not very friendly and refunds are difficult to obtain. But later we’ll see that these issues are much less likely to occur with Neuroxium.

The customer relations for this particular product seems to also be assured through a third party website, which is specialized exactly in this kind of services. It seems that this different company works with distributors of health products that are only available through the internet, and it allows users to replace or return products and cancel orders. It’s claimed that this website makes these processes much easier, but it too has the same issues as the Neuroxium platform, as we don’t know anything about the company that’s running it. Actually, this website has very little information for its users, so we would advise Neuroxium buyers to contact the company directly if they have any issues with the product.

Neuroxium benefits?

Neuroxium should generate positive changes in most of its users, but they won’t be very spectacular. Some of the ingredients could indeed increase the amount of neurotransmitters produced by the body and help in all cognitive functions, but users shouldn’t expect a boost of energy and an instant change in the ability to focus. The only active stimulant seems to be the caffeine, and the green tea contains such a small amount of this substance that only those very sensitive to it will feel it effects.

Why choose Neuroxium?

If you’re not used to stronger stimulants and feel like your mental performance could use a little improvement, this might be the product for you. It won’t generate the side effects usually associated with caffeine, so it should work fine even for those who have sleeping issues. Also, this product doesn’t have an auto-delivery program so customers don’t have to worry about unwanted changes and cancellations. As we’ve already mentioned, the problems that have been encountered with products sold by the same company shouldn’t be a reason to worry for Neuroxium buyers, but some aspects of the company policies might still be confusing and cause some degree of damage, as we’ll see next.

Where can I buy Neuroxium?neuroxium

The product is only available for sale through its official website, in packages containing 1, 3 or 5 products. A bottle containing one month’s supply will cost you $99, while a package containing 3 is sold for $159. The best deal seems to be the 5 bottle package, which is sold for $199 and brings the individual price down to a little under $40. The website ships worldwide (apparently in only 24 hours from placing the order), and it seems like the fee for shipping and handling is 10% of the value of the purchase in all cases.

This product also has a free trial period, but it’s far from what it seems. This offer is available if you purchase 2 bottles of the product, and what it means is that you’ll be charged for 46 out of the total 60 days of usage that you’ll get from the supplement. As each bottle contains a 30 day supply, 2 of them will be enough for exactly 60 days, and you won’t have to pay for 14 of them. It’s simply a price discount, but customers might believe that the product will be free to use for 14 days and be surprised when they’re charged at the placing of the order.

And Neuroxium also has a 30-day exchange guarantee on damaged or defective products, but it seems like refunds are out of the question. And the exchange won’t be an easy process, as the guarantee starts running from the day of the order and it’s unclear if the company also has to receive the product during this period in order to make the replacement. But either way, you might not have time to do it, as you’ll have to ship the supplement to Netherlands. Depending on where you’re located, receiving the package in the first place might take weeks, never mind sending it back.

If you’re interested in Neuroxium, we would recommend purchasing only one bottle at first, just to make sure that it works for your personally before committing to a longer period of treatment. Also, you’ll get a chance to see exactly how long delivery takes and if the company is easy to deal with. Still, keep in mind that you won’t be able to get a refund if you’re unhappy, so once you make a purchase, there’s no going back.