How to make your hair color last longer

You spent a lot of money in a salon or a lot of time in your bathroom to get a new hair color and now you’re wondering what you can do to last longer. It really is something that works and makes the color last longer? When it comes to keeping your colored hair color, there are some things that help, but not those that you were told or read in magazines. Read on to find out these tips that might work for you:

Tip # 1
You need special products for colored hair. Before you dye your hair, always use a deep cleansing shampoo. If you can not remove all the hair products accumulated over numerous rounds of paint before it submits a new coloring process, you can not expect for the new color to resist long. Use a deep cleansing shampoo, which has the particularity to clean hairs in-depth and use it twice in the week before you plan to paint your hair. Thus, the color will stick better and for longer each hair individually. Use only products specifically intended for dyed hair. Make sure you always have available a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair. You must have this in mind including when you are traveling.

Tip # 2
Use dry shampoo for a lasting color. Keep your hair dry as long as possible – not to keep it wet or to shampoo it frequently – is a sure way to save the color and prevent discoloration. A good haircut and style, as well as a dry shampoo, is a very good solution! Dry shampoos keep hair relatively clean in the days when you do not wash your hair in the normal way, as they absorb the excess of sebum from the scalp. If you have tried in the past dry shampoos and you did not like them, you should know that they have evolved over the past chalky formulas.

Dry shampoo features: dry shampoo is not just a fad! It can save you in certain situations and can solve some aesthetic problems related to hair. Let’s have a look: to extend the hair’s look between two washes, especially for oily hair, that becomes dirty quickly, for short trips, for an unexpected party, after an hour at the gym, to maintain your hairstyle longer, for women and men that are busy, earning themselves valuable time, if you are bedridden, etc.

How to make a dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo for maintaining lighter hair color. Ingredients:

-starch- 2 tablespoons;
-2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate or cosmetic talc powder (optional) – 1 tsp;
-lemon essential oil (optional) – 5 drops.
Mix all ingredients together.
Dry Shampoo for dark hair color maintenance. Ingredients:
-rice starch – 1 tablespoon;
-2 tablespoons of bitter cocoa;
-cinnamon – 1/2 teaspoon;
-essential oil of your choice (optional) – 5 drops.

The process is quite simple: mix the powder together in a bowl, add the drops of essential oil and mix again. Once the mixture is homogeneous, transfer it to a container with a lid, optionally with holes. I recycled a container from a container of spices and fine salt. Dry shampoo bottle should be kept in a cool, dry place. Regarding the validity of the composition, it can be calculated very well according to the first ingredient used that will expire( expiration date of starch).

The ingredients may be interchangeable depending on what you have, for example, the starch may be rice, corn, potatoes and can be used any of them. It is important to use cocoa powder recipe for dark hair. Essential oils are optional, but I advise you to use them to scent the shampoo, and you will refresh the hair smell. You can use lavender essential oil, lemon, orange, but not only for the smells fresh, but because they also have other properties too.

You can use only one ingredient such as starch or bitter cocoa powder. Usage is quite simple: apply a bit of the product at the root of the hair, massage your scalp with your fingers and leave it a few minutes to act. It will help combing your hair very well. If you have curly hair and it is difficult for you to comb your hair, you can not use a hair dryer to remove the hair powder.

Warnings: there are cases where I think using this shampoo is not recommended, even if it is natural, for example, if you have irritated skin, exfoliated due to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry dandruff.

These powders would not only worsen the situation, because they create a drier environment, while in these cases, it is necessary besides antibacterial substances, for good hydration.

Tip # 3
Shampoo for dyed hair is essential for the color! Specially designed products provide the care that you need because they hydrate, they protect the hair from the effects of painting and give brilliance to the color. Among the ingredients that you need to consider when choosing your shampoo include shea butter( for maintaining the color ), green tea( protects the hair ) and jojoba oil( gives shine ). Use a rejuvenating mask suitable for dyed hair and take care of peaks oils and other special products. The best shampoo for dyed hair color that protects and keeps alive is one that has a pH between 4.5 – 5.5. Therefore, you must look on the glass for pH, if it is listed.

The ingredients in the shampoo are very important: it must contain agents that keep the paint pigments inside the hair. In addition, after you dye, hair texture changes, so you need certain substances. Among them are: I panthenol, nettle extract and hops, beeswax and seaweed.

The best shampoo for colored hair: be careful how you wash your hair. You will choose the best shampoo for dyed hair in vain if you do not follow certain guidelines when it comes to washing.

Preferably it is to wash it every three days and rinse with lukewarm water, never hot water, which harms the dyed hair.

Do not forget the conditioner: it is advisable to choose a product from the same range with the shampoo. After you wash with the best shampoo for dyed hair, wipe your hair with a towel and apply conditioner throughout hair length, starting with the tips. Then leave it to work for several minutes and rinse yourself. For more shine, you can apply a mask weekly on your hair strands that help them to regain a radiant appearance.

The best shampoo for colored hair: avoid dandruff products. Dandruff shampoos have the most intense cleaning ingredients for the hair and are responsible for deleting the color. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid them when you’re dyeing your hair. But if you have problems with dandruff and still want the best shampoo for dyed hair, looking in particular for products that eliminate dandruff and protects colored hair.

Tip # 4
Maintain the hair according to its color.
• How to maintain red hair color: red hair is very sensitive and loses its brightness very quickly. It is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure of the hair to sunlight. At the beach always cover your hair with a scarf and use henna-based shampoos to keep the hair shiny and hydrated. Use hair products with SPF and do not forget to apply a mask weekly that is made special for red hair.

Red hair dries quickly and it is prone to cassation. It is thus advisable to use moisturizers. Try moisturizing hair products that do not require rinsing. The more you let a balm act more on the hair, the more it will be brighter and will maintain its color for a longer period. To maintain the color, you can also use natural products such as cranberries, rosehip, onions peels or marigolds. Also to maintain the color, use shampoos that give color, that is special for red hair. Red hair must be dyed every two months. Every time you go to a specialist, let him choose the right shade of red. Regular hair trims prevent split the tips of the hair. Use treatments based on chestnut oil, that accentuate reddish reflections.

• How to maintain blonde hair color: always use moisturizers that protect the capillary fiber. Starting with the shampoo that mustn’t have a high concentration of detergent, but a combination of nutrients and ending with a conditioner or a mask. Before applying the conditioner or the hair mask, it is recommended that the hair is rinsed thoroughly and tightly put in a paper towel to absorb excess water. Water makes the hydration product, whether it is a balm, a mask or a treatment of sliding on the hair without acting on it. It is best to remove excess water before the application to ensure that the hair will benefit from all the nutritious substances from products that we apply.

Before applying the conditioner or the hair mask, it is recommended that the hair is rinsed thoroughly and tightly put in a paper towel to absorb excess water. Water makes the hydration product, whether it is a balm, a mask or a treatment of sliding on the hair without acting on it. It is best to remove excess water before the application to ensure that the hair will benefit from all the nutritious substances from products that we apply.

After rinsing (which is advisable to be done with lukewarm water, not very hot), we recommend applying a heat protection product and a serum or leave-in conditioner on the tips.

Blond hair should be dyed every 3-4 weeks without exceeding this range because when the roots grow too large are not likely to fade as well. In this case, it is not necessary to dye the entire length of the hair and avoid unnecessary extra dehydration.

• How to maintain brown hair color: even if you are in possession of naturally brunette hair or you dye it this way, you should know how to care for your hair. Many might say that a brown hair is easier to maintain than a blond hair, but black hair gloss and color intensity can not be maintained as easily and you have to use products and special masks to intensify the shade. Let’s see which are the best care advice. Use hair products for black hair. There are still more products on the market addressed to brunette hair, whether natural or dyed.

If you are dyed, a shampoo, a conditioner, and a treatment must be mandatory and it shouldn’t miss from your weekly care.

For a more delicate coloring use products without ammonia or use henna dye. The recommended dye is ammonia free, so it will not destroy your hair.

Another option is simple coloring with black henna, which will give your hair shine. Unfortunately, in both methods, black hair will discolor faster. Henna dye is made like this: a bag of henna mixed with 40 ml milk, yolk, 30 ml rose water and apply it with a brush across the hair. Stay with the henna on the hair between 30-40 minutes with plastic wrap or a plastic bag in the head.

Natural treatments. If you do not want to dye your hair with henna nor with any paint without ammonia, then use one of the treatments below to accentuate your dark hair shades.

Walnut leaves. Bring the water to a boil( maximum 1 liter ), then add 2 handfuls of walnut leaves. When the fire goes out, then cover the dish for 30 minutes. The infusion is applied to wet hair for a more intense color.

Coffee. Take a liter of highly concentrated coffee, you do not add milk or sugar. Let it cool, then apply it to damp hair. You will notice a softer hair and easier to comb.

Black tea. Place one cup of boiling water over a black tea bag and a teaspoon of dried sage. Allow it to cool, strain then massages the scalp with this treatment. It is recommended twice a week for a more intense color.

Tip # 5
Do not forget the sunscreen( for your hair ). Whatever the season, whether summer or winter, if you spend much time in the sun, it is essential to protect your hair from UV rays if you want your hair color to last. UV rays damage the hair, making the dye molecules oxidize and it becomes discolored, and if you have blonde hair it will turn into gray. A hat is a great solution, but not very practical for some, especially if you have long hair. If a hat is not your style, try products with SPF for your hair. You should know, however, that is not known how much protection will benefit your hair because there aren’t many studies in this regard. Anyway, it’s logical to think that the hair will still be protected and it is worth trying.

And to avoid the appearance of oily hair, choose a spray formulation containing alcohol for one last final step. You will find lots of sunscreen sprays containing alcohol at reasonable prices. The alcohol in these products does not affect the hair, as it can affect the skin( remember that your hair is dead ) and that these formulas dry quickly, you can use them just like a hairspray as the last step in your hair care routine. Think of it as the final step of protection your style! If you spend several hours out in the sun, you can reapply the product with a protection factor several times. Also, if you won’t pass your hand through your hair or if you are often wet, it’s good to reapply because it is unknown how the product remains on the hair when it is disturbed.

Tip # 6

Some basic rules that can extend the life of the chosen shade.
Do not wash before. Hair color must be renewed each time the roots have grown enough that it no longer looks good and gives it a messy look and betrays the neglection of the woman who wears it. But there are situations where dye lasts too little because it goes off at every wash visibly. Here’s what to do in such cases.

1. Before dyeing, hair should not be washed because sebum from the roots helps to fix the color.
2. Long hair should not be washed within 48 hours after dyeing, except, of course, when you remove the dye from your hair. Thus, scalp has time to normalize sebum quantity. If the hair is assaulted with washing too often thick hair will fatten quickly, and the dye will go off easier. Hot water is prohibited.
3. Use only care products which specify that are for colored hair, detailing for which color. They protect the hair undergone to dye and keep its natural shine and hue.
4. It is very important to not wash very often your hair. Every two days is too often. It is understood that even the strongest dye will discolor if it is put to so frequent shampooing.
5. Try to use only shampoos and conditioners that are natural, which are intended to nourish the root, hairs and to vitaminize the hair.
6. Do not wash your hair with hot water, but with warm water and finally finish with a jet of cold water. Blood circulation in the scalp will feed better the root and will maintain healthy hair. Hot water attacks the dye, leading to discoloration of the hair.
7. Do not use the hair dryer too often, only in emergencies cases. Otherwise, the hair will lose its naturalness and volume, and the paint will degrade due to heat.
8. Avoid using heated hair curlers, and if you still use them, make sure that the hair is not very moist when you place them because the paint will discolor easier in such a process. Beware of moisture and sun!
9. Protect freshly dyed hair from the weather( rain, snow, fog ), because moisture will weaken the color.
10. If it is summer, make sure that even in the first days after dying to wear a hat to protect your hair from the scorching rays, which fades the color of the hair. For better protection use a conditioner with UV protection when brushing your hair. It helps nourish and strengthen hair, but at the same time, it keeps the color.
11. Do not go in the sea or in swimming pools where chlorine is in large quantity, if you dyed your hair only a few days ago. Otherwise, it will not take too much for the shade to fade.
12. If you have fine hair and very fragile, keep more his color if you apply masks based on jojoba oil and argan oil.

Camomile for blonde shades. For blonde hair, but also to strengthen the thin and split hairs using chamomile tea flowers. After each wash rinse hair with chamomile tea prepared as follows: two tablespoons of flowers are placed in 600 ml boiling water and boil them for three minutes. Strain after 20 minutes and rinse your hair with it. The blond lasts longer if you treat it with the following mixture: the juice of one lemon, a tablespoon of honey and chamomile decoction. Apply it to hair and leave it for five minutes, then rinse with warm water.

In people with brown hair, rhubarb tea has the ability to light this nuance. If you have your hair dyed in a dark shade, use once a week, for rinsing, an infusion of black tea prepared in a conventional manner( one teaspoon herb to 200 ml boiling water). For dark hair after washing, rinsing is indicated with an infusion or decoction of walnut leaves, and nettles.

A piece of advice! To strengthen your hair, giving it shine, to vitaminize it, and protect it from dye color, massage your scalp with olive oil swab and lubricate your hairs. Stay two hours and then wash. Repeat once a month. A hair is not so hard to maintain, but it needs a little care once in awhile. Thy as much products as you can, but be careful, keep changing products may lead to dandruff. Expensive products don’t necessarily mean it can do wonders for you, this is why you better start experiencing with all sorts of products, all made for your type of hair and for your needs.