How to use brain supplements safely

Brain Supplement Review | When to use brain supplements?

Nowadays  it has become almost a trend to stuff ourselves with all kinds of supplements. But is everything out there really helpful, healthy and risk-free?!

I have thoroughly researched the supplement and vitamins market and came to the solution that some products are scams and are worth exactly as a placebo pill. Not only that, but some may cause disturbing side effects.

So, how to choose best brain supplement?

My advice for you is to consult your doctor before you start using any supplements. He has the necessary experience to guide you  to the best product suitable for you. Important to mention is the fact that if you are already on prescription medication you HAVE to consult a specialist. Remember  not all that is natural is risk-free not to mention synthetic ingredients. The  medication you’re taking might not be compatible with one or another supplement. In addition, you could blow the internet and search the wide market of brain supplements. Still you have to study rigorously every ingredient and be 100 percent sure you know what you swallow.

The fact is that we tend to use the easy solution and resort to supplements too quickly. Sometimes our habit of living and lack of time in this fast moving world make us use the easy way to improve health and mental performance  when all you need to do is take some time for yourself and in three easy steps you’ll get that high-performance levels in no time. It’s not a big secret..there are three easy steps for a healthier body and a sharp brain

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day
  3. Exercise regularly

Not everybody believes in this simple scheme so this article is dedicated to all of you who are ready to use brain supplements. We’ll have a look first at some guidelines about this vital part of our body, which is the brain. Then we will explore the most notorious brain supplements out there.

The brain is mostly made out of fat. The brain is responsible for very complex action hence, we could affirm it’s the most important part in an animal or human body. Our sense organs are strictly connected to the brain. The signals are transmitted to the brain which has a reaction on the  body moving different parts of the body for example. The brain is a complex organ that has been studied intensive the past years still it’s not been explored to the maximum due it complexity.

We will limit ourselves to general behavior caused by the brain and the learning and memory issues because that is the main concerns today and some deficiencies in these areas cause the people to take brain supplements. Scientists have some research results concerning with some distinctive brain activity necessary in our daily activities:

  1. Working memory: it’s a dynamic memory and sums up the ability of the brain to engage in a temporary activity in the activity that the human is engaged in.
  2. Episodic memory: it refers to the brain capacity to use information related t a specific event . This information can last a lifetime and the lack of this ability can cause amnesia.
  3. Semantic memory: refers to the ability to  learn facts and  relationships.
  4. Motor learning: for this function the brain uses more brain areas ant it refers to the ability to refine our movements  trough practice or repetition .

The central nervous system is made out of relation between the spinal cord and the brain. These two communicate to a variety of actions and due to some intern or external activity or malfunctions can cause severe disorders and disease such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease, Tourette’s syndrome and so one.

The main question arises: can we do anything do help prevent these health issues?

It is widely spread that brain supplements fight to prevent some brain malfunctions and to improve memory in general. Another fact that helps the brain in a natural way is to have a varied, balanced and general healthy diet and regular exercise.

So when we feed we need to keep in mind that our body and the brain especially needs healthy fat products or supplements. The fatty acids needed for the brain can be commonly found  in fish which contain omega-3. Omega – 3 is a fatty acid. There are 3 types of omega 3 fatty acids: alpha – linoleic acid, eicosapentaenoic  acid and docosahexaenoic acid. These fatty oils are necessary for the proper function of body and brain. There are only two fatty acids that are a must for the human body and these are: alpha – linolenic acid ( found in plant oil ) which is an omega -3 fatty acid and gamma – linolenic acid an omega – 6 fatty acid found in varying amounts in edible hemp seeds, oats, barley, and spirulina.

This essential oils have important brain functions as affecting cellular functions, mood, behavior and can be anti-inflammatory functions. Inflammation can cause various health issues.

Various vitamins have a beneficial action on the brain as well. For example the E vitamin. The E vitamin can be found in foods such as almonds, green leafy vegetables, corn oil, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, and whole-grain flour. When consumed regularly it works as an antioxidant and can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re considering purchasing a brain booster supplement look for the vitamin E inside the ingredients.

There are also researches that show minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc are very important for brain functions. Even tough nature presents its lavish ingredients found in vegetables, fruits, some meats, seeds and so on, the modern human even in high developed countries ignores these benefits. I always say if you are not able to have a varied and healthy diet then supplements might be just the thing for you. There are manufacturers that present on the market supplement with a generous research behind. These ones are safe to take and risk-free.

Important to note is that the B complex vitamins are essential for the brain. They can help prevent  the risk of stroke, cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease. The B vitamins are a class of water-soluble vitamins that are very important in cell metabolism. They can be found as a complex of all 9, or independently as supplements. Very important is that in young and middle aged adult and elderly can not process the B vitamins very good so they need a little boost that can come from brain booster supplements.

Now that we did a brief summary of our most important factor in everyday life and that is the brain and it’s needs, we will have a look at five supplements which I highly recommend. I will limit myself to five ways to boost memory, focus, mood and energy levels. The market is wide so I will choose after  a rigorous search, the  best five ways to boost your brain.

  • Gingko Biloba as a supplement: You can find this ingredient as a single ingredient in supplements or as part of a brain booster. I highly recommend taking it in it’s purest form. Very important to mention that this supplement’s action depend on the quantity you take. That’s  why I highly recommend consulting a specialist. The extract is made from the leaves of this ancient tree, that grows in China. It is known by its property to improve memory and concentration. Also used on patients with dementia. If you decided to take Ginkgo Biloba  as a supplement you might notice an increase of attention and notice that you memorize faster and also keep that information memorized at high standards.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids that we mentioned can be found in supplements as well. It also helps with age-related cognitive decline.
  • Recently I had the opportunity to study a more complex supplement which is very popular in Korea. It’s called CogniQ. Facts about CogniQ: it’s a supplement targeting the overall health but it’s aiming at the brain functions. Its extract is made from the plant Angelica ‘s root and it’s called INM -176. This derived ingredient is known to improve general brain function and even give you a boost on your mood and emotional state. This supplement is also known trough laboratory testing that it can ameliorate the disturbing effects of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Piracetam – Is a very powerful brain booster supplement and can be found under many brand names. Again the dosage is crucial and must take the right dosage in order to feel it’s powerful effects. It is also used with patients with dementia and schizophrenia. There are no major side effects known to it and is very safe to use. Piracetam is highly recommended if you want to boost your learning abilities and boost your memory. It can also help improve your mood and motivation levels. It also improves the circulation on the brain level protecting from normal damaging or damaging due to aging. Due to its powerful essence, it increases mental energy and alertness. People using Piracetam regularly state the following: improved memory and learning. The reaction with the brain could react in a more enhanced sensory perception. Users of Piracetam report a better sight of details, movement, smell, and touch. Having this property user have also described a more enhanced ability to remember visual, auditory and olfactive experiences and link them to memories. This positive effect is one of the first signs of using Piracetam. But the most surprising effect must be in elderly patients with cognitive dysfunctions. Piracetam ameliorated symptoms of Parkinson and improved symptoms of dementia. Overall it can improve memory, focus, reasoning ability and concentration.
  • Ginseng – It’s been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine but recent studies show the benefits of this plant. There are three main species known: Oriental, Siberian, and American. It has been proven to be very efficient in improving vitality and the immune system. The secretion of various glands and hormones are one of these, help the body work properly. When all these glands are healthy the rest of the organs and hence the body is in perfect health. The active ingredients in ginseng resemble those of the human body. They help control hormone activity, help with blood pressure and increase metabolism. Trough wide studies all over the world, science has proven that taking Ginseng as a supplement every day, it helps with rising energy levels, hence fighting against fatigue and overall improved performance.

The market has been flooded with all sorts of products claiming miraculous cognitive improvements, high energy levels and general boosting you with vitality. Please stay away from scams. Many hide their ingredients behind the excuse of not wanting to reveal their secret formula. The market is full of them and you can easily find different products on the internet, even in your local chemist shop or even in stores. Perhaps someone has told you about one product or another.

I will teach you in the following lines how to stay away from scams or dubious products. In the first place try and see if you can find the product‘s official website. If it’s loaded with signs rushing you to buy because they’ve got limited stock, well that’s a thinker. I understand the manufacturers need to apply marketing strategies but do not fall into that trap..they will produce the supplement as long as they have buyers. They can also lure you with advertising techniques like a free trial period. I read a comment on the internet regarding one brain booster called Alpha ZXT. Same limited stock, same free trial. The person who commented on the product was not satisfied with it and wanted to return the content. When calling the number on the website, the same voice with different names kept postponing or  was not willing to communicate. Usually, the website promises a free trial your only costs will involve the shipping fee. If you are satisfied with the product you need not do anymore as they will keep shipping you supplies.

Note that some ingredients or supplements take more time to be absorbed by your body and hence make a remarkable change. Recently I came across one supplement that started boosting your energy levels and cognitive action in 15 minutes. That to me sounds a bit deceiving …I’m only thinking what synthetic ingredient they’ve put in there to give you that kick. Some products may indeed contain caffeine but that will only provide a short-term energy boost. To be more specific I will show you 3 brain supplements and will comment on them;

1. Doxiterol – As you access the website you will find all the advertising signs I’ve mentioned before. As you access the ingredients tab they seem to be open with them and even presenting a brief description of each ingredient. What they forget to mention are the side effects.

We’ll take for example one ingredient and google it. Let’s pick the ingredient “Vinpocetine“. You will find a wide lecture on this semi-synthetic ingredient and how it improves memory, boost energy and serotonin levels. Let me tell you a little about the side effects: Vinpocetine studies have been made on human reaction to this and apparently there are no major side effects but no research has been made for long term use. Although  they do not mention it is not  safe to use for pregnant women. Also, some people have reported an upset stomach and headaches. The fact is that the continued use of Vinpocetine says the studies, concludes with the weakness of the immune system.

And this is only one ingredient. If I was to continue I will probably find that all ingredients stated have one or another health risk. And all I did was to search this ingredient. Be smart. Conduct a thorough search and always be alert with what you swallow.In addition, try and read more reviews about one or another product. You can find out a lot if you find credible comments.

2. Another quite popular brain supplement is Focus XT. On the bottle label, you will find the information that it increases mental focus, clarity, concentration and a high level of energy. Focus XT comes in the form of powder supplement and to get your attention is sugar-free and has a great taste. I cannot help but wonder how many chemicals are in there to make it so appealing. You can find this product selling on different websites including Amazon. The price is reasonable as many brain boosters are but does it really work? They hide the ingredients but I must admit they specify in small letters in an almost hidden corner that it’s not for the use of pregnant women or while nursing. What I find preposterous is the fact that besides having a positive action on the brain’s cognitive performance, mental power, concentration and clarity it is also a supplement that works well if you are training. It is also stated that it helps to burn those extra kilograms. I cannot help but wonder what are they putting in there to become such a handy product good for anything. This product does contain caffeine but you can get that from a regular espresso, you don’t need to ingest a dubious product. Regarding its ability to raise endurance while training, it’s a misunderstood concept to start with Regular exercise is good for both the body and mind but don’t choose the easy way to start those muscles building. I have seen a case of a person taking supplements to boost energy and endurance level but by the time they stopped taking those supplements they almost entirely lost their muscle mass. To show off, they advertise that this product is good for a variety of people from young adults beginning. I find that hard to believe as everybody know that the different stages of age come with its own positive or negative reaction.

3. Last but not least , I’ve come across one product called “ Super Brain Booster “. this made me chuckle a little because of the rich imagination when naming the product. To cut to the subject  it improves your capacity for learning helps memory and a sharper mind. In some of the ingredients presented we find our old friend: “ Vinpocetine “. One ingredient that attracted my attention is the use of “Bacoba“. A plant used in India for centuries in order to improve mental activity to engage in a better comprehension, memory, and recollection. So they got a plus for that. For me, it’s like walking in a dark room. It’s all good until you hit the chair. One ingredient could be stated as good, with a long tradition in traditional medicine for example, but if there are no real laboratory or clinical studies one can never know what the side effects are. And be sure, traditional medicine practiced even today in remote countries knows exactly where to aim when the shaman or healer knows exactly which plant should be taken into consideration as a remedy for a specific disorder.

So my suggestion is to resort at what nature gave us and if considering buying a brain supplement  make sure you know what you’re buying.