How to Lose Weight Naturally

Best Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss always seems to prove harder than expected, as choosing a healthy diet and exercising regularly doesn’t provide results as fast as we would like, and the effort involved seems at times overwhelming. Luckily there are supplements that promise to help in reaching our body goals, and some of them even claim that they can bring all the weight loss benefits of a healthy lifestyle without the actual effort.

Depending on your personal needs, you can choose from a large variety of natural weight loss aids, from those that promote weight loss only by decreasing your appetite, and this is a good option for people that don’t have the willingness or patience to follow a restrictive diet, to supplements that promise to change the rate of your metabolism while helping you build muscle, fit for people that actually want to achieve an athletic shape. To your help, we have composed a list of some of the most effective weight loss supplements that are also completely natural, starting with those that are fit for all types of diets, including vegetarian. So the first on out list are plant supplements.

Best Natural Weight Loss Remedies

And we’ll start with mango seeds, more specifically mango seed fiber. It seems to be effective in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, so it’s useful as a weight loss supplement too. It has been used as a pain reliever in traditional medicine, but now it’s being studied for its slimming qualities. It also seems able to decrease appetite by regulating certain hormones.

Nothing it’s known about its potential side effects yet, unlike with green coffee, another weight loss aid that decreases blood sugar and at the same time seems able to help with heart issues, but may cause nervousness, insomnia and all the other effects associated with caffeine.

Gymnema on the other hand seems to lower blood sugar without any side effects, decreasing the risks of heart disease and diabetes. This plant is actually a shrub native to Africa and India, and it’s leaves are the ones that seem to possess all the beneficial qualities. Amazingly, it’s also used in the treatment of malaria.

Another plant that grows in Africa, particularly the Kalahari Desert, is hoodia. Its roots has been traditionally used as an appetite suppressant, and although no studies have proven it yet, no side effects have yet been reported either, so it’s worth a try by those that have trouble following a diet.

A powerful plant when it comes to active weight loss seems to be the bitter orange, as it contains synephrine, a compound that is claimed to burn calories at a faster rate. In supplement form, it should be handled with care as it seems like it might not be perfectly safe, being able to raise heart rate and blood pressure, and it should not be combined with other weight loss aids either, as it could be even more dangerous along with other powerful substances.

Green Tea would be a good choice if you would like a supplement known as effective but with no side effects, except the known side effects of caffeine of course, but given the little amount of this compound found in green tea, it’s not really a problem.

One of the supplements sold under many brands in the past years is garcinia cambogia, more precisely the hydroxycitric acid found in the peel of this fruit, which seems able to decrease the level of an enzyme that promotes the storing of body fat instead of metabolizing it and turning it into energy. A decrease of this enzyme should promote a faster metabolism. Garcinia cambogia seems to have the ability to decrease appetite too, as in increases the level of serotonin.

Also able to prevent the accumulation of fat while decreasing appetite seems to be guar gum, a fiber extracted from the seeds of the guar plant. It’s also used in lowering blood sugar and in digestive issues, and an overdose might cause unwanted effects.

Guggul on the other hand seems to be safer. This gum comes from a small tree native to India and it has been traditionally used for weight loss but also in the treatment of arthritis and other diseases, and very few side effects have been reported.

Glucomannan, the fiber found in konjac root, seems to be effective in weight loss to, as it increases the rate of calorie burning and decreases the appetite. This plant is native to Asia and it seems like it can cause mild side effects like abdominal pain, so it should be used with care.

A plant extracts able to cause serious side effects is forskolin, a compound that has gained amazing popularity in the past years. The substance is extracted from the root of coleus forskohlii, a plant native to Asia, and it increases the level of an enzyme that turns stored fat into energy and prevents the body from replacing it. It able to increase the testosterone level too so it’s included in muscle building supplements. Along weight loss, it’s used in the treatment of severe heart issues , so it  shouldn’t be used by people that suffer from heart or blood pressure conditions, and also by pregnant women, as forskolin is known to be effective as a birth control method too. Forsoklin is one of the strongest weight loss supplements known, but it’s side effects can be just dangerous so this is one product for which a doctor’s approval is mandatory.

These are some of the most effective weight loss plants and plant extracts, and one slimming aid that also appeals to vegetarians although it’s not technically a plant is the reishi mushroom. This fungus is not only beneficial in weight loss but also as a treatment for flu and other viral conditions, heart and respiratory issues, and it seems like it’s able to benefit the immune system too. Although it’s not really known as dangerous, it could generate side effects if used in a concentrated form for more than one month. It shouldn’t cause any issues when included in the diet, but it would be more effective in a supplement and the dosage should be watched carefully.

Sugar & Weight Loss?

One fact that most people believe as true is that any sugars and fats will ruin their diets when the truth is that many of these compounds are very beneficial in weight loss. A sugar extracted from the outer skeleton of shellfish is known to be very useful in treating obesity, along with high cholesterol, anemia, and even insomnia. Chitosan isn’t known to cause serious side effects, except potential stomach aches after long term use, and even though it comes from shellfish, it shouldn’t cause problems for people with allergies, as they are usually generated by the meat.

Healthy Fats & Weight Loss

And just like this type of sugar, healthy fats can only be beneficial in weight loss when consumed carefully. Monosaturated fatty acids promote a faster calorie burn rate and are easily available in nuts and their oils, and avocados. Omaga-3 fatty acids, the other kind of healthy fats, are just as effective as monosaturated fatty acids and they have the added bonus of appetite decrease. They are also great in protecting your heart and can be found in oily fish. Many supplements are available containing just the oil, with no need for you to consume large quantities of fish to get all the benefits. But keep in mind that no matter how healthy, fat can still add to your weight if the intake is very high.

Proteins & Weight Loss

Another type of weight loss aid, but used primarily in bodybuilding, is proteins. They are available in the form of supplements as shakes, and they benefit weight loss by being more satisfying as nutrients than carbohydrates and fats. This means that appetite is decreased and a smaller intake of calories is needed. Proteins are better used in place of some meals, but a balance should be kept between shakes and regular meals. One of the best types of protein for weight loss seems to be whey protein, also a good milk substitute for people with lactose intolerance.

Vitamins and Minerals & Weight Loss

And lastly, some vitamins and minerals are beneficial in weight loss too. They’re essential for all body functions, and a lack of these compounds could be the only reason why the body ends up accumulating a larger amount of fat than it should.

But some, like calcium and vitamin D, seem to be able to actively contribute to weight loss. It’s believed that calcium might prevent cells from storing fat, and studies have indeed shown that people using calcium supplements, even for other purposes than weight loss, had larger success in keeping their weight healthy. Calcium is one of the essential minerals and very important in overall health, so it’s only natural it would be beneficial in weight loss too. Still, it could become dangerous in high quantities, so the daily amount should be carefully watched when it comes to calcium supplements.

But calcium works even better when combined with vitamin D, although vitamin D alone is known to decrease appetite while burning fat at a faster rate, especially belly fat. Vitamin D is naturally synthesized by the body but this process needs direct sunlight, something that most of us don’t get enough of, so supplements are the next best solution. But just as with calcium, the recommended dosage should be respected as it could generate a too high level of this mineral. Vitamins and minerals are better absorbed from foods, but when food doesn’t provide the amount needed, supplements are the best choice.

Weight Loss Supplements | How to Choose and Where to Buy

All these natural weight loss aids are available in supplement form, by themselves or in combination with compounds that promise to boost their individual properties. But it’s better to choose products that contain only natural substances, as synthetic compounds added to the composition could generate effects that you didn’t want or expect. Many combinations of pure, natural substances are available, and these would be the best choice if you want to keep the all natural quality of your weight loss program.

Given the large variety of the weight loss aids presented, one of them must surely fit your needs while at the same time being easily accessible. But keep in mind that you will most likely have to experiment a bit, all these supplements are natural and while one of them can work wonders for one person, it might do absolutely nothing for someone else. It all depends on your body and how it reacts to different compounds.

It’s a great thing that these products are natural, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t affect you in a negative way, some of them have powerful properties and if they do have a very positive effect on weight loss, they might affect you in other ways too. That’s why, no matter what particular supplement you choose, you need to make sure that your doctor considers it at least acceptable for you. The fact they’re not regulated by the FDA doesn’t make these products harmless, it only means that they’re not strong enough to be classified as drugs, or at least that this hasn’t been clearly demonstrated by studies yet, so don’t take them lightly.

And when you do find the product that works great for you, remember that diet and exercise will make it work even better, even though the sometimes excess weight is only caused by an imbalance that can be solved by a supplement. But combining a supplement with diet and working out will not only increase weight loss rate but help you keep it off and make you healthier altogether.

Most supplements can’t be used permanently and it’s recommended to remove them from your diet once every few months, not allowing your body to get used to them to the point where it considers them absolutely necessary. Also, they can be harmful in the long run, so it’s better to handle your weight without them after you have achieved your goal, and only use them for rather short periods of time. Weight loss supplements are a great help, but use them with care.