Forskolin Fit Pro Review

Forskolin Fit Pro 2015 Supplement Used to Burn Fat

forskolin fit pro bottleEither if your purpose is to be healthier, to lose weight or to build muscle, alternative medicine is always ready to help you by offering a product designed to complement your efforts and push you closer to your goal. It looks like men and women have different approaches when it comes to physical health and looks, and products are formulated based on gender specific needs. This is the reason why many times you have to find a combination of supplements that work together if you want a health aid with a more complex action, and this task can be quite difficult given how much experimentation is required just to find one product that works for you from the variety of supplements available. But some of these products claim that they offer the benefits of weight loss and muscular mass increase at a faster rate in one single package, fit for both men and women. One of these products is Forskolin Fit Pro, a supplement that claims to be able to offer the physical transformation you desire.

What is Forskolin Fit Pro?

As it’s obvious from its name, this product is based on forskolin, a compound that reached it’s current popularity after being promoted by Dr. Oz, which described it as a “lightning in a bottle”. This substance is extracted from the roots of coleus forskohli, a plant in the mint family that is native to Nepal, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. Also known as Indian coleus, this plant has been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of heart affections and respiratory system issues, as it seems like it’s very beneficial in disorders like high blood pressure and asthma. Also, it looks like this plant is effective in menstrual disorders too, and has been used both for inducing menstrual flow and preventing pregnancy. But nowadays forskolin is used worldwide for weight loss and as an aid in bodybuilding and Forskolin Fit Pro claims that it can reduce the body fat mass by 5-10%, so let’s have a look at how it might do this.

How Does Forskolin Work?

It seems like forskolin promotes an increase in the level of cyclic AMP, a molecule that is known to act on the heart by increasing its contractility. But it’s claimed that cyclic AMP also has the role of a transmitter at an intracellular level, as a reaction to information received from signals outside the cells. And one of the signals that this molecule is apparently responsible for triggers an increase in the level of hormone-sensitive lipase, an enzyme that of plays a part in the setting in motion and utilizing of the stored fat. So a higher level of cyclic AMP should generate an increase in the metabolic rate while also reducing body’s capacity to store fat. It’s also claimed that through a process that is not currently understood completely, forskolin also affects the level of testosterone, a hormone extremely important for muscular mass development. As it seems to increase testosterone, forskolin is not only used as a weight loss aid but also as a muscle supplement, and even in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions is men. Some of its other uses include the treatment of skin and bladder disorders, glaucoma and even cancer. These generally known facts are what Forskolin Fit Pro bases its claims on, and it looks like along with diet and exercise, this product might bring you the shape you want, but let’s see just how true these facts are and what has been actually proven.

As studies have generated results that were both positive and negative, it couldn’t be established if forskolin actually does help in weight loss. Some studies have shown improvements in weight loss rate that were too weak to count, and others have concluded that the supplement made no difference at all.forsklin fit pro mid

At the same time, a certain study performed only on women claimed a weight loss that counted for 8% of the body fat in just 5 weeks, and Forskolin Fit Pro bases its claims, particularly on this one. It seems like all the proof we have at this point shows that forskolin might work on some women, so we can’t really expect great results, at least not from a scientific point of view. What we do know for sure about how this compound affects weight comes from studies performed on plants, where it seems that it does indeed trigger fat tissue metabolism, but that doesn’t really help us. Also, it seems that obese or overweight people generally have a low level of the cyclic amp, but this might be just a correlation and not necessarily a relation of causality, so we can’t assume that increasing the level of this enzyme will automatically lead to weight loss.

Still, it should bring an improvement at least for a number of people, which is how most health supplements work. It would be great if we could find reviews about this particular product but unfortunately, none are available, there are the usual positive reviews on the affiliate pages but we can’t count them, as nobody ever should. It’s very nice that the advertisers don’t insult the potential customers with overblown facts and testimonies, but that’s all that can be gathered from them. What we do have is the information presented by the company, which is pretty decent given what is generally known about forskolin. The product doesn’t claim unusual qualities or added chemicals that would boost its performance, only quality ingredients and the acknowledgement of the fact that supplements affect different people in different ways, which we do appreciate.

Forskolin Fit Pro Ingredients and Usage

Forskolin Fit Pro comes in the form of capsules and each contains 250 mg of coleus forskohli extract with a 20% concentration of pure forskolin, a percentage that is considered by specialists as the minimum value able to generate decent results, so from this viewpoint, ForskolinFit Pro doesn’t look too good. But at the same time, given the total quantity of extract in a single capsule, the amount of pure forskolin comes to 50 mg, the ideal quantity for best results. Given that the recommended amount of between 25 and 65 mg of pure forskolin a day, a single pill should be enough to generate results, at least in the beginning, when the body must be allowed to get used to the supplement before increasing the quantity. The company recommends that the product is ingested twice a day, but this would mean 100 mg and could easily make for an overdose in a beginner. And this should not even be a problem given that the product is presented as having no side effects, but that might not be the case.

Forskolin Fit Pro Side Effects

As it affects the heart and the entire vascular system, forskolin is not recommended for people that have disorders and are under medical treatment for heart conditions and high blood pressure. And because it seems able to increase the level of testosterone, it should be avoided by pregnant women or those that are trying to conceive. As it’s been traditionally used as a form of birth control, it might work really well in this area, so you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. This compound is also very effective as a blood thinner and it’s actually used in the treatment of disorders like blood clots, so the ingestion should be stopped completely a few weeks before a surgery, a suggestion made by actual medical professionals. These details are not specified on ForskolinFit Pro’s official site, but we do get a disclaimer stating that the product should not be used as a replacement for subscription medication, and indeed it never should, as it’s not approved by the FDA.

Where to Buy Forskolin Fit Pro at Best Prices ?

At $79 for a bottle containing one month’s supply, ForskolinFit Pro has a pretty high price for a product that seems to place itself in the middle range when it comes to quality, and all potential customers should be careful with the free trial period. You are free to try the product for 12 days, but if you choose to keep it, you will be charged the full amount at the end of this period. Also, the first order will sign you up for a subscription that will have this product delivered to you every month if you don’t cancel it. All this information is presented on the official site, which is the only place where you can buy Forskolin Fit Pro.

Altogether the product looks decent but keeps in mind that no reviews are available at the moment, so you’ll have to try it at your own risk if it caught your attention. And don’t forget that even the best quality products might not have an effect on some people, and when they do work, the maximum results are produced when combining the supplements with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Be mindful of the price and the auto-delivery program when it comes to this particular product, and be sure to check with your doctor before committing to any forskolin fit pro