Fat Crusher System Review

Fat Crusher System – the book that teaches you how to lose weight

The increasing number of highly processed foods, the demanding society and, thus, the high-stress levels, the lack of sports activities and other such elements have led to an augmentation in the number of people dealing with extra weight issues. The causes of weight gain are various but, except for medical conditions such as problems related to one’s thyroid, the most common extra weight trigger is an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you’re reading this, you’re most probably looking for ways to reduce your weight and you’ve most probably tried various diets and even weight loss supplements. We’ve already reviewed the most popular weight loss supplements on the market and today we’re trying to provide you with information on Fat Crusher System. No, it’s not another supplement. This time, we’re talking about a book, one that promises to teach us the real cause of gaining weight and how to remove it.

Therefore, Fat Crusher System is a downloadable eBook written by Frank Rosen which, according to its author, reveals “natural, medical” weight loss methods that will help you regain control over your weight and get that body you dream of.

How does it work? 

Frank begins with telling us about his own weight problems. As most people with such issues, he has tried various diets as well as workouts without too much success, though. After all this and some research, Frank concluded that the cause of persistent weight gain is not related to the food you eat or how much you exercised or not. He believes that the cause is rather related to the parasites and bacteria in one’s gastrointestinal tract. More precisely, these parasites sap your digestive energy and metabolism reducing the efficiency of your digestive health and good functioning. This is also the reason why you might have a consistent lunch and feel hungry shortly after you’ve just had your meal. That’s because parasites prevent your system from absorbing the nutrients and thus your body gets the cravings. You feed those craving and extra fats accumulate.

The good thing is that the balance between good and bad bacteria can be restored through probiotic-rich foods, which is also the solution Frank comes up with in his Fat Crusher System. He provides a list of ingredients and recipes that will boost your metabolism, rebalanced the bacteria in your intestine and help you lose weight naturally. He claims that if you start using and following these methods, you’ll see positive results in less than 14 days.

What do people say about Fat Crusher System? 

The reviews we’ve run into come only with positive thoughts about Fat Crusher System. We’d like to remind you that many such reviews come from people who never actually tried the product they talk about or, in our case, the methods described in the book. Try to dig deep when looking for information about products you want to try whether it’s a supplement or a book like this one.

Frank says that parasites are constantly lurking in your intestines. We’d also add that a major 70% of one’s immune system in located in one’s intestines. This means that if your immune system no longer succeeds in keeping these parasites away and your system is constantly visited and used as a host for parasites and bacteria, you might want to go for some thorough tests as your immune system might have been severely affected and the solving of such a medical problem is of greater importance and priority.

However, it is true that probiotics, that is good bacteria, boost your immune system and help digestion. Frank doesn’t specify which bacteria are more harmful than others. The focus in Fat Crusher System is on the harmful bacteria although we do not get too much information about which ones in particular.

 How to get Fat System Crusher? 

The book can be purchased only at Fatchrushersystem.com for $39. The interesting thing is that you can easily get it for $23 when trying to exit the website. A popup will tell you that you can have it for almost half price if you enter your email address.

The online eBook distributor through which you can buy Fat Crusher System is Software Projects, Inc. If you change your mind about the book you can apply for a refund within 60 days from your purchase. But what is the logic behind selling a book you can use for 60 days and then return saying you’re not satisfied with it and thus get your money back? Even if the book and the methods in it prove efficient, why not getting money back by returning the book since you don’t need it any longer?

You can contact the customer service department at 800-218-1525 for more information. The question above would be a good one to ask them as well.

What does Google say about Frank Rosen?

Not much. Actually, all the search results lead to Fat Crusher System and Frank Rosen appears in no medical journals or resources. The answer about the author’s identity is right there on the Fat Crusher System website page. As the website reads: “ The author of the material wishes to keep his identity private, therefore, Frank Rosen is a pen name. “ 

Not revealing your name when it comes to a book that claims to have found medical and natural ways of losing weight seems rather suspicious. After all, if the book is a treasure indeed, we’d like to know the author and send him our regards and present him our appreciation.

Final thoughts about Fat Crusher System

All in all, the thing that bad bacteria are indeed bad and do bad things in your system is not that much of a medical discovery, is it? And if the method Frank Rosen proposes is eating probiotic-rich foods, you can do that in collaboration with your nutritionist and thus spare the $39 you’d spent on the book or spend it on an authorized opinion. It’s up to you but think twice before getting billed.