Fall In Love With Prolongz Review

ProlongZ- scam or not? 

The Internet swamps us with more and more miracle products that come along with lists of incredible results. The downside is that most of them are scams and devious ways of roping people into unwanted monthly subscriptions. There are products that indeed work and bring the promised results, though. That’s what we’re trying to do here: sift the wheat from the chaff and see which products really work. ProlongZ is under our magnifying glass today.

Men and sexual health 

As always, we encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle, one that includes healthy food choices, regular exercising, positive thinking, smart skincare choices and no bad habits such as drinking, smoking or skipping sleep. Such a lifestyle will show its benefits in the way you look, feel and think. Your habits will also affect or help your sexual health. Sometimes, even if you follow the general guidelines mentioned above, some extra help is still needed. Here’s where supplements come into sight. Make sure the ones you go for come with FDA approval, your doctor’s green light and non-harmful ingredients. The thing with many supplements one can buy online is that they come with little information about their ingredients. And since we talk about men’s sexual health and supplements today, we’ve tried to gather all the information available about ProlongZ.

What is ProlongZ ? 

ProlongZ is a supplement that promises to enhance a men’s performance in bed thanks to its so-called “strip delivery technology”. The manufacturer of the product claims that ProlongZ boosts stamina which leads to longer lasting sex.

How does ProlongZ really work? 

The ingredients used in ProlongZ provide men with a better control over their ejaculation moment. If you get more control over that, you can postpone the finishing moment for as long as you want and thus make sure your partner is also satisfied. The manufacturer even claims that the product boosts men’s performance by up to 97%. Well, that is quite a boost we’d say. If that really worked, the product would be long out of stock or in super mass production. Let’s see what the product contains.

ProlongZ ingredients 

We know that the secret of an effective product is in its ingredients. Two strips of ProlongZ is the recommended serving size and the ingredients in such a serving are:

Damiana Extract, which is said to enhance the erectile function, climaxes and orgasms as well as sexual stamina.

Fenugreek said to boost sexual arousal, energy levels, testosterone as well as stamina.

Ginseng extract which helps in treating male erectile dysfunction and increasing sexual responses as recent studies have revealed.

Plus, other minor ingredients include Pullulan, Menthol, Peppermint extract, Acesulfame Potassium (AK) Sugar, Aspertame and Polyglycerol Fatty Acid Esters. The manufacturer also says that ProlongZ contains no hormones, steroids, and no synthetics. Sounds too good to be true, huh? So, just to recap, ProlongZ promises to power up your sex life, boost your sexual performance and provide you with longer lasting sex.

ProlongZ side effects and safety warnings 

Although the product contains no harmful ingredients and no synthetics as the manufacturer claims and it’s easy on the stomach as well as to swallow, there are some minor side effects and warnings to be taken into consideration before taking it. As we’ve said before, don’t take any such products just because you saw a super ad displaying it as a miracle product on TV. Check it with your doctor and if you get the green light, go for it. Although the ginseng extract has been shown, throughout time, to have several benefits for one’s health, it is not recommended to people who suffer from certain medical conditions such as diabetes. Both fenugreek and ginseng may lower one’s blood sugar. That’s why seeing your doctor and taking your health history and medical conditions into consideration before using such a supplement is a must.

The product should not be used by people who take medications for blood thinning as fenugreek may have an anti-blood clotting effect. Plus, if you have a surgery scheduled soon and you’re already taking the product, you should stop taking it at least two weeks before the medical event. The ingredients in ProlongZ can be used by women as well although this particular product is addressed to men. Don’t take it if you’re pregnant or you’re breastfeeding, though. If you take the product without consulting your doctor first and you notice any unusual side effect, stop taking it and see your physician.

What do studies and customers say about ProlongZ?

The studies conducted to see if the ingredients used in ProlongZ are really effective in boosting sexual performance have reached positive conclusions. Both fenugreek and ginseng have been said to influence one’s sexual life indeed. As for the reviews we’ve run into, most of them presented ProlongZ in a positive light. The only downside some customers mentioned was rather related to purchase, refund and billing issues. However, make sure you go for a thorough research before purchasing any supplement. Gather as much information as possible and, of course, see your doctor.

ProlongZ- price and dosage

The product is available in 1 month supply for $45.99 and you can get your free 15-day trial for only $4.95 (the cost for handling and shipping). The thing with these free trials is that they prove to be not that free if you want to cancel it. Many customers have difficulties in cancelling the free trial and thus not receiving new packages and not being billed for unwanted products. Problems with getting one’s refund are frequent issues when shopping such products online. Plus, read the terms and conditions carefully as you might be roped into monthly subscriptions. Many such supplements come with automatic shopping programs but that is a piece of information usually well hidden.

Final thoughts

The information we provide here is for general information only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. A physician will do that using his knowledge and experience in the field and prescribing you the right products to take. We do encourage a healthy lifestyle and seeing your doctor each time you intend to use any supplements such as ProlongZ. And one more thing, remember that supplements are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.