Colon Cleanse Review – Something you need?

Is Colon Cleansing Necessary?

The colon cleanse or colon detoxification started thousand years ago, at first in ancient Egypt, then in the ancient Greeks developed it better. While the Egyptians believed that colon cleansing was helpful because of the decomposition that created toxins inside the intestines, the Greeks adopted that idea and then expanded it, believing that each individual must be separated in the 4 senses of humor that exist even today. Back in the 19th century, some research supported the idea of autointoxication and after the results were public, physicians forwarded the idea, supporting it. Also, in that period, the strongest supporter of this idea was Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, who died in 1916. He believed most of the humans problems were standing in the intestines and that the toxins could shorten the lifespan. He embraced the idea that colon cleansing was the only option available towards lengthening life and that the body wasn’t able to dispose of by itself all the toxins and the waste. In some cases, the procedures went radical and for some patients, they performed surgeries to remove the colon.

When science advanced, in the 20th century, after some research, the scientists rejected the idea of autointoxication. However, the idea still persists even nowadays due to the lack of information. Such unnecessary techniques, as removing the colon, are no longer practiced nowadays. Instead, we have more modern ways to clean the colon and detoxify the body. At the moment there are 3 viable ways of doing it, using a proper diet, taking dietary supplements or by colon hydrotherapy.

Method I – Proper diet 

Living a healthy life includes eating carefully and taking care of what ingredients you use when you cook. This method is not only devoted to colon cleansing, but to overall health. Respecting the pyramid of food and eating 5 fruits or vegetables every day, as the doctors recommend is essential to prevent many diseases and live a long, happy life with the minimum stress. Eating unhealthy, messy, not respecting the hours when you have to eat, eating in the middle of the night will all have a bad outcome, leading to illnesses, stress and it will shorten your lifespan considerably. However, if you want to clean your colon by changing the alimentation, it is probably the best choice, because it is the easiest way of doing it, with no risks involved and the cheapest.

You should start by adding fibers to your diet because they are like a vacuum that will clean everything in your digestive system. The more fiber you eat, the cleaner your colon will be due to its property of contracting the bowels. Dietary fiber can be found in fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. In fruits, fibers can be found in avocados, plums, prunes, berries, bananas, kiwi, grapes, tomatoes and the skin of apples and pears. In vegetables, in broccoli, carrots, peas, soybeans, sweet potatoes, onions and in some seeds like nuts or almonds and whole grains. You need to increase significantly a number of veggies and fruits you eat daily if you want to detoxify your colon. Your body needs about 30 grams of fibers per day to perform the cleansing well.

Water is more important to your body and colon than you might think. While every doctor recommends 2 liters or more of water per day, the best advice to see how well hydrated you are is to check the color of your urine. If the urine is light yellow or lighter, your are well hydrated and if the color is darker, then you have to  drink more water. Beverages, coffee and other drinks that contain alcohol will dehydrate you, so avoid using them as much as possible. Plus, drinking anything that contains alcohol and sugar will add more calories to your diet and it will only make you fatter. Water is essential for your colon to give out all the residues, wastes and with them, all the toxins and to help you with constipation. Hydrating the colon properly helps the food move lightly through intestines. Besides water, you can drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices, home made.

Eating more fermented foods helps too. Fermented foods, like yogurt, kefir, etc. contain some natural bacterias that aid the stomach and the intestines for them to function better. Yogurt is popular, you can eat it at any time you want, in any quantity you want and it is also good for weight loss. Probiotic yogurt contains living cultures of good bacteria that promote digestion and repairs the stomach walls. Plus, it is an important source of calcium  and it can treat indigestion and flatulence. If you want to eat a fruit yogurt, do not buy them from the market, cause those are full of sugar and other additives. Instead, slice some fruits into your simple yogurt and enjoy. Choose green vegetables because they contain chlorophyll which helps the digestive tract. You can easily add spinach, peas, wheat grass and barley grass to your diet and to your meals.

Fresh juices made from apples or lemon are an incredible spare way to combat the toxins. Homemade apple juice is the most indicated, but if you don’t have a juicer, then you can buy organic apple juice from a store, but be careful at its ingredients. You don’t want any fillers or additives in your drink. Apple juice increases the health of the liver, of the digestive system and boosts bowel movements. You can try a 3 days diet based on apple juice. Start with a glass of apple juice in the morning, followed by a glass of water after 30 minutes. Repeat the process through the whole day and avoid eating solid foods. You can eat yogurts or soups. Another natural juice you can try is the lemon juice. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C and an antioxidant. You can try a detox diet with a drink made of lemon juice, a pinch of salt, a spoon of honey and put them all in a glass of water.

Method II – Dietary supplements 

An alternative to a proper diet are the dietary supplements. A good alternative if you don’t have time to allocate to homemade cooking. You can find dietary supplements at any drug store or on the internet, though on the internet, the ones you see in commercials can be quite expensive from those you can find at your local market or pharmacy. They can be found as powder or pills. It depends on each product if it is powder you have to put it in a drink or in a glass of water and drink it throughout the whole day or it can be taken with a glass of water in the morning if it is a pill.

Though it is definitely more expensive than the diet method, supplements gained field over the years, being easy to use and facile to everyone. Having an office job, with no possibility to eat anything else than junk food will give you a hard time, but a pill taken in the morning or in the evening before you go to bed can save you a lot of time. Besides that is an easy way to detoxify your body, some companies that produce dietary supplements promise you will see results in less than a month and that their products are safe and made only with natural ingredients. However, you have to consult a doctor before taking any pills and you have to be perfectly healthy before starting to take them. Your doctor is qualified in telling you whether you should use the pills or not. If he says no, don’t take any medicament action based on your decision because it can cause you a lot of a harm, instead of reacting as they should.

One disadvantage of using dietary supplement is the fact that they might have bad side-effects on you, like headaches, nausea, etc. If your doctor approved you to take the pills and then a side-effect appeared, consult your doctor as soon as possible to see if the side-effect was caused by the supplement or not. It is highly recommended to stop using the product until you receive the result from your physician.

One of the positive things about the supplements is that you can order them online and in a couple of days they can be delivered to your door. There are thousands of companies that produce such supplements and you must choose wisely before starting to take one. My advice is to choose based on their ingredients, the natural the compounds are, the better and safe the product will be. It is highly recommended not to listen to random people and what they take. Each individual is different and our bodies react differently, so choose for your own, don’t let another person choose for you.

Method III –  Colon hydrotherapy 

Colon hydrotherapy gained field on the market since 2000. More and more people try it to get rid of the wastes inside their intestine in a few sessions. This method is the most expensive from these 3 and it is uncomfortable for some people. People believe that colon cleansing is a way to prevent colon cancer, but no studies reported that until now. Our body is a highly intelligent machine and it is able to take care of itself in proper conditions and with good care. The intestine should be able to clean itself with no problem. It depends on each individual how many sessions it needs to clean the intestines. The procedure involves pushing water into your rectum and leave it there for about 30 minutes, while the assistant may give you an abdominal massage for the water to circulate better. After this time, the water is pumped out in order to clean the intestines from toxins, wastes, and residues.

The first session may take up to 90 minutes, including the procedure itself and the questions addressed to you by the cliques staff. The costs for the first session might start at 125$ and they will decrease for the next sessions or if you have a membership. The cost for the other sessions can start at 75$ and it can reach more than 100$, it depends on the company you contacted for the procedure. This method is not exactly safe, I can say it is the most unsafe method from these 3 ones, especially if you have some health problems. There can be complications because of the water pumped into your rectum. If you have hemorrhoids, the procedure can increase the existing ones or it can give you an open wound in the rectum.

Also, the high amount of water from your colon can lead to dehydration after the water is pumped out, vomiting and nausea, electrolyte imbalances, destroying beneficial bacteria, can create water in your lungs, can produce coma, heart problems, including abnormal heart rhythms and death. These side-effects are dangerous and you should consider them before choosing to do such a procedure.

Choose wisely the best clinic that offers this method of cleansing. Check if the equipment is clean and sterile and that the staff is well trained and professionals. A beginner or an infected equipment can bring easily an infection to your body. If you have Crohn’s disease, severe or internal hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, colon or rectal tumors, heart or kidney disease it is not recommended to clean your intestine by using colon hydrotherapy, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

It is up to you to choose the best method for yourself and no one knows your body better than yourself. That is why you should choose for yourself and don’t let anybody else choose for you, except for your doctor. Besides these 3 methods, you can also try laxatives or foods that act like laxatives. Laxatives can be found in any pharmacy at a low cost, but you need to stay at home while using them, which can be an inconvenient. Take as many laxatives as the pharmacist says, not more than that, because taken in high quantities can bring a lot of harm to you. Foods that act like laxatives can be a facile method and they are plenty from which you can choose, like prunes, aloe vera, cayenne pepper, citrus fruits, raw vegetables, tomatoes, coconut oil, avocados and the most important ingredient, the water.