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CogniQ Brain Supplement | Is this Legit or Scam ?

Aging is an issue concerning every individual. Aging comes with all sorts of problems including brain malfunctions. In this article, we will limit the study to the aging brain and an eventual solution to memory loss.

Studies show that even a healthy individual shows cognitive impairment as early as 30 years. Memory loss is the most common issue that appears. Forget where you just put your car keys or you start forgetting birthdays? You might be experiencing what scientists call “mild cognitive impairment”. One important issue is that we clearly we make a distinction between MCI ( mild cognitive impairment) and the risk develop Alzheimer’s disease. Studies show that adults experiencing MCI are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease but it’s not a rule.

There are several theories why memory fades as we age. One study said that as we move further from the educational system we fail in using brain strategies concerning caption of new information hence the decline of memory. On the other hand, scientist says that memory loss is experienced by an individual due to the great amount of information that he might take in. Memory loss is also a result of physical and psychological facts such as anxiety, depression, medication side effects, poor nutrition, chronic alcoholism. In order to function at the desired level always engage in a healthy lifestyle meaning a healthy diet, regular both mental and physical exercise and a good night sleep of at least 7 hours. Remember: always exercise your brain with crosswords, puzzles. When you take care of the brain your life quality increases.

I’ve dealt in a previous article with a top of foods or ingredients to boost your brain functions and some important examples are : as your brain is mostly made out of fat you need to include healthy fatty food in your diet and this includes fish as they are rich in omega 3. Healthy carbohydrates which break down in your blood in the form of glucose which keeps you alert and gives energy trough out the day. A hint of fruits in your diet could make the difference between a forgetful and less healthy person and an individual who’s brain works at a high standard even at an older age. That magical fruit is the blueberries.

They contain manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K and are also known to fight against the eventual memory impairment called Alzheimer’s disease. The B vitamins found in some foods as eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits. They keep you alert and makes your brain sharper. Nuts and seeds contain E vitamin which boosts your brain activity.

But what if you are doing all that and still experience problems when it comes to memorizing or remembering things.

Science has come a long way in the last decades and one of it’s aim is to come useful to our health.

The market is full of different so called solutions for a variety of brain impairments including memory loss. So choosing the right product might come as a very hard task to do.

I would advise you to consult your doctor if you are already on prescription medication. In some cases, even a 100 percent natural product could cause undesirable reactions if you’re already on prescription medication.

Always choose carefully and make a thorough search before buying. One much discussed solution of mild memory decline is CogniQ.

What is CogniQ?

CogniQ is a supplement aiming at overall better health targeting especially the brain. It has become quite popular but this supplement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration hence the lack of results on human testing. However, there are major studies conducted in Korea of the powers of one of Angelica’s root ingredient called INM-176 , an ingredient found in cogniq

Ingredients of CogniQ

CogniQ‘s ingredient is derived from Angelica root and it’s called INM-176. The manufacturers state that this supplement is to improve cognitive ability and general brain function hence the boost of one’s mood and emotional state.

To better understand how this ingredient works we have to have a closer look at the source itself and that is the plant commonly known as Angelica.

Scientifically know as Angelica gigas is a flowering plant that grows in forests and grasslands found in China, Japan, and Korea. It’s roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine which has a tradition of more than 2000 years. Also known as Dang Gui. Also a very popular remedy in Korea. Beginning 2007 there have been many types of research regarding it’s root. The root of this plant is used in traditional medicine and scientists have found many chemical compounds that might come in handy to human welfare. One of those is INM-176. Before the scientists have come to study this plant root, traditionally it has been used as a tonic to treat anemia. It’s also known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

There have been scientific researchers on mice and all with positive results in memory impairments and there was a break trough when the scientist discovered it could ameliorate the disturbing effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Side Effects of CogniQ

There have been many studies regarding CogniQ‘s main active ingredient INM-176 . Very popular with Korean scientists. There have also been clinical tests and no side effects have been found. CogniQ appears not only to be safe to use but also very useful in preventing and treating memory impairments as Alzheimer’s disease. A study conducted at Samsung Seoul Hospital, Korea, on a time lapse of 3 months prove the safety of INM – 176 on human patients and a better function of the cognitive process. But keep in mind, not all the manufacturers use the same dose of INM -176 and some of them might add other ingredients as well. When not sure always consult a specialist .

Benefits of CogniQ

CogniQ is a supplement targeting a better function of the brain. It can help adults with mild memory impairments. It is also used for a better general welfare, a better state of mind and a more balanced emotional state. It has become very popular and widely sold in countries as Japan and Korea. It promises to help in the following areas of brain functions:

  • Fights against the decline of acetylcholine – Acetylcholine is a molecule found in both human and animal organism. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and helps also the heart, reducing heart rate when patients need this effect.
  • Anti-oxidant property – helps healthy cells decline
  • Neuroprotection – This refers to the protections of neurons. Otherwise, if this doesn’t occur there might be a loss of neurons and hence cognitive impairments.
  • Boosting cognitive activity and stimulating and preserving memory.
  • Protecting and helping a better function of nerve cells.
  • Makes a better function of your brain activity.
  • Last but not list a very important function of helping against the decline of lipid peroxide production.
  • In plain English, that means that it prevents cell damage.

Why Choose CogniQ?

Laboratory and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of CogniQ and it’s active substance called INM – 176. There are no side effects registered and the has the potential to prevent or even treat memory malfunctions such as Alzheimer’s cogniq

Where to Buy CogniQ?

CogniQ is nowadays a largely spread supplement. If considering buying you need only to browse it on the internet or even in some chemists shops.

If you decide to buy CogniQ online you can even find it on Amazon. You can find it for the price of $34.95. You can find Cogni Q in bottles of 60 pills.

Another safe website and quite useful promotes the highest quantity of INM-176 .You will find useful information here and it states besides other websites how to take it . It is mentioned that in this formula found on this website you should take one capsule whilst eating . They even urge you to see a specialist if considering taking this supplement because if you take medication for blood thinner or blood pressure .

What Studies Say About CogniQ

Wide studies have been made especially in Korea where this supplement’s active ingredient INM – 176 is very popular.

They have made thorough laboratory research on mice and have come up with surprising data. As mentioned the ingredient INM – 176 is only one of the chemical substances derived from Angelica ‘s root. The studies show that inflammation of the brain leads to clinical degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. INM – 176 is the new wonder in preventing and combating memory decline.

My Suggestion on CogniQ

As we get older the more forgetful we become. It’s a natural state of life that we cannot combat…or can we? Please note that it’s a fact that we lose many brain cells everyday hence we would need an extra something to help aid our brain function properly .

CogniQ comes to our aid to help general cognitive functions and help the age related mild memory decline. If you talk to your doctor about this supplement he might guide you if this product is suitable or not for you. As meticulous research show, it can help fight even major memory decline like Alzheimer disease.

But be careful what you buy. Researching this topic I found that the dose of the active ingredient INM – 176 could vary depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes they might add extra ingredients which can cause some side effect as. I would advise you to always talk to a specialist if you are

CogniQ might just be the right thing for you taken as prescribed by your doctor and I would suggest a thorough search of other ingredients included.

Please note that this review is the sum of thorough search about the topic CogniQ but it is not a specialist vision. As everybody reacts quite differently the results may vary from one individual to another. That’s why I insist on the idea to previously consider to talk to your doctor or at least talk to a relevant specialist if you consider buying this product. As mentioned before no major health side effects have been found but if the active ingredient INM -176 is used with other ingredients then there is a certain level of risk. You might be allergic to one component and not know it.

Another important advice I have for you, dear reader, is to not attempt to diagnose yourself. Any kind of supplement must be carefully checked and no review is meant to treat the subject as your miracle potion. This review takes into consideration the blast effect that this extract from the Angelica root has had over the past years.

Who knows where science will get to, always in search and experience with new possibilities for the benefit of the human being.

My opinion is that if ,after talking to a specialist, you will begin to use CogniQ in it’s purest form of INM -176 you’ve got only to gain a sharper brain and an elephant memory, help prevent memory decline or even treatment in elderly with important memory decline.