How to Choose the Right Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics are on the border between proper medication and nutritional supplements, having health supportive role and a disease control role, but with almost no side effects. Bacteria that normally live in the intestine have an essential contribution to the synthesis of vitamins, normal bowel movements, local and general immunity.

Probiotic means living bacteria, numbering several million-billion each capsule, that will multiply in the digestive tract, would fulfill these beneficial functions and will not allow the harmful bacteria and fungi to multiply excessively.

When we need probiotics?

Cures with these “friendly bacteria” are recommended when intestinal flora was (or could) be compromised because of a treatment with antibiotics, when there are digestive symptoms – diarrhea, constipation, bloating, without an organic disease. In addition, they are a reliable aid in the treatment of digestive or vaginal infection with Candida, which tends to still return if the region is not populated with good bacteria.

How to choose the best probiotic supplements?

To choose the best probiotic supplements, learn to interpret the information provided by the manufacturer. Whether you are looking for probiotics for kids, older member of the family or for yourself, keep in mind:

The number of bacteria: basically, a probiotic dose is more efficiently when the number of bacteria contained is bigger. In general, the doses provided by foods with probiotic effect and by the natural supplements varies between millions and billions of bacteria / dose.

However, clinical trials have shown the effectiveness of products containing more than 1 billion live bacteria per dose. Although there are supplements that contain 10 billion bacteria in a dose, it is not a good idea to start a cure directly with them, because they may have some side effects, as the intestinal flora changes too quickly; it is safer to get prepared gradually to a great number of live bacteria.

Bacterial species: because in the digestive tract there are hundreds of different species of bacteria with a positive effect, theoretical a probiotic supplement will be more effective if there are included more species of good bacteria. In general, the bacterial genus Lactobacillus, and Streptococcus Bifidus are the most used. However, not all bacteria have proven effective in this form of administration, even if they are part of the normal gastrointestinal flora. Each bacterium fulfills different functions, so not any bacteria will work for any disease – for example, Lactobacillus CG is very effective in infectious diarrhea.

Gastric protection: whether you choose probiotics in the form of tablets, capsules or powder, they are equally effective, as long as it benefits from a form of gastric protection. This means that the product must contain a chemical or physical barrier between stomach acid and living bacteria because they have to freely reach the colon, where they fulfill their actions. Recognize this barrier after the way it is presented, which is often a transparent capsule.

Other ingredients: the main ingredients that can be added to a drug probiotic substances are prebiotic fibers such as inulin, fructo-oligosaccharides, galactoligozaharides. These are food for friendly bacteria and helps them to multiply, those already present in the colon, as well as those supplied by the supplement. Other beneficial ingredients can include vitamins, insoluble fibers, natural extracts to soothe digestive symptoms. However, keep in mind that natural supplements are not as strictly controlled and certain ingredients might interfere with the action of the actually based product.

Labeling: the best medicines probiotics should include as much detail specifications both online and on the label / prospectus. As you can see, it is a fairly complex class products in development, so it is essential to have all the information about that product. Minimum necessary for each preparation refers to bacteria that are included, in what situations and how it is recommended to manage the supplement. Ideally, the company can sustain their theoretical benefits with real clinical trials.

Some of the best probiotic supplements

Zenyth ColonHelp Detox Forte

Best probiotic does not contain only appropriate bacterial colonies but also have an adequate concentration of probiotics, fiber and natural extracts that work together to restore the intestinal flora.

Therefore, this product is considered a completely one, because its formula includes five different species of bacteria, fibers, inulin and complex essence of natural ingredients that act synergistically to achieve the best results. Thus, you get better bowel movements and reduce cholesterol. The bacteria are fed, based on the content of inulin, a soluble fiber useful in regulating blood sugar. For binding toxins and eliminate them, the composition includes clay.

Probiotic cultures have a concentration of 75% and include four species of lactobacillus and one of bifidobacteria : Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus case, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. The higher is the number of colonies in a dose, the more effectively can be considered the product, for which, Colon Help is among the best probiotics since one tablespoon contains 3 billion colonies. So intestinal flora will recover quickly and digestive disorders will be improved.

Also, to relieve digestive spasms and reduce bloating, the product includes extracts from several plants. The mint acts as a natural antibiotic, while stimulating digestion. Caraway and anise extracts stimulate peristalsis and eliminate intestinal gas. Regarding the action of anti-infective, active problem intestinal parasites, fennel fruit extract with antiseptic and antispasmodic properties will do wonders.

-includes one of a complete probiotic formula on the market;
-has a high concentration of bacteria colonies per dose – 3 billion;
-soothes the digestive spasms because include extracts of peppermint, fennel, anise and caraway.
-it has a good price / quality ratio.

Disadvantages. For many people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, too much fiber can worsen symptoms. From this point of view, Zenyth Help Colon Probiotic Forte contains fibers, flax, and psyllum in large quantities, enough to not be recommended in this case. Also, in terms of potential users with chronic diarrhea, they avoid the of this product, because it can cause symptoms of bloating when administrated. The same effect is possible even in the first weeks of consumption when the whole body has to adjust to the probiotic formula.

Conclusion. For most people who want to keep a detox, and properly adjusting intestinal transit and reducing the effects of bloating and digestive spasms, this product will be a perfectly balanced solution. The effects will be seen quickly and manageable benefits are undeniable.

ChildLife Essentials Colostrum

This is a formula of probiotics for children, which brings together top ingredients, aiming to an anti-infective protection and a balanced digestion. In a single dose, your child benefits from colostrum, rich in immune factors, and 3 types of beneficial bacteria for the digestive tract, plus a dose of prebiotics.

Colostrum is the milk produced in the first 2 days after birth and has a unique formula, including strong immune factors such as immunoglobulins, cytokines, and nutrients for the child – lactoferrin, growth factors, vitamins A and E.

The probiotics used in this supplement are from three species – two bifidobactria and a Lactobacillus, in the proportion of 4 billion / dose. To improve their action, the formula includes probiotics as fructo-oligosaccharides. This is a nutritional support for good bacteria, which do not always manage to take it from food alone (this applies particularly to children), so a supplement is welcome, from time to time.

This formula works on two principal planes and, although the list of diseases that can be used is long, manufacturers promise not a “panacea” for your child. First, colostrum with probiotics would reduce the risk of viral or bacterial infections overall. This product is a powder with orange flavor, which is administered differently, depending on the age of the child.

-the unique formula which combines colostrum, probiotics and prebiotics;
-colostrum include immunoglobulins and other factors with important anti-infective activity;
-the product includes three bacterial species at a dose of 3 million microorganisms per ½ teaspoon powdered;
-supports children’s immunity, reducing the frequency and severity of respiratory, digestive, genitourinary infections.
-children benefit from a balanced bowel movement.

Disadvantages. Colostrum from formula is a bovine lyophilized extract (dry sterilized), but the manufacturer does not mention this directly in the product description

Conclusion. Mothers who want to offer their children the opportunity of a harmonious development, improving many health problems that can sometimes occur in childhood, will appreciate this product as a complementary treatment designed to regulate not only the bowel but also providing quality support in development immune system of the children.

Cosmopharm Probiotic Complex

This product belongs to the latest generation of probiotics, fits into the category of more efficient probiotics, thanks to a maximum concentration of 10 billion live organisms per capsule. For this reason, only one capsule is sufficient to protect the digestive tract throughout the day. Lactobacillus probiotic formula includes four species: Acidophilus, Salivarium, Plantarum and House, together with Bifidobacterium lacks.

Thanks to this combination, a capsule will help the absorption of nutrients, vitamin synthesis, antibacterial and immunological function and will also assist in the prevention and treatment of infections, diseases, and allergies. Exclusive microencapsulation technology allows protection of the colony until arriving safely in the large intestine. The product is recommended in digestive disorders, gastritis, lactose intolerance, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and even paired thrush treatment with antibiotics.

-probiotic with maximum effectiveness against multiple pathogens, with the largest concentration in the market: 10 billion bacteria per capsule;
-it is very indicated for the treatment of multiple diseases, as it includes five different species of bacteria that act synergistically;
-it has an excellent price / quality;
-bacteria act directly inside the colon, due to the unique technology of microencapsulation which protects them from the stomach acid.

Disadvantages. Missing indication about the standard duration of treatment – phased and days.

Jarro-Dophilus + FOS

Jarro Dophilus for adults is a formula of probiotics and prebiotics, created to repopulate rigorous and beneficial the colon with bacteria. Each capsule contains 6 different species of bacteria, lactobacillus and two bifidobacteria, for an anti-infectious action and digestive complex. Each capsule contains 3.4 million beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics from the formula of this product, are fructooligosacchararides, which nourish and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria at the expense of the pathogenic ones.

List indications for this product are very long and can be found both online and on the product label. We only mention it is an adjuvant in many types of infections, including the digestive, respiratory and vaginal candidiasis. In addition, they have a positive effect on clotting disorders, because the beneficial bacteria in the intestine synthesizes much of the vitamin K.

When looking for opinions about the best prebiotic, you will meet also this product from Jarrow because has a good formula, has an accessible price and you can get one box for 100 days of administration.

-the formula includes probiotics and prebiotics;
-each capsule includes 3.4 billion beneficial bacteria in 6 types;
-prebiotic is fructooligosacchararides, which stimulates the growth of good bacteria;
-indicated during the cure of antibiotics, but also in many types of infection, candidiasis, coagulation disorders, digestive disorders and deficits absorption.

Disadvantages. The manufacturer does not mention studies demonstrating the many benefits they claim.

Baby’s Jarro Dophillus + FOS, GOS

This formula from Jarrows is specially created for children, including specific probiotics and more prebiotics than the adult version. The product is a powder which is administered by spoon, and each gram (1/4 tsp) includes 3 billion bacteria belonging to six different species. Prebiotics are galactooligosaccharides and inulin to support the development of as many beneficial bacteria that support immunity and a good intestinal transit.

These supplements are especially useful when going through an antibiotic cure, preventing the drug to destroy the beneficial intestinal flora. Baby’s Jarro-Dophilus can be used in periodic treatments, to prevent seasonal infections (digestive, respiratory), to help to heal infectious diseases already established and reduce of digestive functional symptoms (diarrhea, constipation, bloating).

-prebiotics and probiotics formula for children;
-each gram includes 3 billion beneficial bacteria in 6 types;
-it includes prebiotics like inulin and galactooligosaccharides;
-useful during the antibiotic cure and prevent and help treat a respiratory, digestive, autoimmune infection;
-in the form of powder, is easily administered to children in combination with liquid or food;
-it can be used from the first day of life.

Disadvantages. No any mention of a maximum duration of cures. The manufacturer does not mention if there is any food or liquid in which the product should not be mixed.

Alfa vitamins acidophilus

Here is a framed in a range of probiotics dietary supplement for daily consumption, because the optimal concentration includes bacterial colonies 600 million per capsule. The product is especially recommended for maintaining excellent health for the digestive tract and includes bacteria of the species Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

This species has been tested extensively in laboratories in the field, showing that can facilitate lactose digestion and thus improve symptoms of lactose intolerance for a wide range of patients. The supplement contains wheat flour, gelatin and magnesium stearate as an anti-caking agent. The recommendation is one capsule per day, so one bottle is sufficient to provide treatment for two months since it contains 60 capsules. Because it is a powerful probiotic, it will consume only after a preliminary familiarization with the package.

-they have an increased efficiency because they contain an optimal concentration of bacteria, 600 million bacteria per capsule;
-Lactobacillus bacteria include species considered among the most useful in maintaining healthy digestive tract;
-it has a good ratio price / quality;
-a bottle allows complete treatment for two months.

Disadvantages. It is not the most efficient probiotic for use, in the case of antibiotic cures. Contains wheat flour, an ingredient that can trigger allergies or intolerances in some cases.

Bottom line

Considering the recommendations we made in the first part of the article, you can choose the best formula of probiotics that suits you. And, it is better to talk with your doctor first and decide together over the best formula for you.