The Best Supplements to Increase Breast Size

The Best Supplements to Increase Breast Size – CurvyBust, Miracle Bust

In today’s world, being young and beautiful is something we all strive for in one way or another, since these are the staples most ‘demanded’ by our modern day society. It is no wonder, then, that these two elements are essential in attaining professional success, gaining social popularity, and forming lasting relationships (whether they are friendships or of a romantic nature). Whether we like to admit it or not, we have constantly been searching for new ways to improve both ourselves and the way in which we present ourselves to others, especially in contemporary times. What is more, this struggle is particularly more intense and difficult for women, since they are always the ones under the scrutiny of the world, with of all eyes on their actions, fashion choices, and, most importantly, physical appearance. In general, femininity has been associated throughout history with delicate features (smooth skin, long hair, full lips, etc), a voluptuous body, and a gentler character than that of men. Nevertheless, beauty standards have been constantly changing over the course of the years, with new trends and ‘must haves’ perpetually surpassing one another in demands, complexity, and sometimes even unreasonableness.

One thing which has remained constant, on the other hand, has been our collective fascination with full, curvaceous, and extremely sexy breasts. Whether it is some sort of biological remnant or just an unexplained attraction towards this feminine feature, one thing is clear – men love admiring them and women love having them. In addition, having a decently sized chest will make you look good in flattering clothes, complete your desired hourglass figure, and even increase your self-confidence in public.

Nevertheless, not all of us have been blessed with good genetics, which means that having small breasts or, worse, a flat chest can definitely affect a woman’s personality and personal image. While modern technologies have come up with solutions for this situation, many of them require a lot of time, effort, and notable pain in order to show any type of results. For instance, plastic surgeries designed for breast enlargement can end up costing you tons of money, not to mention being very distressing and tedious. What is more, many women who had previously undergone such procedures have complained about not being able to get used to their implants, going through extensive periods of healing, swelling, and unaesthetic scars as an aftermath. Another so-called method of increasing chest size is laser treatments, but these too can cause a serious hole in your budget, besides turning out to be highly time-consuming and sometimes inefficient. More recently, women have resorted to having various substances injected into their breasts in order to augment them, but these serums are most likely than not based on toxic additives and fillers that wear off over time.

As can be deduced from those said above, it seems like women who do not have naturally full chests are doomed to a lifetime of push-up bras and insecurities. Luckily, extensive medical tests and research have demonstrated that breast size can be easily enhanced with natural herbal extracts introduced in either creams or pills. Although it sounds ‘too good to be true’, the recently booming market of diet supplements aimed at breast enlargement proves the opposite is real, with hundreds of women swearing by the miraculous effects such products have had on both their cup size and self-esteem. With such an extensive palette of options, it can be a bit intimidating to choose the right product for your specific needs and desires. This is why we have selected the two top leading brands in breast enhancement technology – namely the CurvyBust cream and Miracle Bust dietary pills – to describe and compare side by side so that you can be aware of their amazing properties even before ordering. The categories envisioned have been how they work, what they contain (main ingredients), ease of usage, and potential side effects (if any).

Product overview

CurvyBust (4 oz. / 113 gr. per container) – CurvyBust is an organic breast enhancement cream that has the ability to increase cup size for up to 1.5-2 cups. Composed only of natural ingredients, this feminine booster is intended for regular usage and guarantees to offer only the best results in the shortest amount of time. It’s completely organic, highly potent, and medically approved blend is intended for daily usage and it ensures continuous mammary growth, thus giving you a fuller, firmer, more prominent chest. The secret behind CurvyBust is that is triggers your body’s natural breast development process, mimicking the stages you would otherwise go through during puberty or pregnancy. This surgery free alternative has no side effects, besides being very easy to use. Moreover, it is ideal for women who have a flat or small chest, since the results will be the most visible for them.

Miracle Bust (60 capsules per bottle) – Miracle Bust is a pharmaceutical grade breast enhancing formula that promises to give you fuller, more voluptuous breasts. With its 100% natural formula, this product is the best option when wanting to avoid those embarrassing doctor’s visits or complicated procedures, yet still obtaining an attractive cleavage in a safe and medically attested way. By stimulating the body in an organic fashion, this revolutionary diet supplement increases the number of cells already existent in the mammary glands, which then leads to a clear augmentation in cup size. Without any added effort or change in lifestyle patterns, Miracle Bust offers you the possibility of visibly more defined and firm breasts by working alongside your body, not against it (through, let us say, additives, fillers or other noxious substances which other pills contain). In this way, you will observe a steady increase in cup size, breast shape contour, and overall perkiness and skin aspect.

How does it work?

CurvyBustCurvyBust is a revolutionary breast enhancer that works in tandem with your body by prompting it to create new and healthy tissue at the breast level, which then ultimately leads to a fuller and more attractive chest. The organic herbal extracts existent in this particular formula stimulate blood flow by dilating arteries and other veins, which then allows cells to regenerate faster and more robustly in the mammary glands. Additionally, these ingredients facilitate digestion and nutrient absorption, an action that translates into a healthier and more proportioned body. Moreover, by normalizing your body’s nutrient intake (particularly the assimilation of protein and protein-based compounds), this supplement leads to  more clearly defined muscles; for chest augmentation, in particular, this translates into firmer, more toned and defined breasts that look nothing less than amazing in an elegant cleavage. In this way, CurvyBust basically imitates the same breast enlargement process your body naturally goes through when hitting puberty or being pregnant.

Among the benefits of using the CurvyBust breast enhancement cream, we can include a guaranteed rise in breast cup (between 1.5-2 measures), quick results (in a matter of weeks), and certain effectiveness (regardless of your race or ethnicity). Moreover, this cream is safe and easy to use, making it really simple to integrate into your daily routine. Consequently, your breasts will look and feel natural, CurvyBust being the ideal alternative to risky surgeries and expensive laser or injection based treatments.

Miracle Bust – the Miracle Bust pharmaceutical grade breast enhancement formula is ideal in triggering natural breast enlargement through the aid or natural ingredients and scientifically tested blends. Thus, this dietary supplement works towards increasing your body’s natural production of ‘feminine’ hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, prostaglandins, and GF compounds, which eventually lead to a healthy foundation for   breast tissue growth. By elevating these hormone levels, Miracle Bust augments breast size in an organic, progressive, and totally non-painful manner, ridding you of awkward doctor’s examinations or interventions that might even put your life and health at risk. Women who previously had extremely small breasts have declared themselves truly satisfied with the outcomes of using Miracle Bust since they were able to see undeniable results in a matter of weeks.

Based on organic ingredients that have been famous for their medicinal properties for hundreds of years, Miracle Bust is to be trusted in not causing any side effects or discomfort to its female users. Moreover, the capsule-based treatment is completely straightforward and does not compel you to make any major changes in your habits or normal schedule. As a consequence, you will be absolutely thrilled to notice a sizeable increase in your cup measurements in practically no time at all and with such little effort included.

What ingredients does it use in its composition?

Both CurvyBust and Miracle Bust use only 100% natural and organic ingredients in their particular blends, which help them stimulate your body into producing new and healthy tissue on its own. These herbal extracts, renowned globally for their medicinal properties, both increase and maintain breast size throughout the usage of the supplement, with no hidden additives or fillers alongside them. Thus, each supplement composition contains as follows:


Blessed thistle – is a Mediterranean plant famous for its medicinal attributes. Its most common names are also St. Benedict’s thistle or holy thistle, which were given to it for the curative properties it has displayed over time; thus, this herbal element has been used ever since the Middle Ages by monks for its ability to act as a general tonic. Nowadays, blessed thistle extract is employed for various purposes, including treating inflammations, curing the common cold and coughing, as well as alleviating indigestion symptoms. In addition, by improving blood circulating, this plant can greatly influence breast growth (for example, it is sometimes administered to breastfeeding mothers so as to increase milk production).

Damiana – the Turner diffuse flower has been named damiana after the Mexican goddess of love because it exhibits potent effects as an aphrodisiac by increasing sexual drive and performance stamina (in both men and women). Moreover, damiana accelerates blood circulation and naturally boosts tissue regeneration, thereby gradually leading to fuller, perkier breasts. This herbal extract can also be successfully employed when dealing with digestive problems (such as constipation); though it may not seem relevant at first, a properly functioning gastrointestinal system implies better nutrient assimilation, normal hormone levels, and adequate distribution of fat and muscle throughout the body (for instance, the chest area).

Kava Kava – originating from the Pacific space, the Piper methysticin plant produces highly calming effects on the body, in this way relaxing muscles and preventing convulsions caused by various diseases. By promoting a normal sleeping pattern and relieved mental anxiety, kava ensures your body releases natural hormones during the ‘deep sleep’ part of the night, which they stimulate tissue development. For example, one such hormone is prolactin, which has the capacity to combat blood clotting, accelerate muscle enlargement, and stimulates breast tissue growth.

Safflower oil – is also known as Carthamus tinctorius. The seeds and petals of this bright yellow flower are more often than not transformed into a type of oil that has various medicinal attributes. Some of these comprise of preventing heart diseases, strengthening arteries, and alleviating chest pain. In addition, safflower oil is a great tonic and general stimulant, thus helping tissue rebuild itself faster and better, especially in the mammary area. What is more, this herbal extract avoids clotting by promoting healthy blood circulation, which has the added benefit of creating firmer, more clearly defined breasts.

Miracle Bust:

Dandelion root – this seemingly ordinary and most common plant hides in its leaves, flowers, and root the key to many medical afflictions, such as viral infections, joint problems, and different skin problems (from bruises to serious eczemas). Dandelion root is employed as a highly effective blood and muscle tonic, which undoubtedly leads to a bigger and more finely sculpted chest. Moreover, this particular extract is an excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, laxative (used for a normalizing bowel movement, reducing intestinal gas and bloating, treating stomach aches, etc.), and general muscle relaxer.

Glycerine – or glycerol is a chemical that occurs naturally in the human organism. Its main purposes cover a variety of problems, amongst which we can enumerate those pertaining to the central nervous system (CNS) and gastrointestinal tract. Likewise, glycerine aids replace water loss (after issues such as vomiting or diarrhea), meaning that it is ideal for maintaining the liquid environment of the breasts at its peak capacity – which will then quickly show (and persist) in your bra cup increase. Besides these advantages, glycerine also augments blood flow, helps tissue regeneration, and promotes breast muscle development.

Oat bran – is normally used for preventing and treating a multitude of issues pertaining to the digestive tract (like an irritable bowel movement, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas, etc.) and the circulatory system (high blood pressure and/ or cholesterol, diabetes, etc.). Thus, by promoting maximized nutrient absorption and normal blood flow, oat bran extract can most definitely increase your cleavage size in a natural and healthy manner. It can also maintain skin beauty and firmness, as well as decrease mental issues like stress, anxiety, and prolonged fatigue.

Raspberry – not many people know that this delicious fruit presents a variety of medicinal advantages, with its therapeutic utilization being noted ever since the 16th century. Thus, raspberry extract (obtained from both the fruit and leaves) has been employed over time as a general cleanser for the skin and blood, which means it can increase blood flow and make the skin more toned at the level of the breast. What is more, its antioxidant effects help dilate blood vessels, increase muscle mass and then contribute to its relaxations, as well as alleviate menstrual pain.

How do I use this product?

CurvyBust – the CurvyBust chest enlarging cream is very easy to use because it only requires two quick steps that need to be taken towards achieving that perfect cleavage you have always dreamed of. Firstly, you should apply the CurvyBust cream twice daily (in the morning and at night, before going to sleep). Secondly, massage each breast gently, using circular movements, until the cream is fully absorbed by the skin. As a result, you will notice some improvements after 3-4 weeks of regular application, with a spectacular increase in cup size being visible after 4- 6 months of extensive usage.

Miracle Bust – this dietary supplement should be taken in accordance with the recommendations existent on the product’s label or at the advice of your doctor after a previous consultation. In addition, it is advised that you maintain a healthy diet and hydrate properly while using the Miracle Bust breast enhancing formula, so as to obtain the best results possible. By administering the Miracle Bust capsules on a regular basis, you too can see a visible augmentation in breast size (between 1 and 3 cups) in just 3-4 months, with no expensive lasers, painful injections or risky surgeries involved.

Are there any side effects involved when using this product?

The CurvyBust and Miracle Bust breast enlargement supplements are both described as containing solely 100% natural ingredients in their formulas, which means that no major side effects should be expected from their extensive usage.

Nevertheless, as with any type of dietary supplement, you should consult with your doctor or personal physician before introducing these treatments into your daily routine or, respectively, your eating patterns. Additionally, the promised effects depend heavily on a person’s health, age, genetics, personal care, etc., so results may vary in accuracy and time of appearance. For maximized results, you should accompany these breast enlargement treatments with a healthy diet and regular exercise. These supplements should not be used by children under the age of 18 years. Furthermore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Do not exceed the daily dose recommended on each product’s label. Keep stored away in a cool, dry place, out of the influence of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. If you feel any type of discomfort or adverse reactions, interrupt your treatment immediately and contact your physician for a consultation.


Do you struggle with a small or flat chest and wish to increase your breast size considerably? Do your clothes fit you weirdly, with more loose fabric than cleavage hanging down your shirt? Do you watch your favorite celebrities and wish you had a voluptuous figure like theirs? If you have answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, then you too need to seriously consider using a breast enhancement dietary supplement.

Even so, with so many choices out there, how can you know which ones work and which do not? Fortunately, we have tried to make this decision easier to make for you by selecting the leading brands in this category, that is the CurvyBust breast enhancement cream and the Miracle Bust breast enhancing formula (dietary pills), then carefully presenting them in parallel to showcase their particular attributes and benefits. Based on 100% natural and organic ingredients, these products guarantee chest augmentation in a safe and easy fashion, with no lasers, injections, or surgeries involved. While different in their usage and attributes, CurvyBust and Miracle Bust are both medically approved supplements that guarantee an amazing increase in breast size, alongside a more defined form and toned muscle structure around the mammary gland. This is optimal because you can have the benefit of truly deciding which product is your ideal choice and the certainty that you are picking amongst the most highly placed organic breast enlargers currently available for the public.

Now all you have to do is determine which of them is more suitable for yourself. If you are still uncertain, just try out these dietary supplements for yourself and decide which one best fits your lifestyle and demands! Either way, you will be rapidly enjoying a very attractive and healthy-looking cleavage, so hesitate no more! Do yourself a favor and start using these products in order to regain your womanhood and boost your self-confidence to an all-time high!