The Best Muscle Supplements

The Best Muscle SupplementsBioMuscle XR, RevTest, Amino Muscle

Nowadays, the modern man has to be at least some sort of Superman in order to cope with every demand he has to face from work, society, and his personal life. Sure, he is no longer required to hunt wild animals in order to feed his family or fight his neighbors for land and power to survive, but that does not mean that contemporary lifestyles have completely eliminated stress and pressure from his daily schedule. On the contrary, these age-old problems still exist, but only under different masks. Thus, in order to be considered successful, today’s individual has to occupy an important position at his workplace, earn as much money as possible, and be a highly respected member amongst his peers. Most importantly – in an age where beauty, youth, and looks hold the highest ranks in our appreciation scale – he must be the epitome of physical attraction, with a finely chiselled body and muscular physique. Peruse through any list of celebrities, actors, or sportsmen and you will only encounter men with ripped bodies, perfect abs, and overall body image that could rival any mythological Greek god in handsomeness.

Ironically, it is in this age of high-tech machinery and never before seen a variety of culinary products that attaining a figure like the one presented above is the hardest to accomplish. The reason is that negative factors such as work overload, lack of time for personal care, high levels of stress, rising pollution, etc. make us more sedentary and prone to eating fast food than cooking organic meals and going to the gym. This leads to decreased energy levels, propensity towards fat retention, muscle atrophy (in time), reduced libido, and, ultimately, low self-esteem.

Fortunately, such drawbacks can be remedied through a number of methods, the most efficient and sought after being that of dietary supplements. Recent studies have come to the conclusion that, while exercise and a healthy diet are crucial in proper nutrient absorption by the body, our organism often needs an additional boost of individually extracted substances in order to keep up with the latest demands of 21st-century living. As a result, the market for muscle enhancers, testosterone augmenters, and other such supplements has basically boomed in latter times. Nevertheless, it can become hard to decide which products are safe and reliable and which are just a facade for money-stealing scams or, worse, pills which do more harm than good for your body.

Owing to this, we have decided to review three of the most positively acclaimed muscle mass accelerating dietary supplements, in the form of BioMuscle XR, RevTest, and Amino Muscle. The categories provided were efficiency claims, ingredients, ease of usage, and potential side effects.

Products reviewed

BioMuscle XR (60 capsules per bottle) – this revolutionary muscle growth accelerator has been developed using only the most modern technologies currently available, so as to ensure you receive the best possible results from using this particular product. It works by helping you rapidly increase your muscle mass in a healthy and uniform manner, thus leading to a clearly toned and attractive body. In addition, it maximizes weight loss and fat reduction, while also significantly boosting energy levels and increasing general strength.

RevTest (60 capsules per bottle) – is an all-natural testosterone booster created by RevLabs. Amongst its most prominent features, we find clear enhancement of lean muscle mass, increased sex drive, alongside enhanced strength and overall resistance. Through its unique blend of elements, RevTest speeds up fat reduction and calorie burning; what is more, it also promotes intense muscle contouring, elevates focus, and augments general stamina, making you feel (not to mention look) more powerful and well-defined.

Amino Muscle (30 capsules per bottle) – is a muscle builder that concentrates on exponentially boosting muscle development, delaying muscle fatigue and speeding up recovery, as well as improving your organism’s natural protein retention. Furthermore, AminoMuscle employs its groundbreaking formula in order to facilitate digestion and nutrient absorption from within, which results in greater muscle formation, a defined body, and better self-esteem.

How do they work?

BioMuscle XR – BioMuscle XR uses a 3 step programme so as to bring you maximum results with minimal effort. Firstly, you have to begin regular usage of this muscle growth accelerator, so as to prepare your body for increased muscle mass retention and intensified fat shedding. Secondly, you can begin the exercise routine provided online by the supplement’s manufacturer; while BioMuscle XR guarantees to offer amazing results, these cannot be thoroughly achieved without your personal contribution. Thus, the exercises and body-shaping routines are designed to boost the dietary supplement’s own properties to the maximum. Thirdly, after at least 30 days of regular utilization, you will begin to clearly notice an improvement in your muscle mass. In this way, your legs and calves will have a better-delimited contour, your abdomen will begin to have more defined musculature, while your arm circumference will significantly grow in size. Additionally, you will experience increased stamina in accomplishing physical routines, as well as naturally sustained energy levels. All these benefits are owed to the fact that BioMuscle XR uses only natural ingredients to boost your organism’s natural strength and then sustain it for prolonged periods of time.

RevTest – you might be wondering what would be the use of a testosterone booster in the first place since the male body is naturally designed to produce this element on its own. Well, though this is completely accurate, it is also true that many men cannot meet their organism’s hormonal needs, especially if they are very stressed out or trying to redefine their figure through increased physical exercise. What is more, the lack of testosterone in the male body can have significant drawbacks, including muscle weakness, diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, the feeling of exhaustion, and even potential mental disorders (such as anxiety or depression). This is where RevTest intervenes – through its innovative and medically approved formula, this supplement naturally accelerates your hormonal production, thus gradually making you more energetic, elevating your power levels, accelerating muscle mass intake, and increasing your stamina. As a result, your sex drive will also benefit from this since you will have more confidence in yourself and in your appearance. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to perform better and for extended periods of time, owing to RevTest’s incorporated capacity of both promoting muscular endurance and maintaining it thought the supplement’s usage.

Amino Muscle – guaranteed to ensure ‘100% muscle building power’, this dietary supplement aims at helping you augment your muscle mass and then actively maintain your chiselled physique. Unlike other items currently available on the market – which transform protein intake into fat retention – the present supplement increases your body’s innate protein assimilation to the maximum by means of substances called amino acids. These key components break down protein in the gastrointestinal system, which leads to better nutrient absorption, muscle mass repair, and tissue regeneration. In this way, by using Amino Muscle on a regular basis, you will receive all the benefits of your combined regime of healthy meals and intense fitness building routines. Furthermore, Amino Muscle can also be a good contributor to muscle mass recovery (after accidents or long periods of being sedentary, for example), as well as a means of intensifying your libido and overall sexual performance. An added advantage is that its organic blend of natural ingredients will be easily integrated into your organism, thus letting you enjoy a more countered and defined figure in the shortest amount of time; after just 30 days of using this dietary pill, you will begin to notice clear and indisputable results.

What type of ingredients do they contain?

BioMuscle XR:

L-arginine – is an amino acid (or chemical building block) resulted from the body’s natural digestive process. After being transformed into nitric oxide, it contributes to blood vessel relaxation and the production of various substances essential for proper human development (for example, the growth hormone and insulin). L-arginine can be usually found in foods like red meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products, but its most successful and complete assimilation comes through dietary supplements, which is why it is considered a highly valued ingredient in muscle building products. Moreover, this substance brings a number of valuable medical contributions, such as reducing high blood pressure, treating erectile dysfunction, and improving sexual drive.

L-citrulline – aside from being an organic part of the human organism, this amino acid can be found in various vegetables and fruits (for instance, watermelon). Similarly to L-arginine, L-citrulline is converted into nitric oxide, which then aids the process of protein digestion at the level of the gut. On top of that, it boosts blood vessel dilatation, which recommends it in blood pressure normalization and blood flow improvement. Another advantage is that L-citrulline has shown real effects in sustaining exercise performance and muscle mass maintenance.


Fenugreek extract – this plant originates from the Indian subcontinent; aside from being used in many dishes, fenugreek can also bring about a variety of health-related benefits. For men, the extract from this herbal element can aid in preventing and treating a hernia, erectile dysfunction, and other such issues. Furthermore, fenugreek extract alleviates numerous gastrointestinal problems, from mild indigestions and appetite loss to gastritis, constipation, etc. This contribution is important because a normally functioning digestive tract will provide your body with protein and all other nutrients that are paramount in both muscle mass growth and subsequent muscle definition. Folic acid – while folate occurs naturally in different vegetables (mushrooms, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, etc.), fruits (melons, bananas, lemons, etc), and meats (beef kidney and liver, for example), folic acid is the synthetic form of this B-type vitamin. In recent years, it has been added to bakery goods such as bread, pasta, and cookies for its great contribution to the body’s overall health. Thus, folic acid remedies low blood levels, prevents heart diseases, alleviates nerve and muscle pain, keeps bone health at its peak, and drastically reduces signs of aging.

Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 is part of the B-vitamin complex. It can be introduced into the human organism both by means of foods (dairy products, meat, fish) and dietary supplements. The positive attributes of having a diet that regularly includes this vitamin comprise of: avoiding anemia installation, preventing heart problems, and treating various inflammatory issues of the digestive system. Vitamin B12 is especially important for men because it can help treat infertility, alleviate fatigue generated by extended physical strain, and diminish the emergence of mental disorders like depression.

Zinc – has been called the ‘essential trace element’, owing to the fact that only minute quantities of it are actually needed by the body in order to function correctly. Zinc is employed in preventing and curing a number of issues, amongst which we can mention high blood pressure, skin conditions (from psoriasis to eczemas and acne), diabetes, ulcers, anorexia, etc. This element is also used in dietary supplements that target men and their particular issues because it can have amazing effects in combating infertility, erectile dysfunction, and prostate degeneration.

Amino Muscle:

Amino acids – through the digestion process of proteins found in foods like dairy products, meats, and vegetables, the human organism generates amino acids (like valine, leucine, isoleucine, etc.). These essential nutrients have a vastly employed medical use because of their key function is to stimulate protein build-up in the muscles and prevent muscle breakdown. In this way, amino acids are included in supplements with the role of enhancing general focus, eliminating symptoms of fatigue, muscle protection (during exercises), and preventing an assortment of degenerative movement issues (for example, dyskinesia). Digestive enzymes – are mainly produced by the saliva glands, stomach, small intestine and pancreas and consist of active elements that help break down foods into nutrients throughout the gastrointestinal tract. As a consequence, the body can then absorb all the vitamins, minerals, etc. in needs to work properly. In which concerns protein decomposition, digestive enzymes greatly aid in ensuring protein is converted into amino acids and then maintained in the body in the form of finely sculpted, lean musculature. These enzymes also secure low stomach acid, stress management, and a significant delay in aging processes.

HGH – the Human Growth Hormone (or simply HGH) originates in the pituitary gland of children and adolescents, being the main source of what are colloquially known as ‘growth spurs’. By adding it to dietary supplements, we are benefiting from the added advantages of bone strengthening, muscle growth, and enlargement accelerated fat shedding, and improved heart activity. HGH likewise protects the body against degenerative muscle diseases, combats digestive problems, and increases libido in adults.

Nitric oxide – this gas molecule is generated by the human organism in order to transmit signals throughout the body’s cellular system. As can be deduced, nitric oxide is paramount to human existence because it facilitates our every function, from moving to breathing and even thinking. Additionally, it boosts memory retention, regulates blood pressures (through vasodilatation), prevents inflammations, boosts immunity and helps the digestive system function accordingly. By being included in dietary supplements, nitric oxide is more likely to increase endurance, strength, and lactic acid formations caused by sustained physical exercise.

How should they be used?

BioMuscle XR – the manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules by mouth 1-2 times daily for optimal results. What is more, this product should be paired with the exclusive exercise programme provided by the manufacturer on their official website, which will greatly enhance muscle mass development, body contouring, and strength maximization. As a result, you will see a positive difference in your general appearance within 30 days of regularly using BioMuscle XR, with clearly reduced body fat, amplified power, and heightened alertness.

RevTest – it is advised that the dietary supplement is taken according to your exercise schedule. Thus, in workout days, the manufacturer suggests taking 2 capsules of RevTest 30 minutes before your workout routine with a 16 oz. (500 ml.) of water. On the other hand, on non-workout days, you should take the same amount of dietary supplement (that is 2 capsules) with a glass of water in the morning, before breakfast. Thus, in a matter of a few weeks to a month, you will notice an increase in testosterone levels reflected in better blood flow, enhanced nutrient assimilation, enlarged muscle circumference (in your arms, chest, and calves), as well as a properly defined abdomen and boosted libido.

Amino Muscle – this muscle builder should be administered consistently in order to receive its maximum of benefits. Consequently, the recommended dose is 2 capsules daily, which will support muscle mass formation (by increased protein retention) and enhance sexual drive in a matter of 30 days.

Are there any side effects to using these products?

BioMuscle XR, RevTest, Amino Muscle are all dietary supplements based on natural components and ingredients, which results in the fact that they should not cause any major side effects during prolonged administering.

Nevertheless, some aspects pertaining to these highly potent muscle enhancers require some measure of caution from the user’s part. Thereby, you should not use any of the aforementioned products if you are under the age of 18 years. The same advice can be held for pregnant or nursing mothers, as well as for those who are undergoing any sort of serious medical treatment (especially pertaining to the area of heart diseases). Furthermore, you should consult with your doctor or personal physician before starting any of these treatments. None of the three dietary supplements reviewed above have been designed to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Supplement bottles should be kept in a cool and dry place, at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight. If the seal under the cap is broken, torn or missing, do not use the product and send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement or refund. Keep out of reach of children.


Do you want to have a better-looking body, while still remaining super healthy and energetic? Do you want your muscle mass to increase practically overnight, leading to you having more defined arms, legs, and chest? Do you want everybody to marvel at your chiselled abdomen and superhuman strength? Do you want to be more sexually active and perform better, longer, and more intensely in bed? If so, then muscle enhancement supplements are just the thing for you.

Fortunately, modern technological advances and rigorous medical testing have concluded that the best way of achieving a muscular and well-defined body is through a combined diet of healthy foods, sustained exercise routines, and dietary supplements. Though the latter might come as a surprise for some, it has been clinically proven that many muscle enhancers and testosterone boosters actually help our bodies greatly by improving digestion and nutrient assimilation (especially in which concerns protein), as well as blood flow, stamina, strength, libido, etc. In addition, a booming market of such products can be more and more clearly observed nowadays, with hundreds of capsules, tablets, and powders to choose from and include in your everyday fitness regime.

As it is natural, there are many aspects to be considered before introducing such a dietary supplement into your lifestyles, such as your overall health or workout habits. Nevertheless, the three reviewed products – BioMuscle XR, RevTest, and Amino Muscle – have been designated by previous users as being the most advantageous in their respective category of muscle supplements. As can be seen above, they lead the market in both tissue formation and sustainability, having the added advantage of increased sex drive and general mood stabilization. All you have to do is decide which one of these products best suits your needs and wants, then try it out to discover all the positive outcomes a chiselled physique has to offer you.

So what are you waiting for then? Order your very own muscle enhancer supplement today and rejoice in the wonders that your new and improved “Superman’ body has to offer you! You will not regret your decision!