Best Muscle Supplements for Bodybuilding: How to Chose

Best Supplements for Muscle Gain

Creating a workout program that fits your needs and purposes is very difficult with all the different techniques and products available today, and even more so is complementing regular training with a well-balanced diet. When you do manage to create a workout routine that fits your schedule while at the same time providing your body with the nutrients needed in bodybuilding, you might find that your hard work seems to bring very slow results. And while that is the right way for a healthy and enduring result, our time and patience are more and more limited, we always need things to happen faster. Alternative medicine provides a large variety of natural choices for healthy living enthusiasts, many supplements are available as a help in reaching body goals.

Best Supplements for Muscle: Free Trial Products Explained

Many of these products are aggressively advertised on the internet and come with a free trial period. This feature alone attracts most customers and it’s easy to see why, if it’s available for free why not try it, right? Well, most times this trial is not free at all, and with the first order, the customer signs up for a subscription that is actually an auto-delivery program. The only way to avoid the subscription is by returning the product in this “free trial period” if this time is enough for you to actually test the product. If you choose to keep it, and most people do because nobody actually expect results in the 12 or 14 days that are “free”,you’ll come to find that at the end of this period you have paid for the full price of the product. This is enough to make anyone angry and willing to cancel the subscription, but with some of the alternative medicine companies this task is hard to accomplish, some being famous for the terrible customer service.

This situation is easy to avoid, though, as all a potential customer has to do is pay attention to all the information presented on the official and advertisement pages, and carefully read the fine print of the order forms. We’re used to skipping over agreements and disclaimers on the internet, but we need to be cautious when it comes to our hard earned money. So keep in mind that “free trial” is just an advertisement for most health products, and if this is the first thing that pops on a page when you research a product, that’s a clear sign that you’ll have to pay the full price. Still, this practice doesn’t say much about the effectiveness of the products, and one shouldn’t reject the idea of including a certain supplement in their body building program simply because of the chosen advertising methods. What matters is what a supplement can do for you, and although most health products are not approved by the FDA, they are based on research that proves certain qualities of the ingredients that by way of consequence should be very beneficial in building muscles also.

The most common form that free trial bodybuilding supplements come in is pills. These pills are supposed to be ingested once or more times a day, before or after training, as they either improve endurance during the workout sessions or maximize their effects. In most cases, the ingredients are presented as all natural and with no added chemicals, and the ingredients list should be the most important quality that you base your choice on if you decide to try one of these supplements. Remember that muscle enhancers can and have caused serious health problems, most commonly liver damage caused by synthetic anabolic steroids.

Best Muscle Supplements Common Ingredients

So let’s have a look at the most common ingredients that these products are based on, starting with the most appreciated anabolic steroid, testosterone. These steroid hormone is very often included in body building products as it has a very important role in the developing of secondary sexual characteristics in men, from body hair to bone and muscle tissue. It’s essential in the developing of all reproductive organs, so it’s also very beneficial in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. In men, that have up to 8 times the level of testosterone found in women, this hormone is naturally produced by testicles and adrenal glands. As it’s essential for general health in both men and women and promoting muscle tissue enlargement, it’s obvious why this hormone is so common in body building products. And unlike many of the substances that go into supplements, testosterone is scientifically proved as effective. Still, any kind of anabolic steroids can be dangerous, so one should be very careful with the dosage.

Just as common as testosterone based products are protein blends. These compounds are the very material that our body tissue is made of, and they also serve as nutrients source. Proteins are composed of amino acids, and when they are ingested they are converted further into essential amino acids that the human body can’t create by itself or can’t create in a large enough quantity. As no all amino acids serve as components of proteins, some supplements are based on protein building amino acids alone, especially branched chained amino acids (BCAA).

Three of this type of amino acids (BCAA) become building blocks for proteins. Leucine, isoleucine and valine can’t be synthesized naturally by the human body and are converted from nutrients extracted from food or supplements. So the value of muscle building products based on BCAA can’t be disputed, especially if your diet doesn’t supply all the elements needed for the healthy metabolism of these chemicals. There is no scientific proof of the positive effects that protein blends or pure amino acids have in creating and maintaining muscle tissue, but expecting an improvement makes sense when knowing what role these chemicals play in a healthy body.

While some amino acids can’t be at all produced by the body without outside help, some can only be produced in limited quantities. Among these, glutamine serves as a main ingredient for many muscle building supplements. This amino acid is especially important as it’s the most common of this kind of chemicals found in blood, and it’s produced in the largest quantity by muscle tissue. And while produced my muscles, it helps in preserving them by minimizing the damage brought on by an intense workout. Though it’s not scientifically proven how glutamine enhances workout sessions, enough it’s known about this amino acid’s properties to assume that it would be very beneficial in weight training.
Just as common in supplements is arginine, another amino acid that can only be produced naturally up to a certain level. Arginine has an essential part in the metabolism of nitric oxide, a gas molecule known to promote vasodilatation, and it’s assumed that as the blood flow is increased, more nutrients are delivered to the muscles. This amino acid also contributes to tissue healing for many kinds of wounds, so it’s safe to assume that it would be a big help in muscle recovery after damaging exercises. Many supplements are based on arginine alone and some offer a compound of amino acids that promote the production of nitric oxide. Just as with glutamine, the effect that arginine and nitric oxide have in bodybuilding has not yet been proven, yet different studies show the positive effects in other areas directly linked to muscle tissue building.

Another product of arginine and one of the best known and appreciated ingredients for muscle building supplements is creatine. This organic acid is a source of energy for every cell in the human body, especially muscle tissue. In fact, more than 90% of the total quantity of creatine found in the body is located in muscles. This acid is not essential, as it’s naturally produced by the body in the necessary amounts, but the intake of creatine is supposed to provide more energy during workouts, allowing for longer and more intense training. And studies have indeed shown that not only does this substance maximize results, but it also helps in tissue recovery, so this is one of the few supplements that most likely will help in building the body you desire.

Commonly found in muscle supplement are also vitamins and essential fatty acids, as neither of these elements is naturally produced by the body, yet they’re mandatory for general health and muscle building. Vitamins are organic compounds (which means that their molecules are based on carbon) that can’t be synthesized naturally even though the body only needs them in small amounts. They’re easily obtained from food and even though vitamin supplements have been proven to help people affected by vitamin deficiencies, no scientific studies show the positive effects these chemicals could have on healthy organisms. Also, as the body only needs vitamins in small amounts, overdose is a serious issue and could cause dangerous side effects.

On the other side, essential fatty acids, also called “the good fat”, have been proven again and again as very beneficial to general health and it seems like we can never have enough of them. The essential fatty acids are alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, and like all fatty acids, they are very useful in lowering blood fat and reducing the risk of heart conditions. Found in certain foods, these compounds can only have a positive effect when ingested through supplements.

How to Chose Best Muscle Supplement ?

But before choosing best muscle supplement based on its ingredients, make sure to already know the state that your body currently finds itself in. See your doctor, find out what chemicals you have in abundance and what might be lacking. Some of the ingredients found in muscle supplements can be used in any state, but as it’s shown above, some are quite risky. Even better, ask your doctor about the product you’re particularly interested in, some professionals already have knowledge about certain brands.

Most muscle building products offer a blend of two or more of these ingredients, and it’s easy to see why most bodybuilders have found a formula that works for them personally, while completely disregarding the others. Alternative medicine products can produce great improvements for some while others report no change in their workout results. How the processes involved in muscle building work is not yet understood completely, so it’s up for each of us to carefully try different compositions until we find an amazing formula that works for us. Still, when dealing with products advertised and available mostly through the internet, reviews are a great source of information about what products can and can’t do, especially when it comes to potential side effects.

Companies that advertise through free trial periods don’t have much to say about side effects. They present the “magic” ingredients while hidden chemicals added to the products, if any, can cause real damage. Even though most supplements are safe, it’s good to do a little background check before trying a product yourself, and in the case of some of these companies it can be pretty difficult to find useful reviews as most people are focused on the unexpected subscriptions that followed their orders. Also, you need to get through the positive reviews that are paid for, but most of them are very obvious so eventually you’ll get the real information.

The price of free trial health products seems to be higher than that of those easily available, and this is a decisive factor for anybody when it comes to making an online purchase. Keep in mind that the free trial will most likely not be free at all, and you need more time to actually try the product anyway. No matter what the advertising claims, supplements are supposed to provide results in time. So there’s a pretty high price commitment you’ll have to take with these products in particular.

But in the end, it might be worth it. If you made the decision to build your body into a healthier, stronger and more attractive shape and even improve your mental well-being, you owe it to yourself to find the best workout program, diet and perhaps supplement. The perfect combination of nutrients could come from where you least expect it, so don’t let the bad marketing that some of these companies seem to rely on hold you back, just be careful in your search and eventually you’ll find best muscle supplement for you.