Apex Belly Melt Forskolin

Apex Belly Melt Forskolin Report: Does it Work for Weight Loss?

Viewed by many as one of the newest discoveries in weight loss, forskolin is found today in many health supplements. Since this compound has been endorsed by Dr. Oz, the market of alternative health products has been invaded by supplements that proclaim themselves as the perfect solutions not only for weight loss but also for muscle building, as it’s believed that forskolin offers these two benefits in one package. It seems that just this substance’s name mentioned amongst other ingredients is enough to catch the attention of any person that struggles with weight and every day a new product that takes advantage of the new status of forskolin becomes available. One of the products that appeared on the market right after Dr. Oz’s claims is Forskolin by Apex Vitality, available online on its official website, Apex Belly Melt Forskolin.

What is Forskolin?

apex belly melt forskolin bottleFirst, let’s see what forskolin is all about. This compound is extracted from the roots of the plant coleus forskohlii, a herb that grows in some parts of Asia and is a member of the mint family. Even before the properties of the extract were discovered, the plant itself has been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of heart dysfunctions and asthma, and also menstrual issues and even as a contraceptive method. Today forskolin is sold worldwide as one of the best slimming supplements, and it’s claimed that its effects are noticeable even without the help of diet or exercise.

The product offered by Apex Vitality seems to be composed only of coleus forskohlii extract, and we make this assumption for the simple reason that no other ingredients are mentioned. Actually, we don’t even know what is the exact amount of forskolin found in these capsules, and this is just the first of the many problems we have with this product’s presentation.

Apex Belly Melt Forskolin doesn’t come with over the top claims about what the product can do and only takes advantage of the general knowledge about forskolin, often quoting Dr. Oz, and it seems that he alone should assure this product’s success. But the disclaimer admits that there are no connections between this supplement and the famous TV host, so, in this case, the practice is not as bad as it could be, given that some companies in the same category shamelessly claim that certain celebrities have used or endorsed their respective products. And we appreciate the fact that this supplement doesn’t present itself as the latest innovation in slimming methods, but the reason for this might just be laziness alone, why bother with making your product discernable when everybody already appreciates forskolin and sales are guaranteed, right?

Apex Belly Melt Forskolin | How Does it Work?

The general belief is that forskolin has the capacity to elevate the levels of cyclic AMP, a molecule that has the role of transmitting, at a cellular level, the signal that determines an increase in the level of an enzyme named hormone-sensitive lipase. This enzyme acts over the stored fat, removing it from it’s fixed position and metabolizing it, in other words, it puts fat to work. And this is supposed to not only promote faster burn calories but also a decrease body’s capacity to store fat. It seems like cyclic AMP can trigger this process by acting as a transmitter at an intracellular level, setting in motion some functions of the cells as a response to signals received from the external transmitters like adrenalin and serotonin.

What we know for sure is that forskolin in very efficient in increasing heart’s contractility and is being used on medical patients with severe cardiac disorders, and this is the reason why it should never be used by people that suffer from heart conditions and are already under treatment, as in these cases it should only be administered by medical professionals.

Forskolin also enlarges blood vessels, so again it shouldn’t be used by people under treatment for high blood pressure, and the intake should be stopped completely before surgeries as this compound has also been used in the treatment of blood cloths, as it’s an effective blood thinner. And given that it has been used for centuries as a method of birth control, it should be avoided by pregnant women as it could be dangerous and even lead to fetal toxicity. But the other properties mentioned are questionable. Along with being a help in weight loss, forskolin is believed to increase the level of testosterone, the most important hormone when it comes to muscle mass development, and this is why the compound is now very appreciated by bodybuilders too. buy apex belly meltAnd because it acts over testosterone, forskolin is also used in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions in men. Some of its other uses include the treatment of skin affections and even cancer. How effective this chemical is in all these issues is only known by the patients, as we don’t have clear proof about what it can actually do.

And we don’t have clear proof when it comes to its effects on weight loss either, although it seems to be more efficient than many other products on the market. Scientific studies have almost always generated inconclusive results, from weight loss too weak to be taken into consideration, to serious weight loss with no identifiable source because for some reason the experiments also included diets and exercise. And while some studies show no difference, one study in particular claims a weight loss that accounted for up to 8% of the total body fat in a group of women, in a period of only 5 weeks, and another study performed on men by the Department of Health and Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Kansas for a duration of 12 weeks proved that forskolin is indeed able to generate not only weight loss but also an increase in testosterone and even bone mass. This study is the most quoted by companies that produce forskolin supplements, and this one, in particular, uses it also. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but the other studies are just as valid, so while we have some results that show some real properties, we can’t consider them the ultimate proof. Still, the proof we do have is enough for some people that experiment with weight loss supplements, and many positive reviews are available, written by people that use products based on forskolin very successfully, so there’s a good chance it might actually help, at least in some cases.

Although that is not the case with Apex Belly Melt Forskolin, as it looks like there are no reviews whatsoever available for this supplement, even though it has been on the market for almost a year now. The reviews that we can find are paid for, and this seems to be the only advertisement method for the product. None of the sources offer all the information we would need, and we would be very interested in the rest of ingredients and the quantity of forskolin found in this supplement. It’s specified that the concentration of forskolin found in the extract is 20% and that this certain amount is the ideal quantity for good results. It’s also claimed that a single capsule containing 125 mg of extract taken in the morning should be enough for it to be effective, and this would mean 25 mg of pure forskolin a day, which is actually the minimum recommended by the specialists as able to bring results. If this is the quantity found in the product, it should be mediocre at best, but the exact amount is not specified anywhere, we’re just assuming based on the claim. And the price of the product can’t be found either unless you’re ready to make an order.

Where to Buy Apex Belly Melt Forskolin ?

Apex Belly Melt supplement is sold for $53.98 on its official site, which is also the only place where it’s available, and the price is fairly high given that the results, if any, would be minimal. The product has not been evaluated by the FDA, but the company had the common sense to specify that it is not recommended for pregnant women of people under 18 years old and that the potential customer shouldn’t start using the supplement before seeing their doctor. Also, they admit that the weight loss might vary in different individuals as it’s the case with all weight loss products. But a very interesting “bonus” is the free trial period, very common in online supplements marketing but with something extra in this case.forskolin weight lossThis free trial period starts the day the customer receives the package and lasts for 14 days. Normally this would mean that they have 14 days to send back the product if they don’t like it, with a full refund, although they’ll pay the full amount if they decide to keep it. And this is in the best case scenario, where this feature is actually openly presented because many times it’s not. And very often the subscription itself is very hard to cancel, which makes this practice one of the most hated when it comes to online shopping. And this product takes it a step further, as the bottle can only be sent back if it’s still sealed. In other words, you have absolutely no chance of trying this product without paying for it, and it’s not just an annoying practice anymore, but a flat-out lie. Nothing at all is free here. I guess that in this company’s view holding the product in your hand and taking a hard look at it is the equivalent of actually testing it.

Apex Belly Melt Forskolin supplement gets as close as it gets to looking like a real scam, but if for some reason it isn’t, and it actually contains the forskolin amount that it claims it does, the quality is still too low for it to be effective. It seems like alternative health products and the ongoing research that keep coming up with so-called wonder extracts offer many opportunities for those that only want to take advantage of their popularity for no other reason but fast money. And because these products actually go into the body the risks are very high for the customers, as these capsules could be filled with virtually anything and could cause serious damage. Products using forskolin as an ingredient have caused serious health issues in the past because some of them have not been formulated correctly, so this kind of compound could really bring the most unwanted results if not used properly.

So before purchasing a forskolin based product do some research on it, find out exactly what the ingredients are and what your doctor has to say about them. Check the quality of the product, what other customers have to say about it, and how trust worthy is the producer company. The best forskolin supplements might not show results in your case anyway, as everybody is unique and reacts in their own way, but if you do choose to give it a try you must make sure that it has the recommended dosage and it’s manufactured in the best conditions. Invest some time and effort in this process, your health is worth the best.