Aneu anti-aging cream Review

Aneu anti-aging cream – the wrinkles buster? 

We all age and we all wrinkle. No one is deprived of that whether we like it or not. So, the first thing in dealing with aging signs is to accept them. You’re not the only one noticing wrinkles gathering around your eyes and conquering your skin. Therefore, accept it as part of our physiological changes that appear with aging and try to live a healthy life through healthy food, regular exercises and the use of quality skin care. These elements work in concert to slow down a bit the aging process. Keep in mind that they are complementary, though. Even if the most expensive beauty treatments and serums are part of your beauty care routine, your look will be affected if you have bad habits like drinking, smoking or skipping sleep.

It’s true that current aesthetic surgery procedures do miracles and the progress made in medicine leads now to outstanding results. Yet plastic and aesthetic surgery, Botox injections and similar procedures address to those of us whose possibilities are not limited by an ungenerous budget. And it’s also true that besides aging itself there are many other factors that speed up aging. Among these, bad skincare choices, exposure to the sun without the use of sunscreen, pollution, stress, genetic predispositions and even weather conditions. All these may get you a look older than it really is and who wants that? Well, the solutions come in a high number.

The first solution we opt for is leading a healthy lifestyle as we always say. Eating healthily, excluding any bad habits like smoking, drinking and getting a little sleep, exercising regularly, seeing the bright side of things and making smart skincare choices. And here’s the thing we’re going to focus on skincare choices. The internet is full of miracle creams that promise to get you back to your teenage look. Keep a critic and realistic eye on such products.

We all want to take care of our beauty and prolong youth as much as possible and we’re all looking for easy and safe to use products at affordable prices with visible effects within the shortest time possible. Most of the times this proves to be only a dream and only a visit to a plastic surgeon would get us that fresh and younger look in the shortest time possible and at the cost of a significantly less thick wallet.

Aneu – anti-aging cream

Aneu anti-wrinkles skincare is said to smooth fine lines, invigorate your skin and get years off your face. What makes it effective? It’s ingredients. At least that’s what its manufacturer claims. Aneu is a combination of clinically proven ingredients and peptides that will stimulate the natural production of collagen which is what your skin needs in order to stay firm, elastic and have that radiant and young touch. Now, aesthetic surgeons, watch out. This sounds like you are going to take some time off.

Aneu ingredients

As we’ve said before, when it comes to the effectiveness of such a product, it’s all about in the ingredients it uses. Aneu contains Polymoist-PS and Matrixyl 3000 that are said to have the same effect of Botox injections and relax the facial muscles. This is believed to reduce temporarily the appearance of wrinkles.

There is little information about the ingredients though and that happens with most such skincare products. What we also gather is that Matrixyl 3000 contains 100ppm of Palmitoyl-GHK and 50 ppm of Palmitoyl GQPR (synthetic peptides) and comes in a hydroglycolic solution that is free of preservatives. Bonus points till now but this ingredient can also be found in many other skin care products that are more affordable than Aneu. And we take those bonus points back for not finding any third-party clinical trials online to show that Aneu is indeed effective. The charts and figures you’ll find on the official website selling this product are not to be relied upon since it’s a common tactic used by such manufacturers.

Keep your skepticism alert when it comes to products that have no FDA approval and no third-party confirmation that their ingredients are indeed effective. Most of the time, the efficiency of such products, if any, can be achieved with natural and cheaper products.

Aneu prices and purchase method

You can buy Aneu from the manufacturer’s official website and affiliate websites and get a 14-day trial for which you’ll pay only $4.95 (handling and shipping). You can cancel the trial within 30 days from the moment you order it without getting back the money you paid for H&S though. If you don’t cancel the 14-day trial, you’ll automatically receive a 30-day cream supply every once every 30 days for which you’ll be billed $94.99.

We’ve said before that you should read carefully the terms and conditions prior to your purchase as products offered through free trials or auto-ship programs usually want to get you billed as much as possible without offering you too much instead.

What do people say about Aneu?

The reviews we’ve run into make us think this is not the wrinkles buster the manufacturer claims to be. The people who really tried the product said it’s a scam and the free trial is not free at all since they were charged  $94.99 for the sample. The reviews we‘ve read and seem really add that if you don’t ask for a refund within those 14 days and not 30, the product becomes non-refundable. Plus, at least one customer got dry skin as well as a discomfort at the skin level when using the product. Even if each body reacts differently, a natural product should cause few and very minor, if not 0, side effects.

Pay attention to the fact that most highly positive and praising reviews come from affiliates through which Aneu is sold. These affiliates create websites with so-called “real’ customer reviews but are just fake reviews that will trick people into buying the product. So, once again keep a skeptical eye on such products.