9 habits that make you look younger

When it comes to how old are you, age is just a number. Researchers have recently shown that there are, in addition to the time that has passed since you were born, many more factors that determine what age you are. If the genetic and environmental factors influence your body changes, there are some things that are in your power. A lot of simple things can be done to keep yourself young longer.

Some simple gestures can have spectacular effects, the 9 habits you adopt will rejuvenate you and helps you to keep your beauty:

Be careful with your hair

The hair is like a business card and says many things about your lifestyle, you can grow old or you can rejuvenate your choice. Do not forget to take care of your hair.

It is natural to want what you don’t have, and in terms of physical appearance you will always have complaints and you will want to improve everything you can. In the case of the hair, you’re always looking for new styles and new ways to get either curls or hair that is perfectly straight. If you want to get a straight hair at home, arm yourself with a hair straightener, a hair dryer, a brush, professional straightening serum and patience and dexterity.

Use of a hair straightener. If you wanted a straight hair, without any hair gone wild, then a hair straightener is the solution. Today you can find countless models of tiles, ceramic, tourmaline or titanium, all having the property to restores radiance your hair and to not burn it.

If you have short hair, just point half the length of the hair to get the desired effect. If your hair is longer, then use the straightener for three-quarters of the hair length. To ease your work, we propose to divide the hair into several sections and straighten them at a time. So make sure you never miss a thread. Of course, if you know that your hair has a tendency to curling, straightening should be applied after a professional serum to maintain the desired effect.

Dry your hair with a performant hairdryer. If you want to get a straight hair just by drying without using plate hair, then prepare a round brush, a hair dryer with a long tip and a hair straightening lotion. After washing, use a towel to absorb the water in hair, then stretch the length of the hair a lotion that serves to split up the hair and prevent it from curling. Divide the hair into sections and dry each piece in hand with a powerful hairdryer and a round brush. Thus, you will protect your hair from burns and you get a natural look.

Get a straight hair without a dryer or a hair straightener. If you wanted a straight hair without drying it in any way, all you need to have at hand is a brush and a few hairpins. After you wash it with shampoo and apply a conditioner, use a wide-toothed comb. Apply a few drops of Moroccan oil enriched with fatty acids (omega 3) and vitamins and separate the hair into several strands, you’ll comb it separately, and you will catch it up with hairpins. When you will remove them from the hair, even after a night of sleep, your hair will be straight.

Protect your skin from the sun!

If you expose yourself to the sun, you really need to use sunscreen products. They act either by reflecting sunlight, either by forming a physical barrier on the skin that will absorb radiation. The best would be that before you start exposing yourself to the sun, to consult a dermatologist who will help you to choose a sunscreen with protection factor according to your skin.

What the protection factor figure represents? “SPF that is mentioned on the label symbolizes the solar filter and refers to the maximum time you can spend in the sun without getting burned,” says Dr. Alice David. “The higher the SPF value is, the greater the time allowed for sun exposure. For example, if the light skin needs about 10 minutes exposure to the sun to get burned, applying the lotion with SPF 15 will increase the exposure on the beach to a safe of 150 minutes”, adds the specialist.

There is no absolute photoprotection and high sunscreen means a slower bronze. Exposure to the sun without protective filter leads to early cell aging and accentuate wrinkles. People who have many moles have a very high risk of developing skin cancer, so it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Creams with higher SPF – the best. If until now the highest SPF was 60, it appeared on the market today creams with protection factor 100. However, there is no product that protects the skin from solar radiation 100%. “Cream with SPF 15 blocks 94% of ultraviolet-B radiation, ones with SPF 30 -97% and one with 45 blocks 98% of the radiation type B. Creams ideal for protection against solar radiation should contain substances that block physical sunlight as zinc oxide and titanium, to provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays as well, to have an SPF as higher as possible and to be resistant to water”, informs the specialist.

Sunscreen decreases the risk of skin cancer, but we need to use other precautions, such as avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun and exposure between 11.00 – 15.00 when radiation is very strong.

Recommendations for protection creams. According to the specialist, you have to cover with cream all body parts, including ears, back, shoulders and back of the knees and feet;

-The cream should be applied only on dry skin;
-Sunscreen should be reapplied regularly, every two hours. If you swim or sweat sport and must reapply more frequently;

-Sunscreen should be reapplied regularly, every two hours. If you swim or sweat sport and must reapply more frequently;
-The cream is applied 15-30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. Studies on SPF product take into account the use of 2 mg / cm square of skin exposed to the sun. So, apply a generous amount of sunscreen;

-The cream is applied 15-30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. Studies on SPF product take into account the use of 2 mg / cm square of skin exposed to the sun. So, apply a generous amount of sunscreen;

-If your skin is very light, use a lotion with SPF 30 or higher, and if you really like to sit in water, choose a waterproof lotion;

-If your skin is very light, use a lotion with SPF 30 or higher, and if you really like to sit in water, choose a waterproof lotion;

-Protect your skin on cloudy days! 80% of UV rays penetrate clouds and affect the skin;

-Use different creams for different body parts, because the skin is more sensitive in some places. -For example, face cream with sunscreen is more delicate for the skin around the eyes, nose and lips, is lighter compared to the body, which is more consistent;

-The areas exposed to sunburn are the shoulders, neck, nose, lips and upper edge of the ears. Therefore, in these areas, it is better to use a sunscreen with SPF higher or product for sensitive areas.

Do not drink and eat substances that stain teeth but also do not forget the dentist!

Like soy sauce, coffee, red wine, black tea, and coca cola. They contain tannins and dyes that stain teeth prematurely. You can obviously whiten them after you’ve turned them yellow, but what’s all the fuss at the dentist, the costs and charging with bleaching chemicals when you can to keep them white from the beginning?

Nice teeth help you look younger, while missing teeth will cause the skin to age and to artificially age.

Each of us may have faced at some point with this problem, no matter how rigorous we have regarding our dental hygiene because tooth decay or periodontal diseases are not the only causes of edentation (loss of one or more teeth). Accidents or trauma are other important causes of edentation alongside general health, living standards and conditions of life or work. Smoking, alcohol, and stress are all aggravating factors.

The consequences of the lack of teeth. The lack of a single tooth not only affects the neighboring teeth but the entire oral cavity, so as soon as possible is recommended to replace the teeth that are missing. In addition, the absence of teeth causes damage to the tongue, affecting speech, and chewing, which leads to other shortcomings: overloading and migration of the remaining teeth, and bone resorption (bone loss). Damage can also mean changing the style of chewing food (chewing slow and painful determines many to choose foods softer and easier to swallow), which can cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Lack of teeth and premature aging. When faced with the loss of the front teeth, their absence becomes extremely disturbing, especially for people who work with the public. The lack of more teeth primarily affects the psyche, even causing depression, because it involves continuous stress to mask the problem, but it is not the only drawback. We should be aware that lack of teeth greatly prejudice the physiognomy, even if we talk about the side teeth, that are less visible.

The modified form of the cheeks, deep wrinkles, lips pushed back or even upper arch collapse are some of the issues involved lack teeth that we should fear. When there are no teeth on the cheeks and lips to dress then, the woman suddenly gets older, the overall look is a sad one, with deep wrinkles.

There are cases where aging caused by lack of teeth is downright shocking because of this are people who seem even 10 years older.

What to do in case of lost teeth? Whether we face lack one or more teeth, dental implant experts recommend as the best solution. All implants have been made possible the existence of fixed prostheses on implants, which empowers people with no teeth of the chance to avoid all the pitfalls of mobile prostheses.

Detoxify the skin: it rejuvenates you with 5 years

Besides internal detoxification of the body, face skin detoxification it is recommended from time to time, and because the skin is in contact with toxins around us.

A healthy skin is flexible, pink pores are closed, there no more wrinkles and acne. However, if you have not had in recent years not even a pimple, and now you have skin impurities, toxins are in excess, it means that you can start immediately to detoxify the skin.

How to start detoxifying the skin? Water consumption is the key to success in detoxifying the skin. Drink two to three liters of water per day for the body to be hydrated. Equally important is the consumption of fruit and vegetables, restful sleep, exercise and removing dead cells on the skin surface.


1. The sauna helps eliminate toxins from the body, providing freshness and skin health.
Time for the sauna must be between five to ten minutes; maximum relaxation is very important and rubbing the skin with a towel to remove toxins deeper. After the sauna, it is recommended to take a cold shower and to repeat the process a maximum of three times. Warm air help sweating and in the same time, it accelerates quicker elimination of toxins from the skin.

2. Sea salt has a very good effect in detoxifying the skin.
You’ll need four-five teaspoons of sea salt dissolved in warm water. The result will be wonderful because sea salt is a very powerful detoxifier. If we put in the water with sea salt, seaweed, and mud, the effect will be even better.

3. You can make a bath with aromatherapy to pamper your skin.
You need a cup of baking soda, five drops of lavender oil, five drops of chamomile oil and five drops of lemon oil.

4. Scrub the skin.
You’ll need a few tablespoons of lemon juice and half a cup of sugar. Mix well and use it as a scrub. Sugar helps intensive elimination of dead cells, lemon refreshes the skin. After applying the solution, it is indicated a warm shower.

For beautiful skin, many are able to make a great sacrifice, although often, all is necessary is a quite deep detoxification. After two or three days of attention paid to our skin, the skin becomes much healthier and brighter, and if detoxification treatment was repeated on a regular basis, it is also possible to say farewell to persistent imperfections.

5 . Workout and workout more.
Half an hour of exercise a day. Are you bored of that sentence? There are words that every doctor says, but it is the truth – 30 minutes of exercise a day keep you healthy and young. Activation of blood flow not only has beneficial effects on the heart but also of the blood vessels and skin areas irrigated by them. As a result, after sustained physical exercise, you get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes! In addition, it improves your posture and elasticity of joints – did you knew that the state of the joints determines your age?

6. Tricks that make you look 10 years younger. 
You can forget the expensive creams and you can even turn our attention to your wardrobe! Clothing and beauty tricks can become reliable allies in the fight for reducing years.

– Wear dresses more often: not only that they are more feminine, but it gives you a charm and the look of a teen. You can accessorize them with a pair of platforms or some flats, boots or Roman sandals if you’re not a fan of heels. Do not forget the scarf!

-Wearing leather or denim jacket: it is absolutely necessary and in addition, you can accessorize them with anything. From a diaphanous and long dress or an office attire, you wear to the office, to casual attire you wear when you are in town.

-Drop the opulent accessories: it’s long past time of the fishes stones and thus, this is why you should pay attention to the finest accessories and the most discrete. They will put you much more in value!

-Reinvent your outfits: it’s impossible your clothes not to give you the look of an old lady if you haven’t renewed your wardrobe in the recent years. Maybe if you turn your attention to the younger generation’s favorite stores, you will find something that will suit you better.

-Confidently wear sports clothes: you can combine them with elegant clothes and you’ll get an extra effect. You can choose moccasins, leather sneakers or why not, a pair of colored air max. But be careful what combinations you do. If you opt for colored shoes, use neutral colors on top of the attire and vice versa. You do not want to look like a parrot, right?!

-Avoid loaded outfits: choose with confidence classical, simple and refined outfits. Remember that you want to look younger and not a naive girl that just received her pension. Keep your elegance and reliability. They will be more seductive. A mature woman, but young and beautiful, will always attract all eyes. You can wear all black or all white.

-Also, another handy trick and very chic are very traditional blouses. You can suit them with almost anything and every time you are out of the impasse. To learn how to match it correctly you can read some articles on how to match colors correctly.

-Be bold. Bold, but at the same time be very careful. It is extremely easy to go wrong if you skip a few basic details. Never wear heels too high on a pair of shorts. You can accessorize the outfit with a hat and a capacious bag. You can be guided by the principle: less is more.

-Do not forget about makeup. But before makeup, you must be very attentive to the daily ritual of skin care. Remember that these steps are extremely important, because makeup can save us every time. Opt for a natural makeup as the one preferred by your favorite TV star and certainly your age will decrease considerably.

-Do not forget the sunglasses. They not only will protect you from the sun, which is responsible for wrinkles around the eyes but will give you a mysterious air.

-Remember that age is just a number, but we can defy the little tricks that can help us to have more confidence in us. Do not forget that every year, you become more beautiful, more intelligent and more mature and that is why it is preferable to not let the clothes become too old. Physical appearance is not everything, but it is our business card.

7. Use care products suited for your skin. 
When buying care products, you should pay attention to three key ingredients. One is an antioxidant, vitamin C, which brightens your skin. The second is related to the content of retinoids, which helps restore cell and stimulates collagen production. The third is to use an exfoliant with alpha hydroxy acid, which help remove the top layer of dead skin cells.

8. Find the right eyebrow shape. 
Do not insist on a shaping your eyebrows yourself and go to a professional. Eyebrow shape is very important. Tired eyes may look different if you have beautifully arched eyebrows and extended to the temples unless eyebrows tail lengthens too much down. Arching eyebrows greatly change the forehead. But eyebrows should not have a sharp angle, but a subtle arch. See? It’s not so easy to find the best solution, so call for the help of a specialist!

9. To look younger, do not exaggerate with foundation. 
Too much foundation tends to form thickened areas or loaded lines on the skin on the face. It’s important to have a foundation or a coloring moisturizing cream, which is well absorbed into the skin. Avoid powder which, if it is not professionally applied, it can give the feeling that your skin breaks down. Before applying foundation or coloring cream, use a moisturizer for the face. Thus, you avoid loading your skin, and wrinkles and pores will seem smaller.

Things to remember! These tips do not require much effort to make you stay young. They don’t take time and all can be changed in less than 1 week. And do not forget: “Personal beauty is far greater than any recommendation”Aristotle