5 ways to get slim without a diet

There are many diets that can help you to get rid of extra pounds very quickly. But, this kind of diet weakens your power, increase the risk of getting ill, makes you hungry and soon you’ll get back the weight you lost. Pursuing a diet is not easy, especially a diet that requires keeping the mealtimes or  if it involves and physical activity. Sport and diet are the best allies to keep yourself healthy and get rid of extra pounds, but still many people are unable to comply with such a lifestyle and choose methods of rapid weight loss.

The best way to get your normal weight and stay fit is to change your lifestyle. You have to make some changes, especially in your eating habits and keep them for along with your life. This change helps your body to “learn” new and healthier ways to relate to food and to use the nutrients it receives.

Let’s see together 5 ways, different than diets, to lose some extra-weight and get slim. But, until then, there are some important rules you have to consider in your battles with extra-weight. And let’s see those rules first.

Rule no.1: which says that you cannot eat everything you want, in any combination and in any quantity, whenever you want and still to pretend to be slim. Sure, there are exceptions when you remain slim in any conditions, usually, if you suffer from a thyroid disease, if you are doing a lot of exercises, or if you are very young, with a very good metabolism, with an increased level of fat burning and you not deposit anything you eat.

Apart from the above rule, which is top of the list, there are some other rules you must consider if you want to lose weight, keep you slim and be healthy the whole time.

Rule no. 2: diets do not work if after you lost some kilos, you return to previous habits. Much more, you will regain all the weight you lost in all sorts of excruciating diets, faster than you gave them away.

Rule no. 3: starvation not only slain you body, without getting rid of kilograms but can lead eventually to some very serious disease (anemia, deficiencies of vitamins, calcium, and derived from them).

Rule no. 4: food is primarily a source of energy and, only in the second place, a source of  pleasure. You don’t live to eat and certainly you can live without two chunks of meat and three chocolates a day.

Cravings are only in your head  and nobody, not even any pregnant woman, didn’t die because of them.  Besides, “good food makes you fat” is a bias – healthy food can be delicious.

If the rules above look ok for you, will be easier for you to adopt a different eating style, that will make you thin and healthy, because the biggest problem is prejudices, mentality, and convenience.

And here comes rule no. 5: ideal weight is calculated based on each person. There are all sorts of complicated formulas, body mass index, formula based on height and age, depending on the wrist and others that are indicative, but not absolute. You gained your best weight when you don’t have  fat substantially deposited in your body. The most dangerous are the fatty layer on the abdomen, it is associated with many diseases, including heart diseases (quite logically, none of the organs is feeling well when is wrapped in fat). Which means that no matter how slim you are, if your belly is big,  means you have a problem.

You also need to keep in mind your age. Along with age, lack of subcutaneous fat leads to pronounced wrinkling of the skin and its elasticity decreases. Thin people are wrinkling faster and variations in weight leading to a “flaccid”  aspect of the skin.

Similarly, the height is important. For a short  person, few extra kilos can mean a big change in the look, not in a pleasant way, while a greater height, 2-3 extra kilos will not be that visible.

Now, what can you do for having a healthy life, a healthy weight and without keeping those hard diets?

Step 1: Get informed. There are a lot of information sources all over: net, brochures, magazines, different studies, nutritionists, calories lists, recipes. Just put in your mind the idea that you have to understand what means a healthy lifestyle, and gather information.

Step 2: Start slowly to give up bad habits – it takes time for that if you give up all once it becomes frustrating and might get back to them quickly. Identify your bad habits first: maybe too many sodas, or chocolates, or maybe you eat late in the night, or maybe you eat disorganized, without a healthy plan. Later, in this article, will talk about five of these bad habits.

And there is another rule, a very important one, so important that can be very easily called  a “golden rule”: if you want to eat healthy for all your life and keep your healthy weight, it’s a bad idea to get food frustrated. If you want to eat cake, donuts, French fries or any other delicious food that is not good for your health, you can do it if you follow two rules:

  • one, offset “excesses” with fewer calories food and
  • two, do not make a rule from it.

So, having all these things in mind, here are 5 ways to get slim without diets, only by changing some of your eating habits. You must know, first of all, that they are not a magic formula which will help you slim from starting with tomorrow. All of them are part of a healthier way of eating and living. Even they will not get you instant results, the most important benefit you will have is that, in the long term, you will not get back your extra-weight, because are life changes tips. Once you succeed to include them in your lifestyle, your well-being is assured.


Soda pop is for many people a tasty alternative when you have to eliminate thirst. Whether it’s the classic drinks cola or other sodas with various kinds of fruity flavors, soft drinks are not  a good choice when it comes to your health. There are plenty of medical reasons and here are just 10 of them:

  • contain too many calories. Carbonated beverages contribute significantly to gain weight and even to obesity. According to scientific research, if you drink a glass of this drink daily, you can assimilate every month almost half a kilogram. A glass of carbonated soft drink contains an enormous amount of sugar. To remove the calories of a glass of cola, for example, you must walk at least 30 minutes away
  • affect the liver. Excess fizzy drinks can seriously affect your liver by increasing the risk of developing cirrhosis. Experts believe that sodium benzoate (a food additive) could be the cause of this disease.
  • produce dental caries. Acidic substances in soft drinks may affect tooth enamel. According to researchers, these drinks significantly increase the incidence of dental disease. Experts have even claimed that carbonated drinks are more harmful than the sugar present in sweets. Besides, sodas contain phosphoric acid, citric acid, and many other dangerous substances, that can destroy tooth enamel in a proportion of 85% .
  • ill the kidneys. Carbonated beverages, especially cola, are known for their high content of phosphoric acid, a substance which is known to favor the occurrence of kidney stones. Studies found that people who drink daily at least two types of fizzy drinks containing artificial sweeteners, are at risk of becoming earlier ill of double kidney failure.
  • causes diabetes. High consumption of carbonated beverages not only contributes to the accumulation of extra weight, but the body will have to process a greater amount of sugar. Some US scientists suspect that this would be the reason that the number of sick Americans with type 2 diabetes tripled from about 7 million in 1980 to over 23 million today.
  • cause heartburns. A high consumption of fizzy soft drinks can cause heartburn because they contained substances that neutralize stomach’s acids, disturbing digestion. Unpleasant sensation of bloating stomach and gas is given precisely by the fizzy drinks that produce a blockage in the digestive tract. This phenomenon leads to dilation of the stomach’s wall and intestines, followed by a feeling of tension and abdominal swelling.
  • cause the occurrence of osteoporosis. Carbonated soft drinks contain phosphoric acid known for its link with osteoporosis because it favors calcium levels lowering in the body and increased phosphate in the blood. It has been scientifically proven that 500 ml of carbonated soft drink consumed daily, can prevent the absorption of calcium in the body, leading to serious growth and development of bones, especially in children. When phosphate level is high and the calcium is low, calcium is removed from bones. If children are in a period of growth, consumption of carbonated drinks poses a significant risk of calcification and impaired bone development.
  • causes shortness of digestion: gastroesophageal reflux. Soda consumption, especially on an empty stomach, can affect the fragile balance of acid-alkaline in stomach and stomach lining default, by creating a permanent acid environment. This unfavorable environment easily leads to the occurrence of gastro-oesophageal reflux.
  • grow blood pressure – hypertension. Hardcore consumers of carbonated drinks may suffer from various disorders of the heart. Researchers have signaled that those who are drinking more than one soda per day, are likely to be affected by metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a group of medical problems which include: obesity, high blood pressure, increasing the amount of insulin in the blood, rapidly increasing triglycerides, low levels of lipoprotein ( “good” cholesterol).
  • cause hyperactivity and mental problems. Teenagers who drink sodas frequently may suffer from mental difficulties such as hyperactivity or depression. In a research carried out in Norway, scientists have used questionnaires that surveyed more than 5,000 young Norwegians and have studied the link between the consumption of soft drinks and different problems such as hyperactivity, that cause problem at school, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, panic, insomnia, nervous tension. It was found that young people who used to consume more soft drinks (several cups a day), achieved after performing the test, a higher score in terms of behavioral difficulties and mental problems.

On the other hand, drinking more water will bring plenty of benefits for your health, including the adjustment of rate metabolism and so, helping lose the extra-kilos. A good hydration means a healthy body on a long term, even for a lifetime. Let’s talk a little bit about water.

You should drink water in a smart way, not anyway! Maybe you struggle to drink two liters of water a day or, worse, you do not  try to because you can not and that’s it!  But don’t give up! Water is extremely  important for you and you can learn how to get a correct hydration.

When it comes to the daily consumption of water, there two categories of people: some drink two liters of recommended daily water without too much strive, because their  body requires, while for the others the situation is not pink: simply can not drink more than a glass or two of water a day.

The water has no taste and is not particularly attractive, but it is extremely beneficial for your health and wellness! Avoiding water consumption is, somewhat, justified: water has no taste, it is not attractive and no appealing (unlike the delicious juices). And yet, the water is so important to overall health and wellness! Water helps to eliminate toxins and waste from the body, is essential in digestion, prevents dehydration, speeds weight loss and keep skin young. Basically, water is involved in all metabolic processes of the body and there is no way to live without it.

Tricks to help you drink more water in order to have optimal hydration. Follow them!

Upgrade your water’s taste with a few slices of cucumber, lemon or orange. Cucumbers will give water a simple refreshing taste, especially if you keep it in the refrigerator before drink it, and lemon and orange completely change its taste. As the water tastes better, the more you will be willing to drink during the day! You can freeze fruits and vegetables and add them in water as ice with flavor!

Use  straw.  Drink with a straw, and you will drink more water than you can realize! To raise the water volume, experts recommend to drink it with a straw for five seconds. To be even more motivated, buy yourself a plastic cup with a straw colored built and keep it in sight on the desk. When you drink all the water, run and refill the cup, or better to count the amount, keeps on the desk a two-liter bottle of water and pour it every time your cup is empty.

Make a ritual of drinking water in the first hour of the day. The best way to start your day is to drink water in the morning: you fill two glasses of water and drink them before you sip your coffee. If you make a habit of it, you’ll be able to drink more water without even thinking. For even greater benefits, you can warm water and  add some lemon.

Remember to drink water. When you are very busy at work, you forget to drink water, so  set a reminder on your phone to remind you to do this. Set the reminder an hour or two  and decide to drink a glass or two in that time. Drink water when the reminder is ringing, even if you’re not thirsty.

Drink water smart: two glasses at each meal, one before and one after. Also, do not forget to drink a glass of water before each snack you to take. This is also a good strategy for those times when you do not want to eat too much.

Keep a bottle with water in the car. Or buy a box of water bottles pint to always have at hand when you’re thirsty. Other places where I should miss your water bottle are a desk, sofa table, and even the daily bag.


 Small and frequent portions – this is a major key to a losing weight success. This is one of the most effective ways of losing weight, which involves eating 6 times daily. The principle of this method of losing weight is easy to enforce if you’re willing to change your eating habits. Besides the three main meals, you would have  another 3 smaller meals, consisting of healthy snacks. Nutritionists recommend you should eat every 3 hours.

Your stomach runs continuously but does not work as in all times of the day. If we gorged with food at a meal, digestion will be hampered and metabolism will not be able to burn all the calories, transforming some of them into fat. If you make sure your body will receive nutrients at every 3 hours, metabolism will function normally and will burn calories constantly. Thus, it is conceivable to yourself get hungry and snack all kinds of sweet or salty snacks, full of calories. Fed constantly during the day, the body converts nutrients into energy and not in fat deposits. Get used to eating six small portions of food every day, and you will be able to lose weight quickly.

Eat healthy snacks at work. Snacks you eat at work are not  the healthiest:  chips, crackers, pretzels and chocolate bars do not provide your body with nutrients, so they will not feed it, but just kidding hunger. If you count bag of pretzels as one of the 6 meals of the day, you are just cheating and sabotage your diet. Because your plan to succeed, it is important that the snacks you eat are healthy and nourishing. Almonds and seeds can be a delicious and healthy snack. A handful of almonds is enough for your body to be stocked with vitamins and minerals. Sandwich with tuna and bread is another healthy snack. Tuna has a high protein content, balances blood sugar levels and reduce cortisol production.

And eat smaller portions when dining out. Pay attention to portions. Often, the restaurant food portions are too big, but being very tasty, you can not help and you will eat everything on your plate. This usually does nothing but to mess your diet, so it is better to order less food or do not eat everything on the plate.

One trick to efficiently eat less at home is to eat from the small plates. In a small plate, you can put only a moderate serving of food. Maybe at first you will not feel completely full, but over time, your stomach gets used and will require less food.

Another trick that can reduce food portions is to drink a glass of water before meals. Water will quench your hunger quickly. While you eat, chew your food well. Experts say that, in this way, you will manage to get full faster and will facilitate digestion.


Whether you want to lose weight or just to keep your current weight, you still do not need to starve yourself. A drastic reduction in caloric intake will do nothing but slow down your metabolism, your body will weaken and begin to burn muscle mass for energy so it can function. To reduce the calories from 2500 to 2000, you should reduce the amount of food only with 20%. You body needs a week to get used to the new serving of calories and you can gradually lower their numbers.


As you know the feeling of fullness is given by the brain. Eating on the run, even a cereal bar that is rich in fiber, you will find that soon you will be hungry again. Give yourself time to savor food, be careful what you eat and sit at the table. Chew each bite well.


It is not normal to eat two chocolate bars a day, but you can eat a small piece of chocolate a day. It is beneficial for the brain because it will bring intake of glucose it needs and will not expose yourself to a very high risk of gaining weight. Also, you can spoil yourself with your favorite cake or ice cream but in small portions.